Final Fantasy 16: Genji Gloves [How To Get]

Genji Gloves are considered one of the best accessories in FF16 that increase damage towards all enemies.

Final Fantasy 16 cover
Final Fantasy 16: Genji Gloves

Genji Gloves are the most powerful accessory item in Final Fantasy 16, . It is easier to find and provides a significant advantage for Clive in combat with any enemy. Due to its strong relation with damage output, these are one of the best accessories of the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Genji Gloves are powerful accessory equipment that enhances weapon damage by 5%.
  • Completing the game once and unlocking the New Game Plus mode, the damage further enhances to 10%
  • Players must finish the “Back to the Origin”quest to unlock Genji Gloves in FF16.
  • To acquire them, you must collect 2,395 Renown.
  • After collecting them, head to the Patron’s Whisper shop in The Hideaway close to the Alliant Reports Stand, where an NPC will deal with you.
  • This shop is specifically for items purchased through Renown.
  • Genji Gloves will appear on your list once you have the amount to buy them.
  • Combine this powerful accessory with other items, such as Master’s Scroll Relic, to defeat Clive‘s opponents efficiently.

Genji Gloves increase damage output by 5% to all types of enemies, unlike other accessories that give a damage boost to specific kinds. Therefore, you must equip them whenever you drop into a tough battle. Furthermore, they can assist you in defeating some S-rank Notorious Marks with ease. 

Note that players must complete the “Back to the Origin” quest, as it will unlock the presence of Genji Gloves in FF16. Moreover, there are only three slots for accessories that Clive can equip at once. Hence, plan out your picks according to the mission or activity you must participate in.

Tips For Using Genji Gloves

After finishing the game once, you will unlock the New Game Plus mode in FF16. A fun fact about Genji Gloves is that the damage boost increases to 10%. Moreover, using them in battle makes combat easier than you think.

While you have them on, you can try different combinations with your weapons that maximize the damage intake of your opponents.

For instance, Genji Gloves allow you to equip two weaponry attachments at once, allowing you to submit two hits to the enemy in a single blow. Combining this with the given damage boost can enhance your combat experience so your enemies suffer.

using genji gloves in combat
Experimenting with Genji Gloves on the Battlefield | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Another helpful combination can be made if you use your Genji Gloves with the Master’s Scroll Relic. This pair will let you strike eight hits on your opponent in succession. Furthermore, applying this technique with any late-game weapon, such as Lightbringer or Ragnarok can hurt your enemies.

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How To Acquire Genji Gloves

visiting patron's whisper to buy genji gloves
Approaching the Patron’s Whisper in The Hideaway | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Powerful accessories like Genji Gloves require more effort if you want them in your inventory. To get them, players are expected to gather 2,365 Renowns. This is a big number as players usually receive a smaller amount from in-game activities.

After you possess 2,365 Renowns, you can visit the lady at Patron’s Whisper. This place is exclusive for items that can be purchased by Renown. The shop is located in The Hideaway. Moreover, visit the area around the Alliant Reports stand to indicate the exact location.

To gather the big Renown amount mentioned above, players can involve themselves in any kind of activity listed below where they farm Renown to buy Genji Gloves.

  • Side Quest Completion: Participating in side quests is the most common way of Renown earning. They are highlighted by green markers on the map. Approaching these green indicators will initiate the quest. Players will receive Renowns as a reward for completion.
  • Hunt Board challenged: FF16 includes 32 Notorious Marks that are to be defeated on the battlefield. The hunts appear on a Hunt Board where you accept a challenge for engaging with a specific Mark. Killing these hunts will provide you with a significant amount of Renown. 
  • Main Story Quest Completion: Apart from the side missions, there are a few story quests that provide players with Renown. These missions may not appear in any sequence as they are randomized.

Note that 2000+ Renown is a very big amount and will take you a lot of time to gather them. Therefore, try to indulge yourself in all the notified activities as it is necessary.

purchasing genji gloves
Opening the package will grant us the accessory item | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Ending Remarks

Our guide on Genji Gloves must end here. We hope that you received all the useful knowledge from this article and are motivated to try them in your gameplay. They will become your ideal companion during tough battles, hence, start using them from the day you have them in the inventory.

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