Final Fantasy 16 Cait Sith Charm [Everything To Know]

This Final Fantasy 16 guide will cover everything about the Cait Sith Charm, including what it is, where to find it, and how to use it.

Final Fantasy 16 Cait Sith Charm

The Cait Sith Charm is one of the many Accessories in Final Fantasy 16. However, this accessory can only be unlocked if you pre-ordered the game. In this guide, we’ll cover what the Cait Sith Charm is, where to redeem it, its uses, and its alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • Cait Sith Charm In FF16 is an Accessory you can equip to get 25% more Gil. It is a reference to Cait Sith, who is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy series.
  • The Cait Sith Charm is a pre-order bonus that can’t be obtained in any other way except by pre-ordering the game.
  • The Scholar’s Spectacles and Braveheart are the other 2 pre-order bonuses.
  • You can redeem the pre-order bonuses from the Main Menu > System Tab > Redeemable Items Tab after completing the main story quest, A Chance Encounter.
  • The Alternative to the Caith Sith Charm is The Golden Testament Accessory for 35% extra Gil.

What Is The Cait Sith Charm

Cait Sith Charm (Captured by us)

The Cait Sith Charm is an Accessory you can equip to get 25% more Gil from each enemy you kill. It is a pre-order bonus item; hence, it is impossible to obtain it except if you had pre-ordered the game. Furthermore, it references one of the recurring characters in the Final Fantasy series, Cait Sith.

Cait Sith is an anthropomorphic black cat wearing white gloves, brown boots, and a red cape. For the cherry on top, he wears a golden crown. In the previous installments in the Final Fantasy series, he has appeared as an ally, enemy, and even a summoned monster. He’s based on a fairy creature from Celtic Mythology.

Thankfully in Final Fantasy 16, he or at least his accessory comes to our aid. The Cait Sith Charm is a good luck charm, as indicated by its item description.

A good-luck charm modeled after the front foot of the mythical “Cait Sith,” a cat with a pelt of spun gold, whose claws rake in treasure from the very earth. The legend likely originates in apocryphal tales of the common Valisthean coeurl—what with the rich, golden gloss of the creature’s coat and its distinctive habit of pawing at the ground before striking at its prey.”

Redeem Cait Sith Charm

Getting the Cait Sith Charm is only possible by pre-ordering the game. However, if you pre-order Final Fantasy 16, redeeming the Cait Sith Charm and other pre-order bonuses is simple. We’ve detailed all the steps below. It should be noted that these steps are for Physical copies. If you own a Digital copy, then start from Step 4.

  1. Find the Pre-order code for your copy. It could be inside the game box or in your email inbox.
  2. Head to the Playstation Store.
  3. Input the Code.
  4. Complete the main story quest, A Chance Encounter.
  5. Open the Main Menu.
  6. Switch to the System Tab.
  7. Switch to the Redeemable Items Tab.
  8. Select the Item(s) you wish to redeem.

Cait Sith Charm Alternatives

The Golden Testament (Captured by us)

Fortunately, there is an alternative to the Cait Sith Charm if you want to grind a lot of Gil. However, it isn’t available until much later in the game after finishing the main quest, Cid the Outlaw. The alternative accessory is The Golden Testament which increases the amount of Gil received by 35%. This makes it even better than the Cait Sith Charm for mid-late game grinding.

Other Pre-Order Bonuses

Scholar’s Spectacles & Braveheart (Captured by us)

Including the Cait Sith Charm, there are 3 Pre-order bonuses in Final Fantasy 16. We will cover the other 2 below.

Scholar’s Spectacles

The Scholar’s Spectacles increase the Experience you earn from killing enemies by 10%. This is helpful when starting, as the only alternative to this is the On Fortune and the Heavens Accessory, which isn’t available until much later in the game. As the description mentions, these spectacles highlight that the increased Experience comes from a more transparent worldview.

“Some scholars wear spectacles as a crutch for clouded eyes, overstrained by a lifetime of poring over close-writ tomes by lamplight. Others strain not to see but wear them any way that they might witness the truth of the world in even sharper detail and learn from it.”



The Brave Heart is a recurring sword in the Final Fantasy series. It has an Attack and Stagger of 130, making it very good for the early game. However, it soon falls behind once you get the Stormcry. Moreover, it isn’t the best sword in the game, so don’t worry if you don’t have it. Its merit isn’t its combat capability but its iconic nature, as made clear by the item description.

“Taking up this ancient hooked longsword in one’s hands invokes strange yet familiar images of four nameless warriors who embark on a perilous journey to save the realm.”

To Conclude

That should cover all you need about the Cait Sith Charm and other Pre-order bonuses in Final Fantasy 16. If you want to find the best accessories, weapons, and grinding spots in the game, then be sure to check out our other Final Fantasy 16 guides.

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