Final Fantasy 16: Best Accessories [Top 10]

I have played Final Fantasy 16 for 70+ hours and here's my list for the best accessories in the game!

Final Fantasy XVI Best Accessories
Final Fantasy XVI: Best Accessories

Accessories ensure you get the most out of your build. They will help you eliminate enemies and survive for longer. However, remember that Clive can only have three accessories at most in his arsenal, so let’s pick the right one for your build.

About The Author

I have played Final Fantasy 16 for more than 70+ hours, and my PSN Tag is SHiNiGaMii. I have played the game extensively, so you can easily trust the hands-on experience I bring to the table!

Key Takeaways

  • The best accessories in Final Fantasy 16 depend on your playing style and build.
  • You can use the ability-targeted ones like The Breath of Fire or The Breath of Lightning to increase your ability’s output or reduce its cooldown time.
  • Go for the Berserker Ring, Dire Wolf Jess, Talisman of Priming, Genji Gloves, and Ring of the Demolitionist to buff up your attack stats.
  • The defense stats like Maximum Health and Healing are greatly improved using the Adamanite Gauntlets, Cleric’s Medallion, and High Cleric’s Medallion.
  • Moreover, for quick leveling up, you can equip the “Of Fortune and Heavens” to boost the XP gain.
  • You can also get the Timely Accessories in the “Story Focused Mode,” making the gameplay and controls much easier.

Best FF16 Accessories

Final Fantasy 16: Best Accessories
Final Fantasy 16: Best Accessories | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Below is the Summary list of all the best Accessories in FFXVI: 

Accessory Effect How To Unlock
Adamanite Gauntlets Increases Maximum HP by 500 Orb Chest in a cave found in the Main Quest – Footfalls in Ash
Genji Gloves Increases Damage by 5% Patron Whisper’s Shop Reward for 2365 Renown Points
Ring of the Demolitionist Increases Magic burst will damage by 15% Flying Blue Orb Chest in the Main Quest – Across the Narrow
Talisman of Priming Increases Lionheart Tonic duration by 30 seconds Patron Whisper’s Shop Reward for 1360 Renown Points
Cleric’s Medallion +1 Increases Healing Potency of Healing Potions by 40% Patron Whisper’s Shop Reward for 205 Renown Points
Berserker Ring After each precise dodge, attack proficiency slightly increases Patron Whisper’s Shop Reward for 85 Renown Points
The Breath of Fire – Flames of Rebirth Reduces Flames of Rebirth Cooldown by 12 seconds dropped Dropped by the boss in the Main Quest – The Crystals’ Curse
Channeler’s Whispers – Magic Spells are automatically charged
– The charge is maintained until the spell is cast
Bought from the Charon’s Toll Shop in the Main Quest – Home, Sweet Home
On Fortune, and Heavens Increases XP gain by 15% Bought from Charon’s Toll Shop in the Main Quest – After the Storm
Dire Wolf Jess Increases Combo Damage by 5% Patron Whisper’s Shop Reward for 295 Renown Points
Final Fantasy 16 – Best Accessories to equip

Adamanite Gauntlets

Adamanite Gauntlets
Adamanite Gauntlets

It will be hard to say that the Adamanite Gauntlets are the must-have in the current list due to their insane HP buff. They will increase your overall HP by 500, which in any build is nice to have. Other ways to increase the HP include leveling up, but having a little extra is always good.

This accessory is mostly helpful if you feel your defenses are a bit less upgraded. You must find the Orb Chest in Main Quest #63 – Footfalls in Ash to acquire this. This will be present in the Northwest of The Edge of the Infinity Obelisk.

Genji Gloves

Genji Gloves - Final Fantasy 16 Accessories
Genji Gloves

They boost the damage output by 5% regardless of attack or ability. Like the Adamanite Gauntlets, the Genji Gloves also give an overall benefit, not specific to any build.

To unlock the Genji Gloves, you need to acquire 2365 renown points. Hence, you must complete the Side Quests to earn those points. Afterward, you can get this at the Patron’s Whisper Shop.

Ring Of The Demolitionist

Ring of the Demolitionist - Final Fantasy 16
Ring of the Demolitionist

It improves the Magic Burst Will Damage by 15%. This will help you stun enemies a lot more quickly. Stunned enemies cannot attack, thus giving you a wide window to make more attacks or heal yourself. This accessory is a good addition to your magic build.

The Ring of the Demolitionist is unlocked in the Main Quest #62 – Across the Narrow. You will find it in a blue Orb Chest while on the Side Quest – Duty Undying. The chest will be on the way to the West of the Gilded Path Obelisk.

