Final Fantasy 16: The Best Abilities [Our Picks]

Because I have played Final Fantasy 16 for 70+ hours, I have mentioned all the Best Abilities that will help you during your journey in Final Fantasy 16.

FF16 cover
Final Fantasy 16: Best Abilities

Abilities in FF16 are different skills that Clive can learn along his journey to make his combat easier. It makes the gameplay more joyful so players can have fun playing FF16. 

Key Takeaways

  • Abilities are essential skills that players must learn to improve their gameplay.
  • These can extend Clive’s attacking or defending moves to improve during combat.
  • There are a lot of abilities in Final Fantasy 16 that players can try.
  • It is suggested to play with all of them to understand how they work.
  • The abilities appear as ground or aerial that involve counters against enemies or simple attacks.
  • Some abilities are unlocked at the start of the story mode, while others are to be purchased by spending Ability Points (AP)
  • After learning the abilities, players can upgrade to mastery level, further enhancing ability stats.

About The Author

I have played Final Fantasy 16 for more than 70+ hours, and my PSN Tag is SHiNiGaMii. I have played the game extensively, so you can easily trust the hands-on experience I bring to the table!

story gameplay
Early gameplay of FF16 | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

1. Swift Recovery

Best Ability for Counterattacks.

Why did I Choose Swift Recovery?

I chose the Swift Recovery for its versatility. It allows Clive to quickly regain his footing, avoid drawn-out recoveries, and immediately retaliate

The main issue with Clive is that he takes a lot of time to get back into the fight after being knocked down by a strong hit from the enemy. Swift Recovery is here to rescue, as it lets Clive get back on his feet in no time.

To activate the ability, press R1 on your controller, which will get Clive standing and also make him hit a melee attack on any nearby opponent.

Swift Recovery is one of those abilities that unlock at the story’s start. It does not need any AP for upgrade purposes. If you open Mastery for this ability, it will get more efficient and quicker.

The perfect scenario to use Swift Recovery is against Chirada‘s Dash when Clive is knocked down in the air. Pressing R1 right after the knock will do the trick.

  • Quick recovery.
  • Free to use.
  • Automatic melee counterattack after getting up.
  • Can still be vulnerable if surrounded by multiple enemies.

2. Flames Of Rebirth

Best Ability for AoE Damage.

Why did I Choose Flames Of Rebirth?

I chose the Flames Of Rebirth for its immense area-of-effect capabilities. It makes dealing with groups easier while providing a crucial healing component for Clive’s survivability.

flames of rebirth ability
Flames of Rebirth animation | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

This is one of those unlockable abilities that require Ability Points. Players must unlock this in the quest, Sunrise, Sunset, where they must interact with a specific mission part. This ability is related to Phoenix’s Eikon, where a storm of fire magic is brought that damages all the enemies in its range. 

Flames of Rebirth costs 1695 AP to unlock. When you wish to use this ability, equip the respective Eikon and ensure you have enough AP in the bank. Select the targeted area where the storm should appear and cause damage. It has a very huge range and can cover the whole field in some situations.

  • Powerful AOE attack.
  • Provides simultaneous healing.
  • Relatively high AP cost to unlock.

3. Charged Magic

Best Ability for Tactical Magic Usage.

Why did I Choose Charged Magic?

I chose the Charged Magic for its focus on timing and strategic spellcasting. Mastering the timing adds a new dimension to magic combat in FF16.

charged magic is one of the best abilities in combat
Magic in action | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Charged Magic is worth 20 AP, and it enhances regular magic. To charge it, hold the triangle button on the right side of the controller. Upon release, the ability will launch the attack. Use this skill when you plan to dodge the opponent’s strike.

You must master this to help you counter powerful enemy attacks.

  • Increased magic potency.
  • Tactical opportunities to charge while dodging.
  • Requires good timing.
  • Low AP cost means less raw power initially.

4. Stomp

Best Ability for Aerial Combo Initiation.

Why did I Choose Stomp?

