Final Fantasy 16: Cut From The Cloth Choices

Here we'll be going over the quest in Final Fantasy 16 Cut From the Cloth Choices and all the objectives it has to offer.

Final Fantasy 16 Cut From the Same Cloth Choices.

The Quest cut from the same cloth is a quest with a bit of a twist where in the beginning, Clive Starts off in the hideout and is tasked with some objectives. What those objectives are and where they lead to let’s find it!

Key Takeaways

  • The Quest Cut From the Cloth in FF16 is an optional side quest that players can access progressing the main story.
  • Quest can be initiated by visiting Hortense at the hideaway.
  • The quest instruction is to get two bolts of cloth for the two branded girls at the hideout
  • To get the bolts head to the Draper in northreach and commence a dialogue.
  • There will be complications that will prevent the player from getting the bolts right there and then which will lead to an altercation later on in the quest.
  • After the altercation, head to the draper to get the bolts and head back to Hortense, where you’ll finally get the three choices: Black embroidered linen, White continental silk, and Lush red velvet

The Quest

The quest begins at the Hideaway by visiting Hortense, keeper of the stores, who is with two girls. she asks to get one red bolt and one blue bolt of cloth for clothes for the two girls. The two girls are a pair of branded and they need someone not branded to go get these for them.

Hortense from Final Fantasy 16

Clive will then head to Northreach to speak to the Draper. The player will then hand over the receipt for the bolts but will be informed that the items needed aren’t present with the Draper.

The Draper from Final Fantasy 16

Clive will then need to head to the road to look for the caravan that was carrying the wares. There he will find the owner of the cart and a bandit. The owner of the cart will ask for help which will cause another bandit called killer to emerge from a brush wielding an axe.

Clive will take on the axe wielding foe who fights similarly to other such enemies in the game. After taking care of the killer the other bandit will flee. Clive can return to the Draper to collect the order. As thanks, the draper will offer some extra materials.

Clive can then head back to the Hideaway to report back to Hortense who gets surprised at the extras we’ve brought.


After learning of the story Hortense claims she can put all the materials to good use. Clive then gets asked which one’s the most to his liking where players then get presented with the three options.

  • Black embroidered linen.
  • White continental silk.
  • Lush red velvet.

In my opinion the choices don’t seem to make a difference currently so feel free to pick whatever you like best.

That’s About It

Final Fantasy 16 has a great story line and the players will have a great time playing through it. However, if players do take the time out to enjoy the side quests of this game they’ll find them great as well. Additionally, It is here where players can really connect with the NPCs and the world of Final Fantasy 16.

Anyway, this concludes my guide Final Fantasy 16 Cut from the Cloth Choices. As always I hope you found this guide helpful and I would love to know how you’re enjoying the game so far. For more information about Final Fantasy 16 be sure to check out some of our other guides:

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