Final Fantasy 16: Best Phoenix Abilities [Top 4]

Here you can learn everything about the best abilities of the Phoenix Eikon in Final Fantasy 16 because I have spent 70+ hours in the game!

final fantasy 16 best phoenix abilities
Final Fantasy 16: Best Phoenix Abilities Guide
About The Author

I have played Final Fantasy 16 for more than 70+ hours, and my PSN Tag is SHiNiGaMii. I have played the game extensively, so you can easily trust the hands-on experience I bring to the table!

Phoenix abilities allow you to bombard your foes with heavy damage in the form of AOE and burn. In this Guide, I have listed the best Phoenix Eikon abilities and why you must unlock them as soon as possible.

Key Takeaways

  • Heatwave has an excellent defense and offense kit, barricading projectiles from enemies, and can launch back heat-type shockwaves to land lethal damage.
  • Flames of Rebirth helps you to survive and disintegrate your opponents quickly in a massive range.
  • Scarlet Cyclone has an excellent high AOE damage.
  • Rising Flames gives you a versatile crowd-control tool and burns damage against lightweight foes to provide you the edge in combat.
final fantasy 16 best phoenix abilities
The Best Phoenix Abilities – Image Made By Us

1. Heatwave

Best Phoenix Ability for Balanced Defense & Offense.

Why did I Choose Heatwave?

I chose the Heatwave for its utility in both protecting Clive and launching counterattacks. The reduced cooldown when blocking projectiles makes it highly spammable.

Unlock Price Attack Rate Stagger Rate Mastery Price Upgrade Price
120 Ability Points 2/5 2/5 1000 Ability Points 620 Ability Points

With Heatwave at your disposal, you have excellent defense and offense ability. Not only will you block enemy projectiles bombarded towards you, but you also fire back a hack and slash of waves as a rebound for a blocked one, unleashing heavy damage and disintegrating them instantly.

Furthermore, the cooldown of this skill also reduces faster with a blockade of the projectile, allowing you to be more efficient in combats.

  • Versatile.
  • Blocks projectiles.
  • Has a damaging counterattack.
  • Moderate attack/stagger ratings.

2. Flames Of Rebirth

Best Phoenix Ability for Crowd Control.

Why did I Choose Flames Of Rebirth?

 I chose the Flames Of Rebirth for its ability to turn the tide of tough battles. While the cooldown is long, the AOE damage, healing, and burn effect make it a lifesaver.

Unlock Price Attack Rate Stagger Rate Mastery Price Upgrade Price
1695 Ability Points 3/5 3/5 4250 Ability Points 2390 Ability Points

This ultimate ability of the Phoenix Eikon is to be saved for the last resort in an agitated and hostile combat situation when you’re struggling to juggle multiple enemies. That is due to the high amount of cooldown time this skill needs.

However, Flames Of Rebirth is super effective and powerful in group fights and for farming purposes but can also be applied in single 1v1 boss fights to burn them to a crisp. It has a good range that can immediately wipe out big enemy groups near your vicinity.

This skill also has a decent healing kit and burn damage, increasing your chances of survivability.

  • Massive AOE damage.
  • Heals Clive.
  • Applies burn status.
  • Very long cooldown period.

3. Scarlet Cyclone

Best Phoenix Ability for Close-Quarters Crowd Control.

Why did I Choose Scarlet Cyclone?

I chose the Scarlet Cyclone for its ability to create space when overwhelmed. The AOE and burn also ensure you’re doing solid damage while getting out of a jam.

Unlock Price Attack Rate Stagger Rate Mastery Price Upgrade Price
None 2/5 3/5 1000 Ability Points 475 Ability Points

Just like the ultimate ability, Scarlet Cyclone also has the potential to land burn damage but to very nearby enemies in proximity.

You swiftly spin around, unleash a fiery ring surrounding yourself, and push away all of your foes with great force while clapping them back with a decent AOE burn damage per second.

This ability has an exceptional crowd-control kit that can be used as a last resort to escape from dangerous situations quickly.

  • High AOE damage.
  • Pushes enemies back.
  • Inflicts burn.
  • Short range.

4. Rising Flames

Best Phoenix Ability for Controlling Lightweight Enemies.

Why did I Choose Rising Flames?

I chose the Rising Flames for its crowd control and damage against common, weaker enemy types. It helps manage multiple foes while still dishing out damage.

Unlock Price Attack Rate Stagger Rate Mastery Price Upgrade Price
None 3/5 2/5 1000 Ability points 500 Ability Points

You conjure an ablaze Phoenix wing, lifting off lightweight foes from the ground and slamming them down, causing decent AOE and burn damage.

This is excellent for dealing with multiple enemies simultaneously, allowing you to have more control over them in terms of damage and crowd control to catch them off-guard.

  • Good AOE and burn.
  • Staggers lightweight enemies.
  • Only effective against lighter foes.

Comparison Table

Ability NameBest forUnlock PriceAttack RateStagger RateMastery PriceUpgrade Price
Scarlet CycloneBest Phoenix Ability for Close-Quarters Crowd Control.None2/53/51000 Ability Points475 Ability Points
Rising FlamesBest Phoenix Ability for Controlling Lightweight Enemies.None3/52/51000 Ability Points500 Ability Points
HeatwaveBest Phoenix Ability for Balanced Defense & Offense.120 Ability Points2/52/51000 Ability Points620 Ability Points
Flames of RebirthBest Phoenix Ability for Crowd Control.1695 Ability Points3/53/54250 Ability Points2390 Ability Points
Comparison Table For Best Phoenix Abilities

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Immolation: While it offers consistent damage, its range is small, and you take some damage as well. There are better options for close-range damage.
  2. Fiery Rush: Though useful for mobility and some damage, its primary use is getting around. Other abilities do more damage or offer better crowd control.
  3. Inferno: This ability has solid damage potential, but its long cast time and frontal limitation can make it difficult to land reliably in hectic battles.

What Would I Recommend?

If you’re a seasoned Final Fantasy veteran looking to make the most of the Phoenix’s fiery arsenal in Final Fantasy 16, here’s what I’d recommend:

Focus on Heatwave. This ability offers incredible versatility for both offense and defense, characteristics that veteran players often prioritize. It allows you to block incoming attacks and immediately counter them with a devastating blast of fire. The faster cooldown for blocking projectiles makes this a highly efficient ability, letting you dish out consistent damage while staying protected.

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