Final Fantasy 16 Green Currency: Location + Rewards

Are you looking for Final Fantasy 16 Green Currency? This guide will lead you to Green Currency and acquire rewards from Patron's Whisper.

Final Fantasy 16 Green Currency
Final Fantasy 16 Green Currency Available

Final Fantasy 16 introduces the Green Currency, also known as Renown. It helps players upgrade their charactersunlock rare items, and engage in exciting activities

Key Takeaways

  • The Renown system will be available after completing the Gathering Storm main quest.
  • You can earn the Green Currency by completing the game’s Main or Side Quests and Hunts.
  • You will get rewards by spending the Green Currency at a shop named Patron’s Whisper.
  • A player has to complete all the quests to buy anything from Patron’s Whisper.
  • You cannot lose the Green Currency after acquiring it once.

How To Acquire Green Currency?

  1. Earning Green Currency is vital to fund your character’s progression and buy essential items and equipment.
  2. Completing primary and secondary quests will often yield generous amounts of Green Currency as a reward.
  3. You get access to Hideaway Hub by completing the Gathering Storm quest.
  4. After completing this quest, Renown System will be available to you.
  5. To acquire more Green Currency, you must complete all the quests. But if you’re going to buy only limited items, you have to complete a few primary or side quests.
Rewards by Farming Green Currency
The Patron’s Whisper (Captured By: VeryAli Gaming)

Rewards Summary

TitleRewardsGreen Currency
A Prayer for Safe TravelsCleric’s Medalion +1205

To Sail Forbidden Seas Orchestron,

Fallen Enigma
Talk of the Treehouse

Valley Madder 20,

Bloody Hide 20,

Steelsilk 20,

Ability Points 400
A Swelling ChorusA Rose is a Rose Orchestron,

Empty Shard
Continental AcclaimGenji Gloves2365
Faith UndyingRing of the Swiftshot1965
Pillow TalkBerserker Ring85
A Fitting PerformanceClutchmine 20,

Wyrrite 40,

Magicked Ash 50,

Ability Points 2500
Safe PassageDire Wolf Jess295
A GiftTalisman of Priming1360
A Pall LiftedSharp Fang 40,

Bloody Hide 30,

Steelsik 30,

Ability Points 1500
The Bearer’s Plight2 Meteorite550
A Token

Briar Clam Shells 25,

Desert Rose 15,

Ability Points 800
A Light from the HeavensHigh Cleric’s Medallion715

You can buy the following rewards at Patron’s Whisper by farming the Green Currency. 

My Recommendations For Rewards

I strongly recommend keeping the Green Currency after acquiring it once, as it is received by completing the quest. But if you want to claim different rewards, you should definitely invest the currency to make the most out of your playthrough experience. 

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