Final Fantasy 16 Unlocking Arcade Mode

So you want to get into arcade mode and want to know about the FF XVI Arcade Mode Rewards? Well, we have just the guide for you.

ff16 arcade mode rewards

In Cid’s Hideaway, Arcade mode basically allows you to play through stages you have previously completed. This mode exists mainly to refine your fighting techniques and aim to get the highest score on the leaderboard. 

Key Takeaways

  • Arcade Mode is unlocked by defeating the Midnight Raven and returning to Cid’s Hideaway to interact with the Arete Stone.
  • Two categories determine points: the complexity of the technique and the execution of the technique.
  • There are no rewards for arcade mode currently, but there is a public leaderboard for which you can strive to be at the top.
final fantasy 16 odin eikon
FF XVI Odin Eikon (Captured By Us)

How To Unlock Arcade Mode

  1. To access the Arcade Mode Rewards, you must first be able to play this mode.
  2. To play this, you must claim victory over the Midnight Raven, which can be encountered by the end of the “Fanning Embers story mission.
  3. After clearing the Midnight Raven, go to Cid’s Hideaway and simply access the Arcade Mode from the menu by contacting the Arete Stone.

Arcade Mode Details

final fantasy 16 ifrit eikon arcade mode
FF XVI Ifrit Eikon (Captured By Us)

Each stage you challenge comes with its own pre-determined set of consumables, gears like armors, etc. These pre-determined values are set to the same level when you encounter them in the game.

The only thing you can change is which Eikon you can use to fight, which can certainly impact the outcome of a scenario by a significant margin.

The score you get is calculated using two categories whose results can be seen in the table below. These two categories are the complexity of the technique and the execution of the technique. Your Arcade Mode Rewards are determined based on this grading system.

🔵 Color 🟣⭐ 1 Star ⭐⭐ 2 Star ⭐⭐ 3 Star ⭐

My Thoughts On Arcade Mode

Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the rewards Arcade Mode that Final Fantasy 16 has to offer as you will not receive what you desire the most or invest effort into. I think this is the most overlooked aspect of this mode, as players’ community demands guaranteed rewards from an Arcade Mode. I hope developers will add more rewards to meet these players’ requirements. 

Hopefully, they add some sort of cosmetic reward(s) for arcade mode since it could be a nice incentive to practice and get good at the combos and combat of the game.

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