Final Fantasy 16: Dread Comet Hunt & My Strategy

Read our comprehensive guide on locating and confronting the resurgent Red Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16.

Dread Comet Final Fantasy 16
The Dread Comet.

The Dread Comet in Final Fantasy 16 is an aggressive Chocobo, This Hunt gets unlocked after the completion of the Evenfall Quest. Let’s find out how you can locate and beat him to earn rewards.

Key Takeaways

In Final Fantasy 16, the Dread Comet is a formidable Chocobo adversary known for its striking scarlet plumes. Here’s how to encounter and defeat it:

  1. Location: To find the Dread Comet, navigate through The Sickle region in the Dhalmekian Republic.

  2. Vulnerability: Although the Dread Comet is immune to Stagger, exploit its vulnerabilities to interrupt its attacks and gain a strategic advantage.

  3. Combat Strategies: During the battle, watch out for the Chocobo’s close-range physical attacks like Flying Kicks and Pecks. Dodge these by evading sideways and responding to visual cues.

  4. Choco Meteor: Beware of the Dread Comet’s devastating Choco Meteor barrage. Quickly retreat from marked areas to avoid area-of-effect damage.

  5. Rewards: Successfully defeating the Dread Comet in the hunt rewards players with valuable items, including experience points, Gil, Ability Points, Renown, and the crucial Comet Feather required for crafting the Ouroboros Belt.

  6. Victory: Overcome the Dread Comet by refining your battle techniques, staying aware of enemy movements, and utilizing clever tactics to emerge victorious and continue your exciting journey in Final Fantasy 16.

    Dread Comet Encounter Area

    Location of dread comet
    The Location of the Dread Comet (image credit: VeryAli Gaming)

    In Final Fantasy, a renowned and enduring franchise cherished by dedicated fans, the Red Chocobo stands out as a distinctive and captivating creature. This customary feature seamlessly integrates into Final Fantasy 16, showcasing the resurgence of the Chocobo as the dreadful Dread Comet.

    The Dread Comet is a legendary boss encounter located within The Sickle; a region nestled in the Dhalmekian Republic, emanating an aura of power and strength. Its exact whereabouts must be ascertained to confront its awe-inspiring aerial assaults and unleash of devastating meteor strikes, demanding strategic acumen and skill for a triumphant outcome.

    Locating The Dread Comet

    Our quest commences as we identify The Jaw on the map, positioned slightly below the Hideaway. This designated point shall mark our initial location for embarking on the journey.

    1. Utilize the Jaw obelisk near The Jaw for faster travel to your destination.
    2. From The Jaw, proceed straight through the collection of Ancient Structures with ivory-colored bricks.
    3. Continue on this path until you reach an intersection.
    4. At the intersection, turn right to enter The Sickle, marking your transition to a new area in pursuit of the Dread Comet.
    5. Maintain a steady pace as you progress further along the path within The Sickle.
    6. Stay alert to your surroundings as you approach the final encounter.
    7. Look for the right moment to execute another right turn in your path, typically as you near the vicinity of the Dread Comet.
    8. Upon taking the second right turn, you will discover the formidable Dread Comet, positioned between The Sickle and the Fields of Corava

    Strategies To Defeat The Comet

    Fighting the Comet
    Fighting the Dread Comet in Final Fantasy 16 (image credit: VeryAli Gaming)

    The Dread Comet hunt stands out due to its lack of a Will meter, making it immune to Stagger. However, players can exploit its vulnerability to interrupt attacks for strategic advantage. Adapted tactics and a relentless barrage of disruptiveness are key to overcoming this compelling creature.

    Chocobo’s Close Range Physical Attacks

    In the early stages of the battle against the Chocobo, encountering obstacles is unlikely. The Chocobo primarily uses close-range physical attacks such as Flying Kicks, Stamp, and Pecks. To evade these attacks successfully:

    1. Stay Alert: Keep a keen eye on the Chocobo’s movements.

    2. Sideways Dodging: Dodge sideways to avoid its attacks.

    3. Visual Cues: Pay attention to visual cues to time your dodges effectively.

    Counterattacking The Dread Comet

    In the battle against the Dread Comet, it employs swift pecking attacks aimed at the player. To capitalize on counterattacking opportunities:

    1. Agility and Accuracy: Display agility and accuracy by sidestepping during the Comet’s moves.

    2. Exploiting Weakness: Exploit openings created by successful dodges to launch counterattacks from the Chocobo’s side or rear.

    However, be cautious of the imminent meteor assault, which contributes to the boss’s challenging reputation.

    During this thrilling battle, the player deploys Bahamut’s Impulse strategically to counter the Comet’s attacks. Simultaneously, Choco takes flight, preparing for a more powerful assault. By using steadfast Eikon Abilities, the player can protect themselves while gradually wearing down the enemy.

    The Choco Meteor

    Following this, the Dread Comet unleashes a devastating attack called the Choco Meteor barrage. This move involves launching meteor-like projectiles at the player, causing fiery ring explosions upon impact. To handle this attack effectively:

    1. Identify the Ground Mark: Watch for a distinct mark on the ground, indicating where the meteors will strike.

    2. Prioritize Safety: Instead of launching an attack, swiftly retreat from the marked area to minimize risks and avoid the fiery explosions.


    Upon successfully completing the hunt, players will be rewarded with various valuable items. These rewards include:

    • A total of 5,300 Experience points earned.
    • The spoils of the hunt amount to 13000 Gil.
    • Players will gain 90 Ability Points.
    • Grant players 30 Renown.
    • Comet feather: An essential component among the trio of items needed to craft the Ouroboros Belt.

    Wrapping It Up

    In Final Fantasy 16, the encounter with the Dread Comet stands as a testament to the franchise’s enduring legacy. With its thrilling gameplay mechanics, stunning visuals, and challenging battles, players are immersed in a captivating world that rewards their mastery of combat. By staying mindful of enemy movements and being prepared for successive attacks. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey, battling the great Eikons along the way.

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