Final Fantasy 16 Best Combos [Tips & Tricks]

Have a look at a list of my best combos because I have played Final Fantasy 16 for 70+ hours!

Final Fantasy 16 Best Combos

Combos are a crucial part of Final Fantasy 16, and hitting the right ones can grant you some of the best execution game offers. What are the best combos in FFXVI, and how can you hit them? Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways

  • To learn how to master or even create effective combos, you need to understand the fundamentals of what makes a good combo.
  • There are multiple combos listed below based on Final Fantasy 16’s combat mechanics and level of progression in the game.
  • There are combos for the Early, Mid and End games so you can master them effectively.
  • Some crucial tips for mastering combos in Final Fantasy 16 involve fully utilizing your Eikon abilities, skillfully evading and countering where possible, and using wide-ranged attack combos more often to target multiple enemies at once.

About The Author

I have played Final Fantasy 16 for more than 70+ hours, and my PSN Tag is SHiNiGaMii. You can trust my information because I provide hands-on experience for Final Fantasy 16!

Fundamentals Of Mastering Combo Executions Quicker

In Final Fantasy 16, mastering your combos could result in winning crucial fights without necessarily being at the max level. Since the game mechanics promote strategic combat gameplay, you will get more rewards for better executions. 

This is also illustrated in the game’s Action Focus Mod, where executing combos properly and effectively determines your victory or loss. This is why a good grasp of the fundamentals of combo generation is essential in improving your performance vastly.

Final Fantasy 16 Best Combos
Advanced Combos: a combination of different moves – image Captured by VeryAliGaming.

Basic Multi-hit Combos

Typically Constituent of Four Melee attacks of any sort followed by Magic Burst. Highly Effective early on in the game.

Advanced Combos

Combos that fall under the category of mixed abilities combos, such as combos that utilize magic and melee attacks for added damage. To execute correctly, you must practice and test which magic attack works well with Melee strikes. I’ve included some of these in my list. These combos are much more helpful during the mid-stages of the game.

Mixing Combos with Eikon Abilities

Eikons abilities are very useful in maximizing your damage output, especially if used successively. If you can incorporate an Eikon ability with your advanced combos, you elevate the damage output to a whole new level.

Advanced Mechanics

Abilities and skills that can help you launch an enemy, counterattack and punish, perform some level of crowd control or stack abilities for added damage can make you a God-tier player in Final Fantasy 16. 

I’ve also included many such combos in my late game stage combos list. The basic idea is to maximize DPS and possibly extend range of attacks so that multiple enemies can be struck down at once. Most of these advanced mechanics include using Eikon Abilities to the max.

Now, onto my compiled list!

Best Early Game Combos

When you just start off with Clive, you do not really have much arsenal at your disposal to reduce your enemies’ Will Gauge down to 0% effectively. Often, players end up relying on random key smashes.

Basic Combos for early-stage gameplay in Final Fantasy 16 – image captured by VeryAliGaming

Fear not, as I have listed below the best combos in Final Fantasy 16 that you can still pull off as a beginner!

1Basic ComboMeleeSquare>Square>Square>Square>TriangleBasic Melee uninterrupted strikes followed by deploying Magic Burst
2Magic Burst ComboMagic/MeleeSquare>Triangle (x4)Repeatedly press Square>Triangle 4 times for an 8 move multi-hit Combo.
3Lunge to Magic BurstMagicCross+Square (Lunge) >Triangle (Repeat)This combo combines lunge with magic bursts, looping it so that you may continuously strike multiple smaller enemies.
4Garuda+Phoenix ComboMagic/Eikon Abilities ComboHold Square (Burning Blade) > Lunge > Gouge > Deadly Embrace > Wicked Wheel (All Garuda) > Square (x3) > Square+Cross > Rising Flames > Scarlet Cyclone > Square.Combining the abilities of both the Garuda and Phoenix Eikons will take time to master, but certainly elevate your skills early on in the game to new heights. Note that you will need to switch Eikons mid-way using L2.
5Garuda+Phoenix Combo (Staggered)Magic/Eikon Abilities ComboGouge (Garuda) > Magic Burst Combo x2 > Wicked Wheel > Square > Scarlet Cyclone + Rising FlamesThis combo is lethal to enemies that are staggered. It uses both Garuda and Pheonix Eikons. Switch from Garuda to Phoenix using L2 after Wicked Wheel.

Additional Useful Notes for Starters

For Basic Combo – This is the very first attack combo you will learn in the game, right at the beginning when you face off Morbol at Stillwind. It is a multi-hit melee combo which is coupled with magic burst at the end. 

For Magic Burst – This combo is less effective when you have been surrounded by enemies so choose wisely when to deploy it. It can significantly stagger your enemies. If you use Magic Burst 4 times in a row, you can 100% stagger your opponents.

For All Eikon Ability Combos – Remember to correctly switch between Eikons using L2 button properly and timely.

