Final Fantasy 16: Best Eikon Abilities [Expert Picks]

After playing Final Fantasy 16 for more than 70+ hours, here is my ultimate guide to explore Best Eikon Abilities and their uses in Final Fantasy 16 and make your gameplay thrilling.

Best Eikon Abilities [Walkthrough]

The Eikon abilities in the new Final Fantasy 16 are some potent attacks that the players in the game can use. The creatures are intricately linked to the player’s bond with their unique Eikon or summoned entity. Each Eikon in FF16 has its rare abilities, and players can learn new ones as they progress into the game.

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I have played Final Fantasy 16 for more than 70+ hours, and my PSN Tag is SHiNiGaMii. You can trust my information because I provide hands-on experience for Final Fantasy 16!

Key Takeaways

  • The Eikons introduced in Final Fantasy 16 are powerful creatures known as Summons.
  • Eikon Abilities are potent attacks that the player characters of FF16 can use.
  • These are obtained through the player’s connection to their corresponding Eikon.
  • The best Eikon Abilities for you will vary based on your gaming style and the opponents you encounter.
  • Each Eikon Ability has an Attack value, determining its base damage.
  • Each Eikon Ability has a Stagger value, determining its base stagger damage.
  • The combat system in Final Fantasy 16 relies heavily on the use of Eikon Abilities.
  • Integrate them into your game to enhance your gameplay experience and make it more enjoyable and worthwhile.

What Are Eikon Abilities in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 has entered fans’ hearts with many new updates and specific features. The addition of some particular Eikon Abilities is one of them. There are almost 40 Eikon Abilities in Final Fantasy 16, each with its own abilities.

The breakdown of Eikon’s Abilities according to their Eikons is given in the table below.

EikonsNumber of Abilities
Ramuh 6

Best Eikon Abilities

Talking about the Best Eikon Abilities in FF16, you must choose between these upper-mentioned abilities. The criteria for best Eikon Abilities in FF16 depends upon various factors, some of which include the amount of damage these Eikon abilities can deal with, staggering your enemies, or providing support to allies. It must have substantial power, versatility, and a low cooldown rate. Only then can it come under the title of best Eikon Abilities. 

Following is a table of the Best Eikon Abilities.

EikonAbilitiesEffectsDamage Values
PhoenixPhoenix Shift
(Core Ability)
Allows Clive to teleport to nearby enemies and kill them.Attack: N/A
Stagger: N/A
Flames of Rebirth
(Super Ability)
A powerful fire based attack and helps restore HP.Attack: 3
Stagger: 3
GarudaDeadly Embrace
(Core Ability)
Allows Clive to grab an enemy and pull it towards him.Attack: N/A
Stagger: N/A
Ariel Blast
(Super Ability)
A wind based attack that targets nearby foes.Attack: 2
Stagger: 5
It summons a storm of fireball that circles about Clive.Attack: 1
Stagger: 2
A potent attack that allows Clive to charge forward.Attack: 3
Stagger: 2
RamuhBlind Justice
(Core Ability)
Fires lightening balls and deals damage.Attack: 1
Stagger: 2
Judgement Bolt
(Super Ability)
Used to deal a lot of damage from enemies vulnerable to lightening.Attack: 4
Stagger: 3
TitanTitanic Block
(Core Ability)
Acts as a shield and blocks all the incoming attacks.Attack: N/A
Stagger: N/A
Earthen Fury
(Super Ability)
It has a long cooldown and can be used to blow away small enemies.Attack: 4
Stagger: 2
BahamutWings of Light
(Core Ability)
Allows Clive to glide around as this ability gives him actual wings.Attack: 4
Stagger: 2
(Super Ability)
Breaks the damage limit as it is one of the most damaging attacks.Attack: 5
Stagger: 2
ShivaCold Snap
(Core Ability)
The freezing effect of Cold snap can be used to freeze enemies.Attack: N/A
Stagger: N/A
Diamond Dust
(Super Ability)
An attack that produces winter storm to freeze enemies.Attack: 3
Stagger: 5
OdinArm of Darkness
(Core Ability)
Allows Clive to take on Odin's appearance and wield hi signature weapon.Attack: 5
Stagger: 1
Dancing Steel
(Super Ability)
Allows Clive to summon a second blade and unleash attacks.Attack: 1
Stagger: 2


In Final Fantasy 16, the initial Eikon encounter is with the Phoenix. While it is not overly challenging, it does possess a certain level of aggression.

Phoenix Shift (Core Ability)

Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16
Phoenix Shift (Captured by Us)
  • Attack: N/A
  • Stagger: N/A

The Phoenix Shift is one of the best abilities in Final Fantasy 16. Clive can teleport anywhere near the enemy and land a dominant attack using this ability. It has a very short cooldown and helps finish off enemies within the game.

Flames of Rebirth (Super Ability)

Final Fantasy 16 update
Flames of Rebirth (Captured by Us)
  • Attack:  ✪✪✪
  • Stagger:  ✪✪✪

In FF16, this skill allows the user to conjure a powerful storm of Fire magic, which inflicts damage upon all enemies in its path. It has a vast range and can kill enemies across the battlefieldFlames of Rebirth also acts as a healer by healing Clive’s HP.


The second encounter is with Garuda. This ability is more focused on Clive in dealing with damages.

Deadly Embrace (Core Ability)

Final Fantasy 16
Deadly Embrace (Captured by Us)
  • Attack: N/A
  • Stagger: N/A

Clive’s Garuda Ability has the power to pull small enemies towards himself even when he’s flying in the air. This ability allows him to grab the enemies and provide them with some additional damage. However, facing strong opponents, it is still considered insufficient and useless.

