Final Fantasy 16: Griffin Location & Tips

In this guide we will show you how to locate the Griffin and counter its attacks to succeed on the field.

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Final Fantasy 16: Griffin Location

Hunting the Griffin is one of the side quests in FFXVI. My guide will show you how to locate and defeat The Griffin.

Key Takeaways

  • The Griffin In FF16, also known as Dozmare, is one of the beasts you can hunt.
  • To unlock his location, you must start the Blacksmith’s Blues Quest.
  • This quest is unlocked once you talk to Blackthorne and Charon.
  • You must locate Griffin’s location on the Hunt Board.
  • It can be found in the Caer Norvent River Gate.
  • You must counter its attacks and strike back to defeat the beast.
  • The rewards include experience, Gilability pointsrenownScarletite, and Meteorite.
  • The Quest is completed when you deliver the Treated Leather to Blackthorne.

Starting The Quest

Interacting with August in Hideaway
Hideaway Map Location | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

To unlock the Griffin, Clive must start the quest “Blacksmith’s Blues”. To find this, I recommend you must interact with August in the place called The Hideway, inside The Mess. This will initiate the quest and ask you to talk with Blackthorne.

After speaking with Blackthorne, you must interact with Charon. Next, there will be the cut scene, after which you must use the Hunt Board to locate Griffin’s location. You will find Griffin sightings, on the hunt board which will guide you to explore Lostwing, crossing towards Caer Norvent River Gate.

Finding The Griffin location
Locating Lostwing on the Hunt Board | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Griffin Location

Starting from the Lostwing, make your way towards the Caer Norvent. Upon reaching Caer Norvent River Gate, you will find the Griffin above the west side castle wall, which will jump down on you.

Fighting The Griffin

Countering The Attacks

You can dodge Griffin’s attack easily if executed at the right time. Some of its fighting mechanics are different from other monsters. There are three attacks that you must counter to win the fight.

Counterattacking and dodging in fight
Fighting The Griffin | Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  1. In the first attack, the Dozmare will fly into the air, however, there will be no wind under it. This means you are about to be attacked so you must dodge the incoming hit by relocating from where you are standing.
  2. In the second attack, the Dozmare will fly in the air with the wind beneath it. Upon coming down, there will be an AoE impact around you. To counter this, you must use double dodge since the AoE attack has a lot of range.
  3. In the third attack, you will find that the Griffin will fly in the air and start moving in circles. This means that it is about performing a special ability called the Noble Dive. After flying in the air, the bird rushes down and impacts the ground with an energy attack. This must be counter by dodging right before the Dozmare hits the ground.

Defeating The Griffin

Apart from constantly dodging the attacks, you must counterattack after he performs one of the three techniques mentioned. This will increase your chances of catching him off guard before he resets. There are some tips for helping you defeat the bird.

  1. You can use the Berserker Ring which will help to counterattack with increased damage after dodging Dozmare’s attacks.
  2. You can use Garuda Abilities such as Gouge and Ariel Blast to track down the enemy and avoid getting hit.
  3. Use the Limit Break ability when the Griffin is down and stationary.


You will receive the following rewards for defeating the Griffin.

Rewards after defeating the Griffin
All rewards | Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • 650 Experience
  • 55 Ability Points
  • 8500 Gil
  • 20 Renown

You will also receive Scarletite and Meteorite rare materials.

After defeating the Griffin, you must talk to the injured man and interact with him. Moreover, return to Blackthorne and hand over the Treated leather given to you by the stranger.

Up Next

This is all you need to know on how to locate and defeat The Griffin. Remember to stay focused during the fight and bring upgraded gear which can be more efficient. Using Garuda’s abilities will give you advantage over your opponent so you have more chances of surviving on the battlefield.

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