Final Fantasy 16: Gotterdammerung [How To Get]

Gotterdammerung is one of the strongest weapons in FF16 which can be crafted in the Forge!

ff16 cover Gotterdammerung
Final Fantasy 16: Gotterdammerung

When there is a discussion about the strongest weapons in Final Fantasy 16, Gotterdammerung is always a part of it. A combination of materials craft this sword by completing challenges or unique objectives. It is one of the strongest weapons in FF16, and you must have it during the late game. Let’s take a look at how we can obtain it.

Key Takeaways

  • Gotterdammerung is a powerful sword found by crafting multiple materials in the Forge.
  • Start by collecting the recipe for the weapon by completing four simultaneous “Blacksmith Blues” quests.
  • Completing this mission will also provide you with Ragnarok, another powerful sword that is the ingredient to Gotterdammerung.
  • Move towards collecting Darksteel, a rare crafting item obtained by eliminating a couple of A-rank hunts.
  • These hunts are The Prince of Death, found on Cape Orsiere in Royal Meadows of Sanbreque, and Thanatos, located at Titan’s Wake in the Dhalmekian Republic.
  • Ensure you participate in “Under New Management I and II” side quests to unlock the location of the Prince of Death.
  • Next, find the Primitive Battlehorn by defeating Gobermouch, located towards the East of a Fast Travel point known as Eistla in The Kingdom of Waloed.
  • Finally, collect three Orichalcum from defeating S-rank hunts Atlas and Gorgimera. Furthermore, complete the “Under New Management II” quest as well. Finishing these activities will grant you the Orichalcum you need.
  • Alas, visit the Blacksmith in The Hideaway to craft the Gotterdammerung sword and unlock the “Half Past Twilight” silver trophy.

Gotterdammerung Description

Due to Gotterdammerung’s buffed-up statistics, it can easily take out Notorious Marks of A rank or higher, which are challenging. Moreover, late-game bosses and enemies pose a little challenge when you have the Gotterdammerung sword in Clive’s hands. The weapon is powerful due to high Basic and Stagger damage, which can hurt the enemy’s health in the initial strikes.

This weapon has a base attack of 375 and a Stagger Damage of 375. Moreover, if you have been following the past instalments in the Final Fantasy series, you might notice that the Gotterdammerung sword also appears in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Although the weapon is stronger from scratch, FF16 does not allow you to upgrade it. Hence, its stats will stay as they were when crafted. Gotterdammerung is a rarity five sword, equally effective in the NG+ mode. However, players must gather specific materials and head to the Blacksmith for crafting.

How To Get Gotterdammerung

As the sword combines different materials, you must collect them before visiting the Blacksmith in The Hideaway. The required items are easier to find, but some are obtained by defeating Notorious Marks first. Therefore, sort out your strategies beforehand. Let’s have a look at all materials.


Ragnarok is another powerful sword that is an ingredient to the Gotterdammerung. To obtain it, players must complete the four Blacksmith Blues quests. These quests appear one after the other, but you must be at a certain point in your main story quest progress. Every mission will teach Blackthorne a new unique skill to apply at the Forge.

complete the four blacksmith blues quests to get recipe for crafting Gotterdammerung sword
Initiating the Blacksmith Blues quests at The Hideaway | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • To start the first one, players must complete the mission “Here Be Monsters.” This quest will indicate you to defeat the Dozmare Griffin. You can find it in The Holy Empire of Sanbreque to the South of Lostwing. When you complete the act, approach the second mission in the series.
  • The second one unlocks after the quest “Letting Off Steam III” when you approach Clive’s table and read the letters. Visit the location mentioned in the letters and eliminate multiple Bandits to pass the mission.
  • The third Blacksmith Blues side quest unlocks after completing the main story mission “Like Father Like Daughter.” The mission will dictate Clive to visit Dravozd to fix the Forges. In addition, you must defeat the Desert Salamander in the Fields of Corava.
  • Moving towards the final quest, it unlocks after the main quest “Across the Narrow” which redirect you to Dravozd to defend the city from multiple Akashic wolves.
  • The last act of the quest is to eliminate Beefy Chimera, a crucial enemy. When you get rid of him, the Blacksmith Blues quests will finish, and you will receive Ragnarok and the recipe for crafting Gotterdammerung. Keep them safe in your inventory until you collect all the materials.
recipe for complete the four blacksmith blues quests to get recipe for crafting Gotterdammerung collected
Collecting Ragnarok sword and Recipe for crafting complete the four blacksmith blues quests to get recipe for crafting the Gotterdammerung | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming


