Final Fantasy 16 Characters [Definitive Guide]

A complete guide about Final Fantasy 16 Characters, including their skills, abilities, and narrative and how they influence each other.

Final Fantasy 16 Characters
Final Fantasy 16 Characters.

Final Fantasy 16 has some of the best narratives as well as characters that grant you an unforgettable experience. Who are these characters, and what value do they add to your journey? Let’s find out!

Key Highlights

  • Characters in Final Fantasy 16 come with different stories and backgrounds, and they are links between one another, which makes FFXVI’s story breathtaking.
  • Story is more focused towards the main protagonist, Clive, and the rest are companions of his throughout the journey.
  • Each character has been explained in detail for you to understand their role in the game.

Clive Rosfield

Clive (Captured By Us)

Clive is the main character and protagonist in Final Fantasy 16, and what makes him a dominant figure is that he is the firstborn of the Archduke of Rosaria. Being the firstborn child comes with a lot of responsibilities and expectations,

And all eyes are on him that he may inherit the phoenix, Ekion of fire. But things don’t go that way, and his brother becomes the dominant for it, which allows Clive to explore a new path. He ends up mastering the blade and sword and,

Wins the tournament at a very young age which makes him the First Shield of Rosaria. And he has to fulfill the objective of protecting the Phoenix. He also becomes able to use the part of Phoenix fire by attaining the title of “Blade of Phoenix.

Clive’s destiny changes due to the battle between the Ekions, and he aims to take revenge. So considering this, his journey takes a new path. Clive comes across a variety of characters, including friends and foes. Moreover, interaction and encounters with Ekions grant him many valuable abilities,

And through them, his sword attacks get distinct properties. Besides the elemental abilities, he can also learn the magical abilities, the offensive ones, and by using them correctly, he can deal amazing damage to the enemies. The voice actor for Clive Rosfield is Ben Starr.

Joshua Rosfield

Joshua (Captured By Us)

Joshua is Clive’s younger brother and second-born Archduke of Rosaria. Joshua is the one who awakens as the Dominant instead of Clive. His life choices and journey is influenced by his inheritance.

While growing up, he develops an amazing bond with Clive, Jill Warrick, and Duchy’s Ward. The role of Joshua is quite important in Final Fantasy 16 as he holds great powers and has impressive abilities making him a challenging player.

He adores the flora, and the flower portrays the kind of personality and attributes he has, and despite being a younger member, he is in a significant position that has a big impact on everything. The voice actor for Joshua Rosfield is Logan Hannan.

Jill Warrick

Jill (Captured By Us)

Jill is the female character in Final Fantasy 16 who plays the central role and belongs to the royal and notable family. She grows up along with Joshua and Clive and is seen as a significant member of the family. Jill’s fate also takes a turn,

And she gets separated from her family, which changes a lot of things for her. She awakens as Shiva’s dominant and becomes a defender of the Iron Kingdom. Her bond and relationship with Clive influence the narrative and the events that happen throughout the game.

She has an amazing set of powers and abilities that make her the dominant figure in the game. The actors behind Jill’s voice are Susannah Fielding and Charlotte McBurney.


Torgal (Captured By Us)

In Final Fantasy 16, Torgal is one of the irresistible characters, and it appears to be the wolf who also becomes part of the Rosfield household. He is picked up from the North side as he was found alone there and then gifted to the sons by their father.

It develops a beautiful connection with Clive and Joshua, but due to the Night of Flames, Torgal gets separated from them. But fate goes in favour of Torgal and its owner as it gets to reunite with Clive after 10 years, and with the same compassion for his master,

Torgal continues its journey with Clive. It proves to be a handy companion and assists in combats and also provides guidance for directions when needed. Torgal possesses immense powers and agility that enable him to be a great assistant during fights.

This character represents the qualities like Loyalty, reliability, and vigor, which players also get to experience while playing.

Hugo Kupka

Hugo (Captured By Us)

So here we go with our leading protagonist, Hugo Kupka. He was a soldier in the Dhalmekian Republican Army but had no popularity, but as he became dominant in Ekion, his worth increased, and he got a notable position.

