Final Fantasy 16 Ending [Explained]

Here is the complete explanation of the Final Fantasy 16 ending and the special post credit scene at the end.

Final Fantasy 16 Ending
Final Fantasy 16 Ending

The Final Fantasy 16 ending is full of emotions and action. We have summarized it in best way possible so you can understand it properly. Please be aware that this guide will contain all the SPOILERS related to the ending, so read it at your own risk. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • The Gods wish to make a new world or paradise to live there without fear of any threat like blight. Also, for this, they have to fulfill some demands.
  • To carry out the plan successfully, they create humanity to meet the requirements, but due to certain reasons, they abandoned them.
  • The humans go astray and get their own will and freedom. Besides this, Mythos is produced by a new race.
  • Ultima comes to know that Clive is Mythos, but he doesn’t follow Ultima’s plan
  • Combat between these two takes place, leading to an emotional and sacrificial ending.
  • Joshua and Dion also play significant roles throughout the story.
  • The post-credits scenes are also shown at the end, and there is no secret ending.

New World Formation

New World Formation FFXVI
New World Formation FFXVI | Captured By Us

God creates the magic, and his kin uses it in their favor and get the benefit. But unfortunately, distress also comes along, which is a blight that corrupts everything and becomes extremely threatening enough that Gods try to stop it but fail to do so,

And they appear powerless before it. Somehow the 16 survivors leave this place and move to another world: Valisthea, and they think they can stay peacefully without any menace, but this isn’t the case as blight follows them there as well.

So, they come to a solution: to make another totally new world. And the way to do it is to cast the spell for creating a new world, but there are two major requirements. One is to have a large amount of magical power, and the other is to have a potent vessel that can hold it.

To meet the first demand, gods give up on their physical form, which leads to the formation of enormous Mothercrystals. And the main function of these structures is to take out the Aether flowing through the soil of Valisthea.

And to fulfill the demand of vessels, they create humans or humanity.

Mythos Among Humans

Mythos | Captured By Us

Ultima uses the term Mythos for a human who is capable and proficient in controlling excessive amount of power. Years keep passing, and a time comes when a new race of humans produces Mythos.

And according to the plan, Mythos is supposed to be inhabited by Ultima so that person can use power to cast the spell. But this requires a time of thousand years for the implementation of the whole plan.

Considering this, all gods hibernate themselves and leave the humans unchecked by leaving their godly tasks. Due to this, humanity loses track as no one is there to guide them, and they continue to live in the same manner.

They gain control over their lives and develop a sense of free will. They completely forget about their gods and move forward in life according to themselves. By following their desires, they discover magic and get into conflicts, and eventually, the use of magic brings blight.

So, humanity ends up making the errors same as their gods as Clive and Cid demolish Drake’s Head. Ultima realizes that Clive is Mythos, and he is the one who can be in charge of many Eikons. Then Ultima moves toward the next steps of the plan.

And he ensures that Clive may fight with powerful entities so he may defeat them and take away their Ekions. For this purpose, the god influences Emperor Oliver and King Barnabas. Releasing of gods’ Spirits by destroying the Mothercrystals was also included in Ultima’s strategy.

Now as Clive reaches the maximum power and Ultima is all prepared to eradicate Valisthea, including all humanity, so he and his kin can move to paradise.

Ifrit Risen

Clive summoning Ifrit
Clive summoning Ifrit | Captured By Us

This, Ifrit Risen, is the Mythos’ final stage of transformation, and it is created through the fusion of Phoenix and Ifrit. Joshua comes across the picture of this distinct creature while visiting Gjallarhorn in Waloed, where he sees the complete image of the mural.

The image depicts that the union of Phoenix and Ifrit results in a completely unique and compelling creature. It holds an essential position in Gods’ eyes and all other Eikons admire it. As Ultima created the idea of Mythos, he also anticipated the logos.

Logos is the corrupted form of Mythos and follows its own will instead of the gods’ will. And as we know that how the divine entities abandoned their responsibilities, so this act led to the development of Logos, and that’s what Clive is now as he has his own will.

Another factor that makes Ultima weaker is that humanity stopped believing in him and other gods. Still, on the other hand, Clive gets more robust as his friends have faith in him, and by gaining strength through this, he goes against Ultima’s wishes and starts resisting his plans.

Beginning of battle

The final battle
The Final Battle | Captured By Us

As the Mothercrystals in Waloed get destroyed, Ultima moves to the Twinside city, which is constructed on Origin’s top. Furthermore, he encloses the Origin in a crystal-type thing, and this causes the aether to drain faster.

And eventually, blight begins to spread quickly on the land turning people into dreadful beings. Now Joshua, Dion, and Clive decide to make a combined attack, and each of them uses their powers or abilities.

Dion turns himself into Bahamut, and by putting his life at stake, he takes Joshua and Clive into the crystal of Origin, where three of them utilise their Ekions and cause an explosion. As a result, Dion loses his life, and Clive gets deep injuries,

But Joshua uses the power of his Ekion to heal Clive, which makes him weaker than ever. After this, they both move to the Origin’s core, and Ultima fuses with his kin’s spirits involving the one as well, which Joshua caged earlier, and he does this all to achieve his final form.

He almost gets successful in completing the plan, but the last step is to inhabit Mythos, which we know Clive is never going to let happen.

Ultima’s Defeat

Ultima | Captured By Us

As the battle moves forward, Joshua transfers all the power to his brother, and then Clive encounters Ultima. The combat takes place in three phases, and both of them deal significant damage to each other.

Ultima tries so hard to bring Clive into a state of submission, but in the last, he gets defeated by Clive. Then as he dies, Clive absorbs his power and becomes the Logos. He becomes fully aware of the fact of how devastating magic can be and decides to remove it entirely.

To do so, he destroys the Mothercrystals and sacrifices himself so that future humanity doesn’t have to suffer like people before them. He can be seen lying on the shore while feeling his magic fading away.

Then the scene shifts to Torgal and Jill, who gaze into the sky and witness the bright Metia star. Upon seeing the star, Jill breaks down, and Torgal howls. Jill wishes for Clive to come back as it is believed by folks of Valisthea:

That praying for something while looking at this star makes their wishes come true. Well, we are not clear if Clive is alive or not, but the last scene is complex enough to make clear judgements.

Post-Credits Narrative

Kid Trying To Start A Fire
Kid Trying To Start A Fire | Captured By Us

The post-credits scenes begin with a young boy trying to light up a fire and almost looks like Clive. Also, while doing this activity, he tells her mother that he desires to have the flames of an Ekion. After the conversation ends he goes out to play with his dog and brother.

Final fantasy By Joshua Rosfield
Final fantasy By Joshua Rosfield | Captured By Us

Then the scene shifts to the book: Final Fantasy written by Joshua Rosfield, and it’s like Joshua wrote about the happenings in this book, but now it’s just only seen as a fairytale. One more thing to keep in mind that there are no secret endings in Final Fantasy 16 and only this post credit scene is the last treat you get from the game before it bids you farewell.

We conclude this guide here, and hopefully, the Final Fantasy 16 ending may have been interesting for you. Go through it thoroughly and let us know what idea you get from the ending and what will be the fate of Clive as it left us with many questions.

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