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After playing Final Fantasy 16 for more than 70+ hours, I have shared the Best rings with all of you!

Final Fantasy 16 Best Rings

Rings are also called Timely Rings, Timely Accessories, and Accessibility Rings. They are Accessories you can equip in Final Fantasy 16, dramatically changing the gameplay. I prefer the term Accessibility Rings as it’s a self-explanatory term for describing what these Rings do. They have effects ranging from automatically healing you when your HP is low to performing insane combos with just one button. Moreover, a total of 5 rings exist. However, you can only use 3 of them due to the limitation of 3 accessory slots, so choose wisely.

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I have played Final Fantasy 16 for more than 70+ hours, and my PSN Tag is SHiNiGaMii. You can trust my information because I provide hands-on experience for Final Fantasy 16!

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 5 Rings available, but you can only equip 3 at a time due to limited accessory slots.

  • You start the game with 4 rings and unlock the 5th one after your pet wolf, Torgal, can enter combat.

  • The best combat rings are the Ring of Timely Strikes and Ring of Timely Evasion.

  1. Ring of Timely Strikes lets you automatically perform combos by just pressing the Square button.
  2. Ring of Timely Evasion makes you automatically dodge all attacks which can be dodged.
  3. Ring of Timely Focus slows down time, making it easier to manually dodge.
  4. Ring of Timely Healing automatically heals you using a potion when your HP is below a certain threshold.
  5. Ring of Timely Assistance removes your control from Torgal and lets the Game A.I. manage it.

  • There is a divide among the community regarding using these Rings. Some players say it’s bad design and hand-holding. On the other hand, others like the autonomy and choice to play however they want.

Best FF16 Rings

Here is a summary table for the Best Rings in Final Fantasy 16:

No.Ring NameEffect
1Ring Of Timely StrikesComplex ability combinations can be executed by simply pressing Square
2Ring Of Timely EvasionClive will automatically evade attacks, as long as the attack can be evaded
3Ring Of Timely FocusTime slows before an evadable enemy attack strikes Clive
4Ring Of Timely HealingClive will automatically use a potion when his HP falls below a certain point
5Ring Of Timely AssistanceThe Ring of Time Assistance takes control of your pet wolf, Torgal, so you only have to focus on your combat instead of managing both.

Ring of Timely Healing in the Gear & Eikons Menu (Captured by VeryAli Gaming)

Ring Locations

Gear & Eikons Menu Description (Captured by VeryAli Gaming)

There are a total of 5 rings, out of which you can obtain 4 at the start of the game. You can access all of them from the Gear & Eikons Menu under the Accessories Tab. Here is a list of all 4 Rings you get at the beginning of the game.

  1. Ring of Timely Strikes
  2. Ring of Timely Evasion
  3. Ring of Timely Focus
  4. Ring of Timely Healing

You get the 5th Ring which is the Ring of Timely Assistance after your pet wolf, Torgal, can assist you in fights.

Best Rings Detailed

Final Fantasy 16 Best Rings
Best to Worst Rings (Captured by us)

Ring Of Timely Strikes

If you enjoy executing stylish and complex combos like Dante from Devil May Cry 5, consider the Ring of Timely Strikes. Here’s what it does:

  1. Automatic Combo Execution: This ring transforms your attacks into precisely executed combos, eliminating the need to manually choose combo finishers.

  2. Ease of Use: Simply press the Square button to unleash impressive combos effortlessly.

Ring Of Timely Evasion

The Ring of Timely Evasion offers a contrasting but equally impressive gameplay experience. Here’s what it does:

  1. Effortless Dodging: This ring turns you into a master of evasion, akin to Vergil from Devil May Cry 5. It allows you to easily dodge attacks with calm and precise movements.

  2. Combo Potential: When combined with the Ring of Timely Strikes, you become a formidable force in the game, effortlessly executing combos while dodging attacks.

  3. Description Allusion: The ring’s description hints at the need for lightning-quick reflexes and razor-sharp focus, making you akin to a puma with impeccable reflexes.

  4. Automatic Evasion: With this ring equipped, Clive will automatically evade attacks, provided that it’s possible to dodge them.

Ring Of Timely Focus

The remaining 3 rings offer more quality-of-life features than the first 2 rings rather than being overpowered. Choosing these rings allows players to enjoy the game while experiencing a sense of accomplishment instead of feeling empty due to excessive power.

The Ring of Timely Focus is an alternative to the Ring of Timely Evasion which, instead of automatically dodging for you, makes time slower. Hence, you have more time to decide and input where you end up manually dodging. It makes it easier to stay alive, just as the description says.

“Clearly, the darkest of arts were employed in this ring‘s forging. Yet no matter its infernal providence, it does effectively slow time, and that can prove very handy in staying alive.”

However, you should never wear this with the Ring of Timely Evasion as it will provide no effect and waste an Accessory slot.

“When equipped, time slows before an evadable enemy attack strikes Clive. No effect when equipped with the ring of timely evasion.”

Ring Of Timely Healing

When playing a game like Final Fantasy 16, where you have to manage a myriad of things and look out for attacks from multiple enemies, sometimes you forget. The creator of the Ring of Timely Healing also had this problem, as you can see from the item description.

“There once was a hapless battlemage who oft found himself on the losing end of duels, for, in the heat of combat, he would forget to use the healing potions he carried with him. Fed up, he enchanted a ring to remind him to do just that. As he was a better mage than a swordsman, the ring worked. It worked so well, in fact, that he could rarely even recall raising a vial to his lips.”

This eliminates your having to manage your health as you automatically use a potion and heal your HP under the management of the ring. Also, you don’t need to worry about rarer potions being used first as the description mentions the ring being smart about consuming potions.

“When equipped, Clive will automatically use a potion when his HP falls below a certain point. Potions will be used before high potions.”

Ring Of Timely Assistance

For the final ring in the list, I’ll use my final analogy. If you remember V from Devil May Cry 5 you can remember having to constantly spam 2 buttons so that your 2 pets do damage to a horde of enemies whilst you stand to the side. However, in Final Fantasy 16, you don’t get to stand to the side but must also engage in combat.

The Ring of Time Assistance takes control of your pet wolf, Torgal, so you only have to focus on your combat instead of managing both. Torgal is loyal to you. However, he is also a free spirit, just like the description says.

“Though a fiercely loyal companion, Torgal is also a free spirit who will tear out the heart of any man, woman, or behemoth he deems a threat. To see that he only tears out the hearts of those Clive has specifically deemed threats, he‘ll need a sign. Preferably from Clive’s finger.”

What’s better is that your attacks will synergize with Torgal, so you don’t have to worry about your pet wolf defending itself in a corner when you’re trying to launch a devastating attack and kill your enemies as fast as possible.

“When equipped, pet commands are executed automatically and Torgal’s actions will adapt to Clive’s. The Ring of Timely Assistance’s effects are included in the Ring of Timely Strikes.”

There are 2 categories of the Best Rings. When it comes to combat, it’s the Ring of Timely Strikes and Ring of Timely Evasion. However, it’s the Ring of Timely Assistance for quality of life.

Community Reception

Some players find the introduction of rings to be a mistake that makes the game too easy by providing soo many handicaps that you don’t have to learn how to get better at the game. However, other people are optimistic about rings and equate them to having more autonomy when playing and enjoying a game.

Furthermore, there are no traditional difficulty settings in Final Fantasy 16 which makes the idea of Rings more appealing. To make the game easier, mix and match Rings into your Accessory Slots

That wraps it up for my list of the Best Rings. If you enjoyed this guide, please be sure to check out the rest of our Final Fantasy 16 coverage.

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