Afterward, he started using his powers to influence the activities around himself or in his territory and achieved a significant role in Dhalmekian politics. By doing all this, he accumulated an ample amount of wealth And became the Economic adviser who plays an essential role in decision-making. Whatever decisions he makes influences the story of Final Fantasy 16 and all other events. Apart from this, players also get to see the relationship between Hugo and Benedikta,

Which makes the storyline more interesting. Hugo is more of a tactical or strategic person, which shows what kind of a character he is, and the vice actor of this character is Alex Lanipekun.

Cidolfus Telamon

Cid (Captured By Us)

Cid is a formidable character, and he has turned into an outlaw, a skilled one, and appears as a powerful companion of Clive. He has a rebellious nature and uses lightning abilities, and possesses the powers of Ramuh.

His past is more like a mystery, and he used to be a soldier in the Royal Waloeder Army and also had some connection with the enemies like Benedikta Harman. He gave up being a soldier and started looking forward to, finding a way to survive in deadlands where people like him, that are considered heretics, can find refuge. While progressing through the game, Clive meets Cid, and they get to know each other, and he shows his Hideaway to Clive.

At this place, many activities take place as players get to do a number of tasks there. The actor that brings life to the Cid character is Ralph Ineson.

Benedikta Harman

Benedikta (Captured By Us)

Another female character we have in Final Fantasy 16 is Benedikta Harman, and she plays a crucial role in the story. She is more of a cold-hearted person and is dominant in Garuda. She is considered the formidable adversary and has impressive sword skills,

And being Waloed’s commander, she commands the intelligencers. Benedikta got excellent combat skills, and we also get to see the reflection of her Ekion in her armor which depicts her power of the wind.

She has a leading personality and is more of a tactical person. While on a mission, she also encounters Clive, where she gets to confront her past forcefully. The voice actor for Benedikta Harman is Nina Yndis.

Dion Lesage

Dion (Captured By Us)

The crown prince of Sanbreque is the dominant of Bahamut, and apart from this, the Dragoons are under his leadership. Dion is known and praised for his strength, gallantry, and army campaigns that have been carried out successfully.

His belongingness to the noble family enables him to hold a formidable position in the story, and he is potent enough that he has won many battles, and by doing so, he has gained so much respect from the masses.

The role we get to see him playing is kind of heroic and shows his valor. Dion’s story and journey also have many exciting twists and turns. Stewart Clarke is behind the Dion’s voice.

Barnabus Tharmr

Barnabas (Captured By Us)

Barnabus is perfect in using the sword and is the dominant of Odin. We can get the idea of his power through the fact that he rules over all eastern territories. He used to be a wanderer and didn’t belong to a noble or royal family, but with his mastering of the blade,

He gained the win and got a kingdom under his authority. However, some beastmen, the local ones, disapproved of his rule, and they became rebellious, but with his power of Odin, he took care of such individuals and their activities, and this eventually brought the eastern continent under his rule. Barnabus has thrilling nature, and he has significant aims and broader ambitions.

Tharmr looks forward to the end of the existing conflicts and to formulating a new order by uniting all dominants. Many assumptions have been made regarding the Barnabus and Clive relationship, and some say that they are related by blood. The voice actor for Barnabus Tharmr is David Menkin.

That’s About It

That’s it guys, We have covered for you all the main characters in Final Fantasy 16 so you can understand them better and know which character has what role in the game and what value they add in your journey. Even though Clive is the hero of the show but even he needs companions at his side. FFXVI took a different approach this time by not letting players to switch between characters much, but personal opinion, it’s somewhat of a good and refreshing approach. It helps you build a much stronger bond with Clive and learn more about other characters at your own pace. 

If you guys are loving our Final Fantasy 16 guides and want us to keep making such content for you, then do share it with your friends and families, and we will be back with some amazing new coverages for you. In the meantime, you can also take a look at our recent coverages of FF16. 

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