Darksteel is a rare crafting material broken into two pieces, each obtained by defeating A-rank hunts. The sole purpose of Darksteel is to craft the Gotterdammerung sword.

  • Find the first piece by defeating The Prince of Death on Cape Orsiere. Locate this in the Royal Meadows of Sanbreque. However, you must complete “Under New Management I and II” side quests before approaching the hunt. Take care of the axe attacks and frequent teleport of the Grim Reaper to avoid taking a lot of damage.
defeating grim reaper gives us Darksteel for crafting Gotterdammerung
Rewards for defeating Grim Reaper | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • Obtain the second piece of Darksteel by eliminating Thanatos, another A-rank hunt. It is present at Titan’s Wake. Start walking from the Glided Path in the Dhalmekian Republic to get there. Collect the two separate Darksteel pieces to proceed further.
collect darksteel as spoils of war for crafting Gotterdammerung
Collecting Darksteel after defeating Thanatos | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Primitive Battlehorn

Primitive Battlehorn is the only item on the list that you can grab the quickest. It is close to a Fast Travel joint, Eistla, in The Kingdom of Waloed. Walk up the stairs on your East to find Gobermouch. The goblin is another A-rank hunt you must defeat to obtain the Primitive Battlehorn. Gobermouch may look like a mini goblin, but the attacks hit hard, therefore you must proceed with caution during combat.

primitive battlehorn is essential for crafting Gotterdammerung
Defeating Gobermouch will get you Primitive Battlehorn | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming


For the final item on the list of ingredients, collect three Orichalcum.

  • Find the first one at the end of the “Under New Management II” side quest, which is also required to find the Prince of Death to obtain Darksteel.
complete the quest to collect orichalcum
Collecting Orichalcum by finishing the quest | Image By: VeryAli Gaming
  • Find the second piece as Spoils of War by defeating Atlas, an S-rank Notorious Mark in Cressida in Rosaria. Fast travel to the East pool point that will get you close to Atlas.
orichalcum is essential for crafting Gotterdammerung sword
Eliminating S-rank hunt Atlas will provide you Orichalcum | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • Obtain the third and last part by engaging with a Chimera called Gorgimera in the Velkroy Desert in the Dhalmekian Republic. The enemy is easier to defeat when you stay close and avoid the attacks.
Last orichalcum is collected by defeating gorgimera
Gorgimera is a tough enemy but killing it will give you Orichalcum | Image By: VeryAli Gaming


Now that we possess all the necessary materials, it is time to craft the Gotterdammerung sword. Make your way towards The Hideaway where you will meet the Blacksmith. Use the Forge to combine all the materials which will automatically create the weapon for you. Furthermore, you will also unlock the “Half Past Twilight” silver achievement as a result of crafting

crafting the weapon
Finally, we combine all the materials to craft Gotterdammerung sword | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Being the owner of the Gotterdammerung sword is a great honor as it is currently the most powerful weapon FF16 has. It will easily let you tackle S-rank hunts and other tough enemies.

Here, our guide on the Gotterdammerung ends. We hope that you found all the items successfully and without any trouble. Ensure that you don’t sell any items during the process, as they are unrecoverable, which will cost you the sword. Keep using it in all the battles you face to enjoy its strength.

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