Final Fantasy 16: Bomb King Location

Learn how to Conquer the Blazing Realm hunt Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16 and what rewards it has to offer.

Bomb King Final Fantasy 16
Discover the Bomb King's Hunt location and conquer this formidable foe in Final Fantasy 16.

Bomb king is a notorious hunt that you encounter in Blazing Realm. With my guide, you can learn his exact location and how to beat him to earn rewards in Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways

  • Bomb King is a notorious hunt, who, once defeated, grants you crafting materials for the Excalibur.
  • To find him, you must head to The Imperial Chase in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, head North to find The Crock, and locate the Bomb King in the fallen ruins.
  • Utilize strategic maneuvers and Eikonic ability, Heatwave, to gain an advantage in the battle against Bomb King.
  • Stay vigilant about timing and positioning to avoid stepping on fiery areas during the Bomb King’s devastating explosion.
  • The Bomb King is immune to stagger effects, so focus on exploiting weaknesses and recognizing attack patterns.

Bomb King Hunt Location 

Bomb King Hunt Location
Bomb King Hunt Location in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming)

Before going forward with the hunt, I recommend completing the main quests of Letting off Steam three, which are integral to completing Out of the Shadows. Only after completing these prerequisites will you be able to acquire a crucial ingredient from the Bomb King.

The Bomb King, a blazing ball with detonating powers, awaits elimination and is a particularly explosive and renowned B-rank Notorious Mark. The Bomb King plays an essential role in crafting the legendary Excalibur sword.


  1. Utilize the Hunt Board to pinpoint the whereabouts of the Bomb King.
  2. Engage in conversation with Nektar the Moogle to prompt The Bomb King’s notice to appear.
  3. Proceed towards The Dragon’s Aery and venture westward until you encounter a wall adorned with stone bricks and a damaged metal gate.
  4. Persist in your journey until you reach The Imperial Chase, situated within the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.
  5. To the North of Imperial Chase, the Bomb King can be located in The Crock area.
  6. Continue to the fallen ruins, where you shall encounter the Bomb King.


Once you have completed the mission, you will get the following rewards:

  • 65 Ability Points 
  • 9000 Gil, an in-game currency: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this resource, as it is of great importance as it enables you to become a formidable competitor in the game and helps you to get additional ingredients.
  • 20 Renown
  • 1150  XP
  • Bomb Ember

The Bomb Ember stands as a scarce item bestowed upon the defeat of the Bomb King. This coveted element is essential to forge the powerful Excalibur weapon and the Grimalkin Hide, which boasts remarkable statistics worth preserving. So make sure that you pick up after defeating Bomb King.

Tips & Tricks

The Bomb King in FF16.
The Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16 (image credit: VeryAli Gaming)

To triumph in this encounter, comprehending certain mechanics is crucial.

Bomb King Coronation

When confronting the Bomb King, you will encounter a rival with similar yet significantly more potent skills. To counter his assaults effectively, possessing the capability of Coronation is essential, as it involves a mighty fireball that can leave a lasting blaze.

  1. The challenge lies in the lingering aftermath of the explosion, which creates a dangerous fiery AOF ( Area Of Effect) spot on the ground.
  2. The Bomb King can launch a substantial fiery bomb tossed directly at the player.
  3. You must swiftly move away from the impacted area and exercise caution before jumping back into action.

Effectively harnessing the power of the Eikon ability, Heatwave, can potentially mark a pivotal moment in the battle, significantly tilting the odds in your favor. It helps you retaliate against the King by efficiently absorbing his magical attacks.

Self-Destructing Minions

This action surpasses a mere additional phase in the battle; it seamlessly transitions into a formidable tactic known as “King’s Justice.” Weak versions of the Bomb King will intermittently spawn alongside him during the encounter.

  1. Avoid proximity to these minions to avoid getting caught in their blast radius upon self-destruction.
  2. Utilizing long-range abilities will enable you to withstand them for a long time, and you will significantly deplete their health.
  3. Moreover, it’s important to avoid attacking these minions as they are programmed to self-destruct; attacking them will only distract you and cause a substantial loss of power.

Abilities like Phoenix can offer extreme advantages, enabling you to quickly get back into action after skillfully evading attacks through Precise Dodging.

Timing And Positioning

In the realm of strategic gameplay, it is a critical maneuver to remain vigilant about timing and positioning yourself in such a way that you avoid stepping on the fiery areas.

  • The devastating explosion, unleashed during this move, possesses the potential to inflict substantial damage upon you, ensnaring you within its blast radius. 
  • Moreover, observe its attack sequences, identify recurring patterns, and understand the timing of each attack by recognizing its telegraphed moves.

Spot weaknesses in the Bomb King’s defense, such as exposed areas or temporary defense drops. Be patient and wait for opportune moments to strike, utilizing Extreme Lunge to gain an advantage.

The Bomb King’s Immunity To Stagger Effects

The absence of a Will Gauge in the Bomb King prevents him from being staggered, eliminating the possibility of disrupting his movements. Consequently, abilities with a significant stagger rating will exhibit diminished effectiveness during the encounter.

Don’t Forget To Collect The Ash

Collect the Bomb Ash remaining in the arena, and upon returning to Owain, you will be rewarded with a Treated Potion Satchel and one Black Blood.

My Experience With Bomb King

Defeating the powerful Bomb King is crucial for players to unlock valuable rewards and shape their in-game destiny. During my experience, the battle demands strategic thinking, adaptability, and seizing opportunities amidst the chaos, employing various tactics to reveal and exploit the boss’s weaknesses. But that should not be the case with you especially if you incorporate my tested tips and tricks. 

Upon emerging victorious in the epic battle against the Bomb King, players will also gain access to valuable knowledge and guidance on getting Knight of the Splendent Heart and embarking on the challenging Blacksmith Blues 2 quest.

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