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I have been playing FIFA for more than 500+ hours, and I'm happy to share the ultimate team for players out there!

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Yahya has invested more than 500+ hours in every FIFA game, so you can easily trust him with all the information he provides about the game.

FIFA Ultimate Team is a feature that incorporates online play and team building into its formula. If you are a football fan, you must have considered making the team without restrictions such as clubs, nationalities, etc.

Think of it as a football fantasy league where you get to choose your team and lead it to victory with the players you love to root for and idolize.

In this guide, I will discuss the FIFA 23 best team by determining which players re right for your roster and how they all slot into their respective positions.

Key Takeaways

  • FIFA 23 is the sequel to FIFA 22 with improved graphics and gameplay systems.
  • The game has a detailed team builder known as Ultimate Team.
  • There are a limitless number of combinations of players that can be thought of and implemented.
  • Getting all the players required might be expensive since FIFA operates on a pseudo P2W (pay-to-win) system.

fifa 23 team match cover
FIFA 23 Team Match

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fifa 23 messi model
FIFA 23 Messi

The Best Ultimate Teams

If you are a long-time FIFA franchise enjoyed, you know the most overpowered item in the game is the “credit card.”

You could ball out and get the most overpowered team, which will almost always net you a victory against amateur players and decent teams. On the other hand, you could put your skills to the test and take on the best teams with the m 2ost average team combination and still dominate due to a difference in overall game knowledge and skill.

With that in mind, we will explore a few different FIFA 23 Best Team types. These types will include cheap teams to baller teams. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Lower-Class Team

So you want to start playing the game but aren’t ready to spend the money for one reason or another. Don’t worry. You should be proud of not bending to the will of greedy game devs who want you to dish out cash in exchange for a chance at victory.

For this team comp, you will be running the 4-3-3 formation with an average chemistry of 80 between all your players. This is in part due to the shared nationalities between most of your players.

Position Name
GK Jose Sa
LW Terrier
RW David Neres
CM Guendouzi
CM Matheus Nunes
CM Veretout
CB Pepe
CB Goncalo Inacio
LB Ismaily
RB Clauss
ST Goncalo Guedes

Middle-Class Team

The middle-class team is a bit more expensive with its players but has shown better results in-game compared to the low-class team. This team shows that you are a grinder, refuse to spend money in the game, and would substitute money for time to grind.

This team also uses the 4-3-3 formation and averages a chemistry of 83, which may not seem like a significant jump. Still, it’s quite the giant leap considering the stats for all of the players on this team are higher than the previously discussed team.

Position Name
GK Maignan
LW Vinicius Jr.
RW Diaby
CM Zakaria
CM Valverde
CM De Jong
CB De Light
CB Kounde
LB Hernandez
RB Carvajal
ST Werner

Upper-Class Team

Credit for this FIFA 23 Best Team goes to AA9skillz for setting the team together and testing it out in games to show the results of its power.

You probably recognize most of the big names on this list for a good reason. This team is hugely pay-to-win with insane chemistry of 90 alongside players with stats that make most teams look like amateur league participants.

For this team comp, you will be applying the 4-4-2 formation and make sure that its the second version where the players are more centered rather than back on the pitch.

Position Name
GK Donnarumma
LM Neymar Jr.
RM Messi
CDM Marquez
CDM Toure
CB Ricardo Carvalho
CB Varane
LB Joao Cancelo
RB Hakimi
ST Christiano Ronaldo
ST Mbappe

What Makes A Good Ultimate Team?

Now, the question of what makes a good team is entirely subjective when looking at reality. But in a video game such as FIFA 23, we can quantify this metric into a number between 1-100. This measurement is labeled Chemistry.

The chemistry between players is dependent on four things. These four are:

  1. Players from the same country get chemistry points.
  2. Players from the same team get very high chemistry points.
  3. Players from the same regional league get some chemistry points.
  4. Players in the correct position get a few chemistry points.

The entire aim is for your team to add up to 100 chemistry points, which is tricky when you try to put all the best players together since they are from different nations, leagues, and teams. Our entire goal is to try and maneuver around this problem to create the best team possible.

However, there is a way to bypass this system if you use the Team of the Year cards, which have good chemistry amongst themselves regardless of the previously mentioned chemistry conditions.

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