Final Fantasy 16: Belphegor [Location and Guide]

In this guide, we will cover who is Belphegor and how we can hunt him

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Final Fantasy 16: Belphegor

Coming from the B rank, Belphegor is another Notorious Mark that resembles the shape of a dragon. Although it is not a high-rank hut, it can still prove to be tough due to its fire abilities which you should avoid at all costs. Let’s take a look at them.

Key Takeaways

  • Belphegor is an aggressive hunt that falls under Rank B.
  • This level 30 Notorious Mark is located on a hill inside the Broken Hilt region of Rosaria.
  • Players must prepare well before dropping into a battle with it.
  • Belphegor uses Flames and Fireballs combined with wind and tail attacks during combat.
  • You must dodge first and then prepare a counterattack accordingly to hurt the winged creature.
  • Use abilities like Precision Dodge and Deadly Embrace to lower their health bar.
  • After winning the fight, you will get 8000 Gil, 20 Renown, and 2 Dragon Tales for upgrading armor and weapons.

Belphegor Location

Belphegor character profile
Activating the hunt of Belphegor | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

This winged creature resides inside a nest on a hill in Rosaria. This hill is located in the Broken Hilt region which is easier to find if you know how to trace it on the map. The easiest track to follow is to find your way to Eastpool first. When in the village, start walking in the South direction until you find yourself inside the wheat field.

Belphegor map location
visit the location directed by arrow to find the Dragon | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Stay close to the left side of these wheat fields to cross the building. Furthermore, you will witness some light monsters inside a valley that would not cause much trouble. After wiping the weak creatures, you will witness Belphegor resting on top of the hill.

Attacking Moves By Belphegor

just before the combat
First look at Belphegor | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

This dangerous dragon presents some scary flame attacks that can prove fatal during combat. Players must avoid these moves at all costs to increase their survival rate. Let’s have a look at some of those attacking moves.

  • Fireball: Belphegor will sputter three fireballs consecutively that further discharge intro mini fireballs to cause more damage. These mini fireballs are very hard to dodge as they cause damage in many scenarios. Players are expected to press R1 on their controller to dodge the Fireball with accurate timing.
  • Claw Attack: At a point during the battle, Belphegor will try to hit you with its claw, followed by a swing of its tail that gives a real blow to your health bar. Claw is not a problem; you should be conscious about the tail hit as it is more dangerous.
  • Flamethrower: As with all hunts, Belphegor unlocks a new attack move after its health bar reaches the lower half. It will start spraying flame from its mouth which has a very wide range. Players must get out of its sight to dodge it.
  • Dive Attack: Another damage-dealing move, the Dragon will gather wind from the surrounding and hit Clive with it. This attack will be followed by a Dive from Belphegor itself. To counter this one, you must let Clive recover from the wind hit first, then dodge the Dive.

By now, you must realize that Belphegor is very aggressive and will not stay behind. Therefore, players must be focused at all times during the battle and look for small windows to attack.

Strategies To Apply In Combat

Strategies are important for hunts as they are the reason behind your success. As stated, Belphegor presents significant damage-dealing attacks that should be dodged with precise timing so they don’t cause a lot of damage. Here are some of the planned strategies and abilities that might give you an edge over the Dragon.

  • Side Attacks: As we talked about earlier, Belphegor will use his flames against you. Hence, this makes attacking from the front difficult. To lower damage intake, aim at the dragon from the sides so you can hurt it well.
  • Dodge and Counter: Give priority to defense rather than offense. Belphegor has various close-range attacks like the claw attack. Ensure you dodge it first, then prepare the counterattack accordingly.
  • Precision Dodge: If you have mastered Precision Dodge, then you are in for a joyful ride. Precision Dodge lets you hit strong counterattacks in the small window after you have dodged Belphegor’s attacks. Specifically, this ability will help you after you have dodged the claw attack.
  • Garuda’s Abilities: These Eikon abilities can deal with a lot of stagger damage. Keep an eye on Belphegor’s stagger meter; when it is at the half level or lower, using Deadly Embrace can make the dragon suffer as it can be a game changer.
  • Offensive Abilities: Aggressive abilities such as Rising Flames, Heatwave, and Gouge can give significant damage to Belphegor. This can hurt his health bar which is a plus point on your side.
  • Healing Potions: To survive against the offensive attacks from the Dragon, any type of healing item is important. They can also help if you unfortunately fail to dodge any attacking move.


After you successfully defeat Belphegor, the hunt will provide you with several rewards for your efforts. Here is a complete list of what you must receive at the end:

  • 8000 Gil (use this currency to buy any kind of items, accessories, or equipment)
  • 20 Renown (this measure of reputation can further unlock content and rewards)
  • 2 Dragon Tales (crafting material for upgrading weapons and armor)

Here, our guide on Belphegor ends. We hope you have all the knowledge about the dragon so you can give it a visit and duel. Try to load yourself with healing items to help you stay alive.

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