Final Fantasy 16: Breaker of Worlds Guide

Here we will cover who is Breaker of Worlds and how can we find and defeat him.

Final Fantasy 16: Breaker of Worlds

Breaker of Worlds, or Atlas, is one of the toughest hunts you will face in Final Fantasy 16. My guide will include all the techniques and strategies to defeat him, so let’s learn about Atlas without further waiting!

Key Takeaways

  • The Breaker of World is meant to be defeated as they drop valuable loot.
  • Each hunt can be unlocked from the hunt board as a side quest.
  • Atlas can be witnessed in the main quest, “Out of the Shadow.”
  • I strongly recommend pushing your character to the maximum level and bringing high-level gear before dropping into the battle with the hunt.
  • In Rosaria, visit an abandoned town in Cressida and travel to the East of Martha’s Rest.
  • Follow a thin road that will lead you to the desired opponent.
  • Keep a defensive mindset during the battle so you learn about Atlas’ attacks and prepare relative counters.

first time standing in front of breaker of worlds
First, look at the Breaker of Worlds | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Players must defeat this level 45 Notorious Mark with strong efforts and combat techniques. Although you may fail in the first couple of tries, there is still a chance of improving in combat.


map location of the hunt
The exact location of where Atlas will be | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

To find Atlas, also known as the Breaker of Worlds, follow these steps:

  1. Location:
    • Atlas is located in the abandoned town of Cressida, which can be found east of Martha’s Rest in Rosaria.
  2. Main Story Quest:
    • You will first encounter Cressida during your 44th main story quest, “Out of the Shadow.”
    • This quest is part of the main storyline and is impossible to miss. Check Clive’s quest log if you’re unsure if you’ve reached this point in the story.
  3. Unlocking Hunt Board:
    • You will eventually unlock the hunt board as you progress through your story quests.
  4. Hunt Board Sub-Quests:
    • Once the hunt board is available, you can pick up various sub-quests related to Notorious Marks.
  5. Search for Atlas:
    • Look for a quest on the hunt board associated with the Breaker of Worlds, Atlas.
  6. Finding Atlas:
    • Follow the side mission’s instructions, which will guide you to locate an S-rank opponent, Atlas.
  7. Cressida Location:
    • Inside Cressida, follow the path that leads to a large circular area.
  8. Encounter with Atlas:
    • The Breaker of Worlds, Atlas, is waiting for your arrival in this circular area.
  9. Identification:
    • As you get closer, the game will initiate an animation that classifies Atlas as the Notorious Mark and mentions his name.

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Attacking Moves

in combat with the breaker of worlds
On the battlefield | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Knowing your enemy’s attacking moves is crucial to prepare mentally for the battle against the Breaker of Worlds. Atlas has a variety of moves that he can use randomly during the battle. Here are some common moves to be aware of and their counters:

  1. Powerful Punches: Atlas can deliver powerful punches with significant damage at close range. To counter this, maintain a safe distance from him and avoid getting too close.
  2. Damaging Roar Attack: This attack can curse Clive when it is within its area of effect and cause great damage. To counter it, stay out of the area where the roar is active, and be prepared to heal or remove curses as needed.
  3. Gigantic Sword Swing: Atlas can swing his gigantic sword, dealing massive damage. Avoiding this attack is crucial, so be ready to dodge or block when he initiates the swing. Timing is key to avoiding damage.
  4. Energy Attacks: Atlas also has energy-based attacks that can be detrimental to your health if caught in them. Keep an eye on his energy attack animations and move away from the affected area to avoid taking damage.

My Tip: These attacks can be unleashed without warning, so it’s essential to anticipate them and be prepared to react accordingly. 

My Tested Strategy

The game lets players revolve around countless attacks so they can invest in them and invent their counters if needed. Some of them can be very efficient against Breaker of Worlds, which is worth mentioning.

Players must have high-level upgraded gear and equipment before taking on the Breaker of Worlds.

  1. Titanic Block:
    • Prioritize the “Titanic Block” ability during the battle. Blocking Atlas’ attacks is crucial, especially when dodging becomes challenging. Use this ability to negate enemy attacks and prepare for counterattacks to deal significant damage.
  2. Eikonic Strikes:
    • “Eikonic Strikes” are effective against Atlas, particularly during his slower attacks. Take advantage of the windows of opportunity to launch these powerful strikes.
  3. Perfectly Timed Dodges:
    • When Atlas’s health drops below half, he will unleash powerful sword swings that must be dodged to survive. Attempting to evade these attacks is not viable, so focus on perfectly timed dodges to avoid them.
  4. Prioritize Defense:
    • Start the battle with a defensive mindset to learn Atlas’s attack patterns and prepare counterattacks. Focus on dodging attacks to ensure your survival.

If you successfully defeat Atlas, you will receive various rewards:

  • XP Points: 15,000
  • Gil: 20,000
  • Ability Points: 120
  • Renown: 50
  • Fallen Iron: 1
  • Orichalcum: 1
rewards for winning the battle
These rewards are given at the end of the battle | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Ensure to unlock the hunt board as it is the only way to access Notorious Marks. Wait until you are at a higher level with upgraded abilities so they can be more effective against Atlas.

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