Best Mid-Game Combos

After you’ve progressed a certain degree in Final Fantasy 16, you will have much more room for improving your skills in the game. With more abilities, gears and Eikons under your control, Valisthea will be yours to dominate.

Mid-Game Ideal Combos in Final Fantasy 16 – image captured by VeryAliGaming

The best FF16 combos that you should set your hands at for that conquest are as follows.

1Will o' the Wykes to Lightning RodMagic/Eikon AbilitiesWill o' the Wykes (Ifrit)
>Lightning Rod (Ramuh)
When you open with Will o' the Wykes, you deal damage while staying protected. You can follow that up with lightning Rod if your enemy tries to move out.
2Wicked Wheel to UpheavalMagic/Eikon AbilitiesWicked Wheel (Garuda)
>Upheaval (Titan)
Launch your enemies to the sky with Wicked Wheel, then thwart them to the ground with Upheaval
3Phoenix + Garuda + Titan Combo (Staggered)Eikon AbilitiesPress L3+R3 to trigger Limit Breaker
>Gouge (Garuda)
>Rook's Gambit (Garuda)
>Raging Fists (Titan)
>Rising Flames (Phoenix)
>Flames of Rebirth (Phoenix)
>Windup (Titan)
This is a huge Eikon combo and it lets you cycle through 3 Eikons and also extend and repeat with Windup or Rising Flames. Just make sure you have these 3 Eikons at your disposal first.

Best Late Game Combos

As Clive nears the conclusion to his tale, he should be very well-versed with various arts of combat. That means, you should have much more flexibility in combining Eikon abilities, magic spells and melee attacks to create deadly combos.

Late Game Ideal Combos in Final Fantasy 16 – image captured by VeryAliGaming

In my search, I have noticed the following FF16 combos to pack the most effective punches.

1Mesmerize + Wide Range AttackEikon AbilitiesMesmerize (Shiva)
>Rising Flames (Phoenix)
>Flames of Rebirth (Phoenix)
>Pile Drive (Ramuh)
>Judgement Bolt (Ramuh)
>Upheaval (Titan)
Earthen Fury (Titan)
Ice Age (Shiva)
Diamond Dust (Shiva)
Mesmerize can easily pull your opponents towards a single spot so that you can follow up with wide-range attacks to strike multiple enemies down at once.
2Garuda + Ramuh + Odin ComboEikon AbilitiesDeadly Embrace (Garuda)
>Lightning Rod (Ramuh)
>Dancing Steel (Odin)
To be able to use this combo, you need to unlock all 7 of your Eikons available in the game. This combo pulls your enemy down with Deadly Embrace so that you can unleash the cycle of attacks that follow.
3Cold Snap + Lightning Rod + Dancing SteelEikon AbilitiesCold Snap (Shiva)
>Lightning Rod (Ramuh)
>Dancing Steel (Odin)
Cold Snap can momentarily give your opponents Frostbite, freezing them. Cast it while dodging an attack and then place the Lightning Rod near the frozen enemy and activate Dancing Steel. This way, you will deal heavy damage from both of the casted abilities.
4Two High-Damaging CombosEikon AbilitiesFirst equip 'The Pull of Darkness' (Dancing Steel)
>Fill up your Zantetsuken gauge to max before staggering your foe
>Press L3+R3 to trigger Limit Break
>Unleash Lightning Rod (Ramuh)
>Long press Square and activate Arm of Darkness (Odin)
>Release Square to execute Zantetsuken
>Dancing Steel (Odin)
>Windup (Titan)
>Long press Square and activate Arm of Darkness again
>Release Square again
>Rising Flames (Phoenix)
Filling your Zantetsuken gauge up beforehand will allow you to to use it twice during the combo to deal a lot of damage to your staggered enemy. Execute your Zantetsuken twice this way and end with Rising Flames.

Tips to Help Your Combos Execution

  • Mix it up! Use a combination of skills and abilities whenever possible. Mix up Eikon Abilities with Magic attacks.
  • Re-Cycle! Learn ways to repeat the cycle of attacks you unleash on your foes. End your combos with abilities that may stagger or launch your foes so that you can restart your combos.
  • Be Careful: When you are in the middle of a combo, make sure you can not be interrupted by another monster nearby. Ideally, with multiple enemies, use wide-ranged attack combos to beat them all at once. If you have a shorter-ranged attack combo, be always on the look out to effectively parry or evade.
  • Master All Eikon Abilities: In Final Fantasy 16, you have 7 Eikons available to you which come with specific abilities that could help you maximize your DPS. Learn all of them and start using them as soon as you can.

There You Have It

Final Fantasy 16 comes with complex game mechanics which not only bring an element of mastery level to the game but also enhance the overall immersive nature of the game’s combat system for the players.

And so, I hope you found my Final Fantasy 16 Best Combos compilation along with my vital tips and tricks to master them useful to you on your endeavor to conquer the beasts of Valisthea. God speed! 


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