Talisman Of Priming

Talisman of Priming - Final Fantasy 16 Accessories
Talisman of Priming

The Talisman of Priming buffs your Lionheart Tonic duration by 30 seconds. This tonic fills up the Limit Break Gauge. Limit Break increases your overall damage and replenishes some HP for a short interval of time.

Having this accessory in your arsenal will ease in fighting off bosses and other enemies with high HPs. Hence, you should keep the Lionheart Tonic and the Talisman of Priming. However, if you wish not to use that potion, then this accessory is useless.

You can get this from the Patron’s Whisper’s Shop after getting 1360 Renown points.

Cleric’s Medallion +1

Cleric's Medallion
Cleric’s Medallion

Another version of the Cleric’s Medallions specifically increases the healing potency of potions by 40%, the most out of the others. Having such a great boost in healing can prove advantageous and turn the tide in battles. Therefore, you should keep this in your inventory if your HP stats are not much upgraded.

Unlocking this requires you to gather 205 Renown points. Then, you can get this as a reward from the Patron’s Whisper Shop in the Hideaway.

Berserker Ring

Berserker Ring
Berserker Ring

Dodging is an important aspect of the game, and what’s better than getting a free boost in damage for each dodge? Berserker Ring comes into the clutch, temporarily giving you increased attack proficiency for each precisely done dodge you do in a battle. However, the increment is only a small amount, and this accessory is useful if you are skilled enough to do a precise dodge at the right moment.

Berserker Ring is obtained by achieving 85 Renown Points from the Patron’s Whisper Shop.

The Breath Of Fire – Flames Of Rebirth

The Breath of Fire - Flames of Rebirth
The Breath of Fire – Flames of Rebirth

It is an accessory that targets the specific ability – Flames of Rebirth. This ability heals some amount of Clive’s HP and summons flames that burn everyone in its effective area. The Breath of Fire reduces the cooldown time for this ability by 12 seconds, making it easier to use it repeatedly.

You can unlock this accessory in the Main Quest #26- The Crystals’ Curse. Defeat the main boss of this chapter to get this as the reward.

Channeler’s Whispers

Channeler's Whispers
Channeler’s Whispers

An important item for magic users, it charges spells automatically and maintains the charge until the spell is cast. However, it is unusable unless you learn the ability “Charged Magic.” This ability is the basis for using any magic spell in the game.

This accessory is available once you start Main Quest #28 – Home, Sweet Home. Afterward, you can purchase it from Charon’s Toll Shop.

On Fortune And Heaven

On Fortune and Heaven
On Fortune and Heaven

If you are into farming and leveling up quickly, then one is made just for you. The On Fortune and Heaven increase the XP you gain by 15%, which is not much but still worth the effort. It applies to anything that gives XP.

You can buy this from Charon’s Toll Shop once you start the Main Quest #37 – After the Storm.

Dire Wolf Jess

Dire Wolf Jess
Dire Wolf Jess

The Dire Wolf Jess increases the damage done by combo attacks by 5%. This is quite beneficial for skilled people who can do combos. The damage buff stacks up as you keep the combos coming; hence it is effective against bosses and other enemies with high HP.

You need to gather 295 Renown Points, and then you can unlock them at the Patron’s Whisper Shop.

Timely Accessories

If you select the “Story Focused Mode” when starting the new game in the difficulty options, you will get a few extra accessories. These will make some aspects of the game easier to control. This mode is recommended for beginners or players new to the game.

These various items help you in many ways, from using potions to evading attacks automatically. However, for some people, this might become annoying because it may spoil the fun of the game. A little detail of each item is given below:

Accessory Effect
Ring of Timely Strikes Ability’s Complex button combinations can be done by pressing the “Square” Button.
Ring of Timely Evasion All evadable attacks will be evaded automatically.
The Ring of Timely Healing If HP falls below a certain limit, Healing Potion will be used automatically.
Ring of Timely Focus – Slows down time if the enemy makes an evadable attack.
– No effect if Ring of Timely Evasion is already equipped
Ring of Timely Assistance Execute Pet commands automatically.
Final Fantasy 16: Timely Accessories List

Final Thoughts

In this guide, I discussed the best accessories in Final Fantasy 16 that will ensure you get the finest stats to make your adventure more fun and easier. These will complement the gear and abilities that you will equip, so you can choose them and enhance your build accordingly. Moreover, you can also look into other ones too and use them if that suits you better.

Additionally, you can move over to the Timely accessories as well, which will benefit you a lot if you are unfamiliar with the game’s mechanics. This is recommended for players who are new to the game’s franchise or genre to lower the difficulty a little bit.

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