Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel [Location & Uses]

Final Fantasy 16 has an abundance of materials like Darksteel. This guide will cover what it is, where to find it, and its uses.

Final Fantasy 16 Darksteel

Darksteel is a material that can be used to craft the best weapon in Final Fantasy 16. This guide will go over where to find it and how to use it, and I will make it all easy and quick for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Players in Final Fantasy 16 use Darksteel as a material for crafting.
  • In Final Fantasy 12, Darksteel classified difficulty levels; in Final Fantasy 14, players could use Darksteel Ore as a crafting material.
  • The Notorious Marks, Thanatos, and the Prince of Death each drop 1 Darksteel.
  • Crafting the best weapon in the game, Gotterdammerung requires using Darksteel.
  • Gotterdammerung with an Attack and Stagger of 375.

What Is Darksteel?

Darksteel (Captured by VeryAli Gaming)

Darksteel has appeared in older Final Fantasy titles under different names and forms. It used to be a classification of marks in Final Fantasy 12. Moreover, it was available for mining as Darksteel Ore in Final Fantasy 14. Darksteel Ore was a crafting material similar to Darksteel in the latest Final Fantasy installment.

One important fact I would like you to keep in mind is that in Final Fantasy 16, Darksteel is a solid metal that can’t be produced artificially, making it relatively scarce. Like other materials that can be used to craft Belts, Vambraces, and Weapons, Darksteel can make a single Weapon. Moreover, this is the best weapon in the game, and its uniqueness is indicated even by its item description.

“Extremely similar to iron, yet darker, harder, and heavier. Whatever fell magicks Ultima employed in its creation, the metal has thus far proven impossible to reproduce.”

Darksteel Location

There are only 2 ways to get Darksteel; both involve Notorious Marks Hunts. Here’s how you should be able to do it:


Hunt Rank Level Location Drops
Usher to the Underworld A 42 Titan’s Wake Darksteel (x1)

After completing the main quest, Brotherhood, you can find Thanatos at Titan’s Wake in The Dhalmekian Republic. The nearest Obelisk to Thanatos is the Kretov Obelisk.

Defeating Thanatos will give you 9000 Experience, 110 Ability Points, and 1 Darksteel. Furthermore, completing his Hunt rewards you with 17000 Gil and 45 Renown.

Prince Of Death

Hunt Rank Level Location Drops
The Grim Reaper A 40 Cape Orsiere Darksteel (x1)

The second way, which I am going to tell you, goes like: You can find the Prince of Death at Cape Orsiere in The Holy Empire of Sanbreque after completing the side quests, Under New Management I and Under New Management II, then talking to Jill at the start of the man quest, Back to Their Origin. The nearest Obelisk to the Prince of Death is the Northreach Obelisk.

Defeating the Prince of Death will give you 8000 EXP, 100 Ability Points, and 1 Darksteel. Furthermore, completing their Hunt rewards you with 15000 Gil and 45 Renown.

Darksteel Uses

Blackthorne, The Blacksmith for all crafting needs (Captured by VeryAli Gaming)

Unfortunately, Darksteel can only be used to craft one piece of gear, a weapon. However, that weapon is Gotterdammerung, the best sword in the game.


Gotterdammerung (Captured by VeryAli Gaming)
Attack Stagger
375 375

“If Ragnarok was forged to mark the war of the gods, then Gotterdammerung—meaning “twilight of the gods”—was forged to mark the fall of those selfsame deities.”

The item description itself tells us how powerful this weapon is. Possessing an Attack and Stagger of 375, it is unparalleled by any other weapon. However, there is one weapon that has almost double the strength of Gotterdammerung, the Ultima Weapon.

The Ultima Weapon has a baffling Attack and Stagger of 700, which can destroy everything in the game. However, it can only be unlocked after finishing the game and starting NG+. Therefore, the Gotterdammerung remains the best weapon for your first Final Fantasy 16 Playthrough. You need the following materials to craft the Gotterdammerung.

Material Quantity
Ragnarok 1
Orichalcum 3
Darksteel 2
Primitive Battlehorn 1

Closing Words

That is everything you need to know about Darksteel in Final Fantasy 16. If you want to find out how to get other materials like Orichalcum for the Gotterdammerung, check out other hunt locations, or learn more about the Ultima Weapon, then check out our other articles.

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