Final Fantasy 16: Where To Get Electrum + Fight

Here you can learn about the methods to get Electrum in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 How to get Electrum Cover
Final Fantasy 16: How to get Electrum?

Electrum being a scarce material in Final Fantasy 16 to be used in Darkslayer’s Belt, you need to work around and level up before you get it. It is an essential item, so you should definitely look for it.

Key Takeaways

  • Electrum is one of the rarest materials in Final Fantasy 16.
  • It is one of the main ingredients for the Darkslayer’s Belt.
  • The only way to get Electrum is by defeating Severian, a level 31 Notorious Mark.
  • Severian is located inside the Imperial Province of Rosaria, in the Northwest of Martha’s Rest Obelisk.
  • Severian has three attacks that are quite easy to dodge and counter.
  • You can only start this Hunt after completing the Main Quest – After the Storm.

How To Get Electrum?

Electrum is an item whose sole purpose is to be an ingredient for the Darkslayer’s Belt. You can only obtain it from one place by killing the Notorious Mark – Severian. Once killed, the enemy drops this item, and you can pick it up.


Severian Location | Credits: mapgenie
Severian Location | Credits: Map Genie

You can start this hunt once you reach the Main Quest – After the Storm. Go to the Hunt Board and select the quest – Severian Hunt. It is found in North Sorrowise, to the Northwest of Martha’s Rest Obelisk, which is inside the Imperial Province of Rosaria.

You have to wander around in the area for some time, and then the enemy will be spawned there. Start the battle and kill him to get the reward. The gear we suggest for this includes Berserker Ring, which increases the damage after doing a precise dodge.

Severian Battle Strategy

Fighting Severian | Credits: VeryAli Gaming
Fighting Severian | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Severian is a B-Rank Level 31 enemy, and defeating him as per my experience will be a piece of cake only if you stay aware of his attacks. Timing is all that matters – time your dodges and avoid his attacks. Afterward, find an open window and hit him with a hard strike, then repeat.

It has three types of attacks, each having a different area of damage:

  1. Lunge Attack

This strike has immense damage, and if you get hit by this a few times, it will be over for you. The enemy dashes towards you with his sword. It comprises of a single hit, so you can avoid it by dodging quickly sideways.

  1. Circular AoE Attack

It has a wide area of effect, encircling the perimeter of a certain radius around Severian. The attack occurs in two parts:

  • The first one highlights the area in which the attack will affect. Stay out of this circle to avoid any damage.
  • The second one forms a ring in the highlighted area. At this moment, the attack happens, and you can dash forward and make a counter move right after it.
  1. Spinning Sword And Orbs

The third is an AoE attack too, but this works differently than the previous one. Severian’s sword appears in this, and he starts spinning like a windmill while pushing forward. Moreover, he shoots a few Electrical Orbs after he comes to rest; however, they are slow, so that you can dodge them easily.

Additionally, you should have a decent number of potions to keep your stats up in case something goes wrong. Activate the Limit Break immediately to deal massive damage to Severian. You can defeat him even on the first try if you move quickly.


Severian Hunt Board
Severian – Hunt Board | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You get the following rewards for defeating Severian and completing the Hunt:

  • Electrum x1
  • Dragon Talon x1
  • Briar Clam Shell x20
  • Sacrletite x1
  • Gil x8500
  • Renown Points x20

It’s A Wrap Up

In this guide, I discussed the location of the rare item, Electrum of Final Fantasy 16. I also mentioned the strategy guide and tips to fight the enemy Severian to defeat him quickly without taking much damage. You can try out other ways to kill him too, but the key point is to look out for his attacks and dodge accordingly.

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