Final Fantasy 16 Best Garuda Abilities [Ranked]

After investing 70+ hours in Final Fantasy 16, I was able to make a list of the best Garuda abilities you can use!

Best Gaaruda Abilities Final Fantasy 16
A guide on Best Grauda Abilities in Final Fantasy 16.

One of the best Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16 is from Garuda. The abilities revolve around Wind and allow players to get creative with ground + aerial playstyle. Worry not if you’re unsure which Garuda ability would be best to unlock. Continue reading to find out my picks of the best Garuda Abilities.

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I have played Final Fantasy 16 for more than 70+ hours, and my PSN Tag is SHiNiGaMii. I have played the game extensively, so you can easily trust the hands-on experience I bring!

Key Takeaways

  • Garuda has four abilities: Aerial Blast, Gouge, Rook’s Gambit, and Wicked Wheel.
  • Aerial Blast is the best Garuda Ability in Final Fantasy 16. It summons a tornado that deals AoE damage on enemies and staggers them, reducing their Will Gauge.
  • Next up, Gouge is another amazing ability to equip. It is learned by default and allows Clive to perform continuous staggering attacks with twin claws.
  • Rook’s Gambit is third on my list. It is an evading ability that performs a massive damage counterattack if players execute it timely.
  • Lastly, Wicked Wheel is good for players who prefer aerial combos playstyle. It tosses enemies into the air and opens up the possibility for aerial combos.

Garuda Abilities Comparison

Best Garuda Abilities in Final Fantasy 16
Best to Worst Garuda abilities – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Garuda is an Eikon of Wind that allows Clive to toss enemies around, decrease their Will Gauge faster, perform AoE attacks, and lastly, most of its abilities are available to use mid-air.

Even Eikon’s Feat, Deadly Embrace is extremely useful for performing combos easily. However, which of the four other abilities should you prioritize? It can be confusing to decide, considering that Garuda’s abilities are some of the best.

Below, I will list a quick overview of Garuda’s Abilities ranked:

AbilityIn-Game DescriptionDamageStagger
Aerial BlastSummon a tornado that slowly hunts down nearby enemies and, upon ensnaring them, inflicts multiple hits.★★★★★★★
GougeSummon twin claws that relentlessly tear at a target. It can be used in midair.★★★★★★
Rook’s GambitJump back, then deliver a punishing counter. If the jump evades an attack, counter potency is increased. Can be used in midair.★★★★
Wicked WheelPerform a rising attack, striking all enemies within range and lifting them from the ground. It can be used in midair.★★★★★

Garuda Abilities Comparison Table.

Wicked Wheel

Best AoE Damage Ability.
Wicked Wheel Best Garuda abilities in Final Fantasy 16
Wicked Wheel
  • Learn Requirement: None
  • Upgrade Requirement: 525 AP
  • Master Requirement: 1000 AP

Why did I Choose Wicked Wheel?

One of the good abilities to equip if your playstyle mostly includes performing aerial attacks. With Wicked Wheel, players can inflict AOE damage on the surrounding enemies and toss them into the air. It is great to escape from an overwhelming number of enemies and make them vulnerable for your next aerial combos.

There are no requirements to learn Wicked Wheel other than to unlock Garuda Abilities. The ability is learned by default; however, you can upgrade it for 525 Ability Points and eventually master the skill for 1000 AP.

It is least recommended due to other similar options, such as Stomp, which were available much earlier. You can master it in only 170 AP, too. Secondly, Wicked Wheel cannot work against larger enemies such as bosses.

If you equip it, you may lose an even better ability that works better against small and large enemies. However, if your playstyle allows you to execute Wicked Wheel perfectly, go for it.

  • Dishes out AOE Damage.
  • Best for Crowd Control.
  • Upgradeable.

  • Costly Upgrade.
  • Replaces other ability.

Rook’s Gambit

Best Defensive Ability.
Rook's Gambit
Rook’s Gambit
  • Learn Requirement: 120 P
  • Upgrade Requirement: 660 AP
  • Master Requirement: 1000 AP

Why did I Choose Rook’s Gambit?

It is a compelling ability if the player executes it in a timely. It allows Clive to jump backward and dodge any incoming strikes, followed by him speeding forward to hit the foe (whether you dodge an attack).

In my opinion, what makes this defensive ability even more helpful is its counterattack, Gambit Counter. The Gambit Counter gets activated if players successfully evade an attack using Rook’s Gambit. Here, Clive will spin forward and deal massive damage.

If you upgrade Rook’s Gambit to 660 AP, the counterattacks increase by hits. The ability is a valuable evading skill; if you learn to execute it timely, you won’t regret investing in it. It will help against many enemies at once and give you the upper hand in boss fights.

  • Excellent Counterattack ability.
  • Easy to upgrade.

  • Demands significant investment of AP for upgrading.


Best Garuda Ability Overall.
  • Learn Requirement: None
  • Upgrade Requirement: 575 AP
  • Master Requirement: 1000 AP

Why did I Choose Gouge?

Upon execution, Clive strikes the enemy/enemies in front continuously with the twin claws, dealing a small amount of damage on each hit. But the constant damage output and the stagger are pretty decent. Gouge is mainly known for its 4 ★ Stagger, making it an essential ability against Bosses with Will Gauges.

You can increase the number of strikes by pressing the attack button again, resulting in more Will Gauge drain of the enemy in front. Upgrading Gouge will increase its attack speed for the upcoming strikes from the twin claws. I strongly recommend upgrading the ability ASAP for a good battle with bosses.

Lastly, Gouge is also useable mid-air, meaning you can pair the ability with other abilities like Stomp or Wicked Wheel and perform continuous hits on enemies while in the air.

  • Ideal for Staggering Enemies.
  • Consistent Damage.

  • Damage Output is not ideal.

Aerial Blast

Ultimate AoE Damage Ability.


Aerial Blast
Aerial Blast
  • Learn Requirement: 1540 AP
  • Upgrade Requirement: 2005 AP
  • Master Requirement: 4000 AP

Why did I Choose Aerial Blast?

On top, you’ll have the Aerial Blast, and rightly so. The ability may be hard on your pocket, but its continuous damage and the five ★ stagger are incredible. Aerial Blast summons a tornado that chases the enemies to the ground.

Once enemies enter the tornado, they take continuous AOE damage for 15-20 seconds. Lighter enemies get tossed around. Bigger foes, like Bosses, deal with a massive drain in their will gauge.

The ability is easiest to implement and does not require much action. Just execute the ability and let it do its work. You can perform other attacks while enemies are inside the tornado struggling. Upon upgrading in exchange for 2005 AP, the ability’s execution time increases.

  • Onset AOE Damage.
  • Easy to Execute.

  • Upgrade demands 2005 AP.

What Is My Pick Of Garuda Ability?

In my opinion, Gouge is the best Garuda ability choice overall for dealing with consistent damage and staggering. At the same time, Aerial Blast can greatly pair with your character’s combat for a maximum Area of Effect damage that further enhances the experience. Ultimately, the choice is completely yours and depends on the playthrough choices.

Without any doubt, Garuda is one of the best Eikons. The set of abilities it offers is pretty diverse. This ability provides everything from letting players perform staggering AOE attacks to executing continuous damage mid-air or on the ground.

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