Final Fantasy 16 Bearer: Types, Relation & Tips

Bearers are unique humans in Final Fantasy 16. In this guide, I'll discuss what they are and their relationship with Dominants and the Branded.

Final Fantasy 16 Bearer

Final Fantasy 16 has many new character types, such as the Bearer of the Crystal’s Curse. This guide will cover who the Bearers are, their role in society, the effects of the Crystal’s Curse, and how they differ from the Branded.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 3 different types of Humans in Final Fantasy 16: Normal Humans, Dominants, and Bearers.
  • Bearers can use magicks without the need for a Mothercrystal. This makes them more developed than Normal Humans but still much less potent than Dominants.
  • Using magicks or the power of the Mothercrystals comes with the side effects of the Crystal’s Curse, which painfully turns one into stone and kills them for overusing the power.
  • However, due to this ability, they are often taken advantage of by Normal Humans and are exploited as Branded.
  • Branded are enslaved bearers forced to use magicks and are heavily exploited, leading to many of them dying to the Crystal’s Curse.
Bearers as explained by Mysteries of the Realm (Captured by VeryAli Gaming)

There are 3 different kinds of humans in Final Fantasy 16.

  1. Normal Humans
  2. Bearers
  3. Dominants

Bearers are humans born with the unique ability to cast magicls without needing a Mothercrystal. Moreover, In my opinion Bearers are more advanced than Normal Humans but not as powerful as Dominants, putting them right in-between Normal Humans and Dominants in terms of power. However, despite these talents, they are still a victim of the Crystal’s Curse.

What Is The Crystal’s Curse

In Final Fantasy 16, there is a curse afflicting all 3 kinds of humans, the Crystal’s Curse. It deteriorates anyone who excessively uses the power of the Crystals. This curse causes terrible pain and slowly turns one into stone, eventually causing their demise. with my accumulated experience of this game The more one uses the power of the Mothercrystals, the faster they succumb to the curse’s effects.

Firstly, Normal Humans can fall victim to the curse by overusing a Mothercrystal. Secondly, Dominants can experience the curse’s effects by overusing their Eikons. Finally, Bearers can undergo the curse’s results due to exploitation as Branded.

Who Are The Branded

Not all Bearers are Branded. However, all Enslaved Bearers are called the Branded. This is because they are marked with a black colored mark across their face. The Branded are used as labor by higher authorities to take advantage of the power of the Mothercrystals so they can circumvent falling victim to the Crystal’s Curse.

This is why Bearers are called Bearers. Because they bear the Crystal’s Curse, their position in society forces them to undergo the effects of the Crystal’s Curse. They are exploited by ordinary human owners who wish to use the power of Mother crystals but don’t want its side effects.

My Thoughts

During my journey in Final Fantasy 16 I came to acknowledge the fact that Bearers are a unique and much needed addition in the series. Being able to cast magic creates plenty of new opportunities and allows you to choose your items wisely against the enemies.

Such abilities make them stand out from other regular human beings and grants them a superiority over them. That would clear up everything about the differences between a Bearer and other humans.

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