Final Fantasy 16: Angel of Death Location

Here is everything you need to know about Aruna the Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Angel of Death Location
Aruna, the Angel of Death - Image taken from InFlame Youtube Channel

Aruna is the Angel of Death and among the strongest Notorious Marks Hunts in FFXVI. In this guide, we help you reach Aruna faster so you do not have to dig up every land and look under every rock of Valisthea

Key Takeaways

  • There are around 32 Notorious Marks Hunts in Final Fantasy 16 which you can track with the Hunt Board.
  • The Angel of Death, Aruna, is one of them and is like many Harpies you face off earlier in the game.
  • To find her, you must creep on the Holy Empire of Sanbreque and roam in Claireview.
  • Since Aruna is a Harpy, using Fire-based attacks and spells will be very effective.
  • Additionally, embarking on this quest with a party will be useful.

What Are The Notorious Marks?

Notorious Marks (Captured By Us)

When you hunt down a Notorious Mark, you come across challenging fights which you must conquer to claim rewards in the game that may otherwise be inaccessible. The Notorious Marks are mighty monsters which are not only rare but very difficult to hunt down.

They may show up after specific points of progress in the main story’s quests or if, by chance, you trigger their respective side quests somehow. Players rely on the Hunt Board for reference when targeting all the Notorious Marks in Final Fantasy 16. Sadly, you won’t get much help from the game to pin them down and take them out. 

Aruna – The Angel of Death

With the game’s thrilling and immersive experience of hack-and-slash style combat mechanics, you may get lost in the thrill of cutting down every monster in your quest hunts. This is why having a planned strategy in hunting down all the Notorious Marks is much more efficient if you’re driven by the motive to master the game entirely.

Once you have completed the main quest of The Gathering Storm, you can access this C-ranked Notorious Mark Hunt. Aruna, the Angel of Death, is a Harpy (half-human, half-bird mythological creature) in the game. Aruna is similar to the other Harpies you may have fought earlier in the game when you faced Benedikta, the Dominant of Garuda. She can use close and long-range wind strikes, but you may find them easier to tackle as they’re relatively slow. Additionally, Clive can nullify and counter Aruna’s Heatwave Ability in his Phoenix Path.

Once you’ve beaten the Angel of Death, you may expect spoils such as a Clouded Eye, among others, as your reward for taking her down.

Final Fantasy 16 Angel of Death’s Location

  1. Now, once you accept this C-rank hunt back at the hideaway and prepare yourself to face this gruesome harpy, you should set your map to Claireview, Sanbreque. That is where you will find Aruna waiting for you.
  2. If you’re unsure where Claireview is, open up your World Map and move your cursor towards the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, where it is located in between the Royal Meadows and the Norvent Valley.
  3. Once you have reached Claireview, head north-eastwards from Leuret’s Knot towards the Northreach Obelisk in the middle of Sanbreque on the World Map.
  4. After reaching the Obelisk, turn southwest and head into the Claireview field area and roam around to encounter a large, white bird with huge wings. There, somewhere among the grasslands you will encounter Aruna.
  5. Defeat her to claim your reward and a bounty loot worth 6200 gils.

Tips for Facing the Angel of Death

Since the Angel of Death is a C-rank hunt, it will not be as difficult to defeat her as the other Notorious Marks, but you should still prepare yourself for a challenge when taking her on. Here are some tips to face her:

  1. Use more Fire-based attacks as Aruna is weak to fire, so you will deal more damage.
  2. You can also face her with a party of characters with long-ranged attacks to tackle her effectively as she is very mobile.
  3. If you utilize a Tank character, she will pay more attention towards you – allowing other characters to keep dealing damage without interruption.

That’s It 

We hope you enjoyed our thorough guide on Final Fantasy 16 Angel of Death Location and the tips we provided to take her down. Defeating all 32 Notorious Marks is a hefty challenge and finding them can be extremely tricky to do so all alone!

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