Final Fantasy 16: All Summons [Eikons]

EIkons, known as Summons in Final Fantasy 16, provide you with extraordinary abilities based on Elements so you can defeat all enemies...

Summons, or Eikons, are powerful beings that inhabit hosts that are more widely known as Dominants and allow for the host to harness their powers to accomplish their goals through the various plot points of Final Fantasy 16. To learn everything about them, let’s get started! 

Key Takeaways

  • There are 10 Eikons, 8 of which are unlockable as Summons and 2 present as Boss Fights.
  • Clive can Only Transform into Ifrit and not the other Summons but can harness their power.
  • You can use various fight styles depending on which Summon you are using, and you always have the option to change the Summon as well.

What are Summons in Final Fantasy 16?

The Final Fantasy 16 Summons all vary in their powers and abilities and allow for the player to gain different advantages and benefits depending on what Summon they are using.

The Summons all fall into the wheel of elemental creatures where each gain and provides you powers based on their specific element, and the benefits that you gain vary from element to element; each follows its particular trend.

There are 10 Eikons, 8 of which are unlockable and can be used as a Summon to help you fight, and 2 of which are enemy Eikons that are present for you to fight in their respective Eikon boss fights.

Eikons and Dominants

Most of the powerful Summons in this game are bound to Dominants that show themselves and exhibit their abilities across various points in the main story.

Provided below is a table that briefly mentions every Summons in the game along with the Dominants characters that can host and control these mighty creatures within themselves. What you should do to unlock them as of current knowledge we have about the game.

Eikon Dominant Unlock Condition
Phoenix Joshua Rosfield Main Quest: Sunrise, Sunset
Garuda Benedikta Harman Main Quest: Wings of Change
Ifrit Clive Rosfield Main Quest: The Meaning of Life
Ramuh Cidolfus Telamon Main Quest: Cid the Outlaw
Titan Hugo Kupka Main Quest: Capital Punishment
Odin Barnabas Tharmr Main Quest: The Last King
Shiva Jill Warrick Main Quest: Through the Maelstrom
Bahamut Dion Lesage Main Quest: Fire in the Sky
Titan Lost Unknown Cannot Be Unlocked
Typhon Unknown Cannot Be Unlocked
Summary Table of Summons

Another thing to remember is that since Clive is only the Dominant of Ifrit, that is the only Eikon he can transform into. Clive can only harness other Eikon’s abilities and not transform into them himself.

List of FF16 Summons


final fantasy 16 summon phoenix
Phoenix Fight Scene. (Captured by Us)

This infamous mythical creature is one of the two Eikons of Fire in the game that carries many of its iconic traits such as the ability rebirth itself as well as use its flames to burn its foes to a crisp. In addition, it allows you to keep your playstyle aggressive since you can always heal back damage you were punished with.

Below is a list of the abilities that Phoenix provides Clive:

  • Phoenix Shift
  • Heatwave
  • Scarlet Cyclone
  • Rising Flames
  • Flames of Rebirth


final fantasy 16 summon garuda
Garuda Fight Scene. (Captured by Us)

The Eikon of Wind specializes in aerial combat, providing you with its mid-air abilities that allow for a more versatile and combo-focused playstyle. This Summon allows you to keep your maneuverability while maintaining a high-paced playstyle amidst combat.

Below is a list of the abilities that Garuda provides Clive:

  • Deadly Embrace
  • Rook’s Gambit
  • Wicked Wheel
  • Gouge
  • Aerial Blast


final fantasy 16 summon ifrit
Ifrit Fight Scene. (Captured by Us)

The second Eikon of Fire provides Clive with powerful attack abilities and great defensive prowess that helps him hold his own up against any Eikon in any situation. Furthermore, with unbelievable speed, he can catch up to and put off guard any opposing Eikon.

Below is a list of the abilities that Ifrit provides Clive:

  • Will o’ the Wykes
  • Limit Break
  • Ignition

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final fantasy 16 summon ramuh
Ramuh Fight Scene. (Captured by Us)

The Eikon of Lightning bestows you with his abilities that hold true to their lightning nature in that they provide massive AOE damage to deal with waves of enemies and launch various multi-hit attacks.

Below is a list of the abilities that Ramuh provides Clive:

  • Blind Justice
  • Lightning Rod
  • Thunderstorm
  • Pile Drive
  • Judgment Bolt


final fantasy 16 titan
Titan Fight Scene. (Captured by Us)

The Eikon of Earth with a highly well-balanced kit that allows you to use a more flexible and counter-centric playstyle. On top of this, he also provides you with some super powerful earth-style attacks that deal a lot of damage as well as can send enemies within range flying.

Below is a list of the abilities that Titan provides Clive:

  • Titanic Block
  • Raging Fists
  • Upheaval
  • Windup
  • Earthen Fury


final fantasy 16 summon odin
Odin Fight Scene. (Captured by Us)

Odin is the Eikon of Darkness and perhaps the most fabled name amongst all the Final Fantasy 16 Summons. Odin grants you the mighty powers of darkness that use fierce and deadly attacks. Furthermore, it uses the Zantetsuken gauge through the use of other abilities before allowing you to unleash its power when using the Arm of Darkness ability.

Below is a list of the abilities that Odin provides Clive:

  • Rift Slip
  • Dancing Steel
  • Gungnir
  • Heaven’s Cloud
  • Arm of Darkness


final fantasy 16 summon shiva
Shiva Fight Scene. (Captured by Us)

Shiva’s abilities of Ice give you a greater depth of abilities to add to your catalog. The Eikon of Ice is known for abilities that leave enemies frozen and provide you immense crowd control over the battlefield. Along with rendering your enemies immobile, you can chain a plethora of combos and abilities to land multiple hits and output vast amounts of damage.

Below is a list of the abilities that Shiva provides Clive:

  • Cold Snap
  • Rime
  • Mesmerize
  • Ice Age
  • Diamond Dust


final fantasy 16 summon bahamut
Bahamut Scene. (Captured by Us)

The Eikon of Light and perhaps the most powerful Summon in the game. Bahamut is known for being in the form of a mythical creature, a Dragon, and is the icon of destruction. Furthermore, players using this Summon can expect powerful abilities that meet their expectations. His kit provides great attack range and a variety of attacks that can do instantaneous damage and leave deadly lasting effects.

Below is a list of the abilities that Bahamut provides Clive:

  • Satellite
  • Impulse
  • Flare Breath
  • Wings of Light
  • Gigaflare

Titan Lost

ff16 boss titan lost
Titan Lost Fight Scene. (Captured by Us)

Titan Lost is unavailable as an unlockable Summon in the game and is only present as a boss fight. However, it’s clear that the fight Clive has with Titan Lost is one of the best ones in the entire game, and the way that the topography of the land changes, as you fight is sure to leave an impression, so don’t miss out on this fight.


ff16 boss typhon
Typhon Fight Scene. (Captured by Us)

Typhon is the only Eikon in the game that doesn’t have a specific element type from which it draws its power and is known as the mysterious Eikon. His eerie appearance, along with his tough boss fight, leave a ghostly impression on players and provide greater depth for the story.

Summing It Up

This brings us to the end of our guide on Final Fantasy 16 Summons. This guide has gone over everything you need to know to make your gameplay flawless and for you to obtain all the knowledge you need to know about Summons so that you can traverse the story smoothly.

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