FF16 Blacksmiths Blues Quests [All Parts]

Here's all you need to know about the final fantasy 16 blacksmiths blues side quest and it's rewards.

final fantasy 16 blacksmiths blues

The Blacksmiths Blues side quest is divided into four parts and, as the name suggests, makes up the reasoning for why the Blacksmith seems down. As there are four parts to this, let’s go through each individually so you can understand them better.

Key Takeaways

  • The Blacksmith Blues is a side quest with four parts.
  • The main theme of the side quests revolves around August asking Clive for help for Blackthorne. 
  • Finishing the quests provides you with numerous materials and items that can be useful later in the game.
final fantasy 16 odin eikon
FF XVI Eikon | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Blacksmiths Blue I

Objective: Talk to August and learn about Blackthorne’s unusual behavior. Help Blackthorne cheer up.

  1. Speak to August in August to learn about Blackthorne’s behavior.
  2. Talk to Blackthorne.
  3. Interact with Charon nearby.
  4. Visit the Hunt Board and find a griffin sighting quest near Caer Norvent West Gate.
  5. Defeat the griffin at Caer Norvent River Gate.
    • Rewards: 8,500 Gil, 650 EXP, 55 Ability Points, 20 Renown, 1 Scarletite, 1 Meteorite.
  6. Trigger a cutscene near the griffin.
  7. Interact with a man hiding in the bushes.
  8. Return to the hideaway and talk to Blackthorne.
    • Rewards: 250 EXP, 10 Renown, 1x Drakeslayer’s Belt Design Draft.

Blacksmiths Blue II

final fantasy 16 blacksmiths blues otto
Talk with Otto | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Objective: Assist August in returning Blackthorne, the Blacksmith, to normal.

  1. Clive receives a letter from August asking for help with Blackthorne.
  2. Talk to Blackthorne.
  3. Find Charon and have a conversation with him.
  4. Fast travel to Dalimil Inn using the world map.
  5. Enter the inn through the front door and go upstairs for a cutscene.
  6. Head towards the Velkroy Desert to continue the quest.

Look at your marker and follow it to come across a group of bandits.  Defeat the Bandits to get the following rewards: 

  • 436 gil
  • 280 EXP
  • 96 Ability Points
  • 34 Steelsilk
  • 1 Black Blood

Afterward, make your way back to the hideaway and talk with Blackthorne again to conclude the quest and get the following rewards:

  • 900 EXP
  • 30 Renown
  • 1 Excalibur Design Draft
  • 1 Meteorite

Blacksmiths Blue III

final fantasy 16 balcksmiths blues
FF XVI Blacksmith’s Blues III | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Objective: Investigate the cause of Blackthorne’s concerns and find a desert salamander.

  1. Accept the quest to help Blackthorne starting in August.
  2. Interact with Blackthorne.
  3. Use the world map to travel to Tabor and follow the marker.
  4. Trigger a cutscene at the marker location.
  5. Follow the new marker to find Zoltan, triggering another cutscene.
  6. Return to Blackthorne and talk to him.
  7. Use the marker to locate and defeat a desert salamander.
    • Rewards: 300 Gil, 200 EXP, 80 Ability Points, 1 Salamander Skin, 1 Dragon Talon.
  8. Go to Dravozd and talk to Blackthorne for a cutscene.
  9. Return to the Hideaway and interact with Blackthorne to conclude the quest.
    • Rewards: 900 EXP, 100 Bloody Hide, 35 Renown, 1 Ouroboros Design Draft.

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Blacksmiths Blues IV

Objective: Help save Dravozd Village from an Akashic Invasion.

  1. Head to Dravozd, Blackthorne’s hometown.
  2. Find August in the village and talk to him to trigger a cutscene.
  3. Speak with August again and continue down the path.
  4. Battle waves of Akashic enemies and defeat a chimera mini-boss.
    • Rewards: 1,300 EXP, 960 Gil, 240 Ability Points, 25 Magicked Ash, 25 Sharp Fang, 25 Bloody Hide, 1 Meteorite.
  5. Watch another cutscene after the battle.
  6. Find Zoltan and talk to him.
  7. Return to the hideaway and interact with Blackthorne to conclude the quest.
    • Rewards: 4,800 EXP, 50 Renown, 1 Gotterdammerung Design Draft, 1 Ragnarök.

My Experience With Blacksmith Blues Questline

This marks the end of all the Blacksmith Blues side quests in Final Fantasy 16. These side quests are good to do as they are quite short and provide some useful materials and items that you can use to strengthen your arsenal and become even stronger in the late game.

Furthermore, they help you learn more about the game and its characters and allow you to integrate into them fully.

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