I chose the Stomp for its combo potential. It opens up more aerial combat options, especially with other aerial abilities.

Stomp is one of those abilities that provide an advantage for aerial attacks and costs 15 AP. If press X when in mid-air, you will kick any enemy close to you.

Using the ability maximizes your jump height and can be an excellent choice for powerful combos with abilities such as Downthrust. When upgraded, Stomp can increase the kicks you get in mid-air so you can knock more enemies in a single go.

  • Aerial attack.
  • Increases jump height.
  • Useful for combos.
  • Situational, can be hard to target specific enemies in mid-air.

5. Gauge

Best Ability for Staggering Groups Of Enemies.

Why did I Choose Gauge?

I chose the Gauge for its potential in crowd control situations. When mastered, it becomes a great tool for breaking enemy formations.

Introducing another aerial ability, Gauge lets you bring two claws into the battle that can destroy the enemies completely. It is applicable in the air and can exponentially increase stagger damage.

Players can work on this ability by using it to stun big groups of enemies. Moreover, mastering this ability will enhance the speed of attacks.

  • High stagger potential.
  • Especially good against groups.
  • Limited to aerial use.
  • Mastery is required for full impact.

Best Abilities Compared

AbilityBest ForTypePrice (AP)Description
Swift RecoveryBest Ability for Counterattacks.Ground10Helps Clive get back on his feet quickly
Flames of RebirthBest Ability for AoE Damage.Ground1695Brings a storm of fire magic to crush all the enemies in its range charged
Charged MagicBest Ability for Tactical Magic Usage.Ground20Casual magic is charged to dodge enemy strike
StompBest Ability for Aerial Combo Initiation.Aerial15Stomp any enemy close to you in mid-air by kicking
GaugeBest Ability for Staggering Groups Of Enemies.AerialClive introduces two claws that dominate the opponents.

Comparison Table. 

How To Unlock Abilities

combat gameplay while using abilities
Engaging in combat | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Ability Points, or AP, are the in-game currency for unlocking and upgrading abilities. You must get them through winning battles, defeating enemies, or progressing in the campaign. Follow the steps below to easily get abilities.

  • Get access to the abilities tab from the main menu.
  • Notice that abilities are related to their specific Eikons. Unlock any ability from the list that you currently have access to.
  • Every ability has its own purchase cost in terms of AP. Ensure you have enough of them with you before deciding to buy an ability.
  • Once you have a sufficient amount, hover over the desired ability and select the option to unlock or upgrade
  • The abilities associated with Eikons will require that Eikon be dominated first in the story. By performing this act, the Eikon will grant you the ability so you can add it to your collection. 
  • After unlocking, you can keep upgrading the ability by spending AP until it reaches Mastery Level
  • Mastering an ability will have more benefits, like enhanced combat and engaging in ability combos.
  • If you are uncomfortable with your current skill set, there is an option to reset it through Respec Mechanic. Using it will allow you to rebuild your tree from scratch.

Alternative Options That We Considered

  • Stomp: Stomp is too situational, as its effectiveness requires enemies to be airborne.

  • Dodge: A basic dodge is likely a fundamental movement mechanic in FF16’s combat.

  • Taunt: Taunting may not fit FF16’s fast-paced combat and lack of traditional aggro systems.

  • Burning Blade: A fire-imbued attack is likely already covered by Phoenix’s Eikon abilities.

  • Downthrust: Downthrust is too specialized, as it focuses solely on aerial combat.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced FF16 player, I’d highly recommend focusing on Flames of Rebirth. This ground-based ability unleashes a fiery storm, striking all enemies in its path. What truly sets it apart is the healing effect it provides to Clive – an incredibly useful feature that’s uncommon in most Final Fantasy titles, forcing you to adapt your usual strategies in interesting ways.

Another ability I’d suggest experimenting with is Gauge. This aerial attack summons two powerful claws to devastate your opponents. Gauge excels in staggering foes, giving you openings to exploit that are reminiscent of those found in classic Final Fantasy games.

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