Final Fantasy 16: Active Time Lore [Basic Instructions]

Having trouble understanding what Active Time Lore is for? We are here with an explanation!

Final Fantasy 16: Active Time Lore

The story of Final Fantasy 16 revolves around a handful of characters and locations that are difficult to keep track of once you start to play. Fortunately, FF16 offers a system known as Active Time Lore that helps players understand the game’s story to a greater extent.

My guide discusses the Active Time Lore and what it covers about the game’s story. The article will also include different things that come under Active Time Lore. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Active Time Lore is a newly introduced feature in FF16 that improves your gameplay experience. 
  • Access it by pressing and holding the Touchpad of your controller for a couple of seconds.
  • Try to use it during a cutscene or if you are curious to know about a character or an event.
  • ATL provides a text-based summary about any character, location, or recent event.
  • This description can help improve your understanding of the game’s lore.
  • Players are expected to use this feature whenever they feel out of touch with the story.

What Is Active Time Lore

Active Time Display window showing multiple icons
This is how ATL will look like once you hold the Touchpad button | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Active Time Lore, or ATL, is a feature introduced in FF16 useful in understanding the game’s story. ATL is nothing but a description of several characters and locations that you have already gone through in your story. 

It acts as a helpful feature for players in my opinion, if they are having a hard time catching up with the game’s lore. The ATL window inside FF16 will display icons indicating a character, location, or event. If you click on that icon, you will find a short description related to what the icon represents.

How To Access Active Time Lore

  • This is the easier part. When inside the campaign, pause your game by tapping on the options button on your controller.
  • Use the ATL feature by pressing and holding the touchpad for a couple of seconds. The next window on the screen will display the icons as already mentioned.
  • ATL operates in a way that these icons keep updating the descriptions as you progress deeper into the story.
  • Players will meet different characters, explore new areas, and participate in interesting events that add immense value to FF16’s story. 

The description is in text and avoids any pictures, so you make progress and explore them in the story mode. Moreover, apart from new information, the already given text can also change about the same character or location, but it completely depends on the story and where it drifts.

Advantages Of Active Time Lore

Using ATL to find out about characters
The biggest benefit is the summary Active Time Lore provides above different in-game characters | Image By VeryAliGaming

Players including Me, are loving this new addition to the Final Fantasy series as it helps them enjoy the story in more depth. Here are some of the advantages ATL provides for FF16 and the people playing.

  • Quick Access to Relevant Information: FF16 can get quite confusing sometimes for new players during intense cut scenes. That is why using the Active Time Lore will help them summarize information on any character, location, or event that is currently of interest.
  • Updated Entries: A very useful thing is when a description updates to add new facts about the object. This lets players know about multiple characters in early game and adds new information about them throughout the plot so you know the role they play in the complete story. 
  • Connected to other features: Apart from ATL, Final Fantasy 16 also has similar features to The Thousand Tomes Database. Both features serve the same purpose, to increase the user’s understanding of the lore. 

That is all about Active Time Lore in FF16. Remember to keep track of several characters and locations of interest through ATL but don’t use it too much so it ruins your experience. I hope that this has improved your understanding of the lore of Final Fantasy 16. 

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