Aerial Blast (Super Ability)

Final Fantasy Eikons
Ariel Blast (Captured by Us)
  • Attack: ✪✪
  • Stagger: ✪✪✪✪✪

The Aerial Blast is a wind-based attack which means it summons a tornado that is strong enough to destroy all the nearby enemies; even large enemies find it hard to escape this tornado, but this is only effective when your enemy gets stuck to the tornado. Moreover, it has an excellent stagger value.


After Garuda, your third encounter will be with Ifrit, and it only gives access to two abilities within the gameplay.


Another eikon in ff16
Will-o-the-Wykes (Captured by Us)
  • Attack:  ✪
  • Stagger:  ✪✪

This powerful ability transforms Clive into Will-o-the-Wykes, a spectral form of Clive. It has a high damage value and a long cooldown period, so it can not be used often, as it drains Clive’s HP at a higher rate.


Best Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16
Ignition (Captured by Us)
  • Attack: ✪✪✪
  • Stagger: ✪✪

Clive possesses this potent mid-air ability that involves charging forward to strike the enemy with multiple hits and pushing them back. Ignition is most effective against enemies that are sensitive to fire. It has a moderate cooldown period.


Then you’ll have the fourth Eikon ability, Ramuh, which encourages a play style requiring more technical skill.

Blind Justice (Core Ability)

Best Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16
Using the Blind Justice ability (Captured by Us)

Attack:  ✪

Stagger:  ✪✪

Blind Justice allows Clive to strike an attack of lightning balls at the enemies. This lightning ball gets attached to the enemies and causes them further damage until it gets detached. It has a moderate cooldown period and affects multiple enemy targets simultaneously.

Judgement Bolt (Super Ability)

Best Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16
Judgment Bolt (Captured by Us)

Attack:  ✪✪✪✪

Stagger:  ✪✪✪


Titan is the fifth ability to which Clive gets access. The main focus of this ability is on defense and raw power.

Titan Block (Core Ability)

Best eikon ability of titan
Titanic Block (Captured by Us)
  • Attack:  N/A
  • Stagger:  N/A

The Titan Block is actually a defensive ability that acts as a shield and allows Clive to block incoming attacks. It can be used frequently as it has a short cooldown. It is best to use this ability against enemies that deal physical damage.

Earthen Fury (Super Ability)

Another best eikon ability of Titan
Earthen Fury (Captured by Us)
  • Attack:  ✪✪✪✪
  • Stagger:  ✪✪

The ground heaves upward with Earthen Fury, violently throwing enemies at great distances. However, this powerful ability requires a lengthy cooldown period and does not inflict substantial damage. This possesses a remarkable attack value.


Clive gains access to Bahamut as his sixth Eikon, which has powerful ranged abilities that deal significant damage.

Wings of Light (Core Ability)

Best Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16
Wings of Light (Captured by Us)
  • Attack:  ✪✪✪✪
  • Stagger:  ✪✪

This ability in Final Fantasy 16 provides Clive with wings, so your character can glide anywhere in the combat zone. It gets mighty when it reaches Level 4. Overall it is an excellent ability to be used often, providing a better attack to enemies.

Gigaflare (Super Ability)

Best Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16
Gigaflare (Captured by Us)
  • Attack:  ✪✪✪✪✪
  • Stagger:  ✪✪

It is one of the most vital abilities, dramatically damaging enemies. This super ability can and should only be used when your character’s limit gauge is full and when it is necessary.


This is the seventh ability that Clive will get to see. It has offensive abilities and focuses on facing a group of enemies.

Cold Snap (Core Ability)

final fantasy cold snap
Cold Snap (Captured by Us)
  • Attack:  N/A
  • Stagger:  N/A

A core ability of Shiva that can make Clive slide across the battlefield in any direction. It can be used to attack enemies using the square button and temporarily freeze them. Getting used to the main features of this ability requires time and practice.

Diamond Dust (Super Ability)

Best Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16
Diamond Dust (Captured by Us)

Attack:  ✪✪✪

Stagger:  ✪✪✪✪✪

An impressive ability that can throw a devastating attack that can deal massive damage to a group of enemies. This ability can also freeze the enemies, making it easy for your character to attack its enemies; having a long cooldown can not be used frequently.


Odin is  Clive’s Eighth encounter in Final Fantasy 16. This ability is more related to dealing with high damages.

Arm of Darkness (Core Ability)

Use these for defence
Arm of Darkness (Captured by Us)
  • Attack:  ✪✪✪✪✪
  • Stagger:  ✪

This core ability allows Clive to take the appearance of Odin and even wield his signature weapons. Clive is given more skills in this new form, and his attacks deal more damage. It has a long cooldown with a high attacking power.

Dancing Steel (Special Ability)

Best Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16
Dancing Steel (Captured by Us)
  • Attack:  ✪
  • Stagger:  ✪✪

This a super ability of Odin that allows Clive to summon a second blade and unleash a devastating flurry of attacks. It is best to use this ability against enemies vulnerable to physical damage. Having a long cooldown, it can not be used frequently.

Ending Note

You cannot afford to overlook the immense gameplay potential of the phenomenal Eikon Abilities in Final Fantasy 16. If you haven’t yet delved into these abilities, you miss an incredible experience! These are just a few of the many extraordinary Eikon Abilities that are available in Final Fantasy 16., In conclusion, I can say that the best Eikon abilities depend upon the player’s game style.

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