Final Fantasy 16: Fistful of Steel [Trophy Guide]

Fistful of Steel is a bronze achievement that unlocks by executing Steel Counters during battle.

Final Fantasy 16: Fistful of Steel

Fistful of Steel is one of the trophies that players can unlock during a battle when they learn a unique attacking move. It is very useful and can help you survive against tough opponents. Let’s have a deeper look at it.

Key Takeaways

  • Fistful of Steel is a bronze trophy in Final Fantasy 16 that comes at number 31 out of 50.
  • It is a combat achievement that is earned by performing three Steel Counters against an enemy.
  • As a prerequisite to the Fistful of Steel trophy, players must unlock Odin, the seventh Eikon.
  • Completing the “Brotherhood” quest will successfully unlock the Eikon.
  • Ensure you find an enemy with a large health bar, like Bighorn, so it does not run out of health during your trophy hunt.
  • Ring of Timely Evasion should be unequipped as it will restrict you to dodge enemy attacks, not parrying them.
  • Pressing Circle on your controller will switch your sword with Odin’s.
  • Next, spam square before the enemy is about to attack so you can parry it.
  • Repeat the process three times, which will unlock the Fistful of Steel trophy.

Trophy Description

Fistful of Steel is a bronze rarity achievement earned when you perform a specific move multiple times in a fight. It is the 31st trophy out of 50, which players can unlock during a main story quest, “The Last King.” Players are required to execute three Steel Counters in a single battle against any boss.

You can achieve the objective through Eikon abilities which are ideal for performing steel counter. Furthermore, I insist that you ensure you choose a boss with a long health bar so it does not run out during your efforts of executing the Steel Counters. A personal suggestion would be Bighorn, which is located in the fields of Corava near the Jaw Obelisk.

defeat bighorn to unlock fistful of steel trophy
Players can find Bighorn at this location to execute Steel Counters on | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

How To Unlock Fistful Of Steel

There are some straightforward steps that you must follow to unlock the Fistful of Steel Trophy. They are easy to follow and do not include much effort.

Unlocking 7th Eikon

Unlock Odin and his abilities, which are necessary to unlock this achievement. Players can unlock these during the quest, “Brotherhood.” To use the abilities, you must equip them on the Gear & Eikons menu so they are available for use during combat. Furthermore, I advise you should also complete “The Last King” story quest to unlock Arm of Darkness.

odin sword will help you execute steel counter for unlocking fistful of steel trophy
Equip Odin Eikon from this menu | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Ring of Timely Evasion

Your main objective during trophy unlocking is to parry enemy attacks. Equipping Ring of Timely Evasion will force you to dodge the attack instead of parrying it, hence, not fulfilling our objective. Therefore, it is necessary to not equip it when diving into the battle.

Choosing High Health Enemy

As already mentioned, choose a boss with a long health bar like Bighorn, so it stays alive during your three Steel Counters. Some enemies tend to die early when introduced with strong attacks, which will be a waste of your time as you will have to find another monster and repeat the process.

in combat with bighorn
When you have your Odin’s sword, parry enemy attack three times | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Perform The act

Now, you are ready to execute the Steel Counters. When Odin is equipped, pressing the circle on your controllers will swap your current sword with Odin’s sword instead. Moreover, spam squares to initiate defense before the enemy attack. During the spam, if any enemy approaches you with an attack, Clive will parry it and execute a Steel Counter. Repeat this act three times to unlock the Fistful of Steel Trophy.

That is all you need to about unlocking the Fistful of Steel trophy in Final Fantasy 16. I hope that this guide was useful. Ensure to equip Odin and use his sword to spam square and parry enemy attacks. Unlocking this bronze trophy is very straightforward work, which will not take too much time.

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