Final Fantasy 16: How To Parry [With Images]

Parrying is a timing-based mechanic that must be learned and practiced. This guide will explain How To Parry in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 How To Parry

Weapon Guarding, also called Parrying, is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. For example, games such as Final Fantasy 12 base the ability to Parry on RNG. In this case, the stats of your weapon, shield, and accessory calculate your chances of Evading an attack.

This is no longer how the ability works in the series’s latest installment. Parrying is now a timing-based mechanical skill. Similar to Sekiro and Elden Ring, Parrying must now be learned and practiced over and over to get good at it.

 Parrying helps you block incoming damage. If you manage to parry an attack successfully, you will enjoy two benefits listed below:

  1. It will slow down time for the enemies. Consequently, you can use this extra time to launch a menacing combo to drain a chunk of your enemy’s HP. Moreover, this will also disrupt your enemy’s attacks.
  2. It will increase the amount of Battle Reward Points you gain. Consequently, you can earn better loot from killing enemies.

Key Takeaways

  • Parrying in Final Fantasy 16 is a mechanical skill, unlike in previous games where it was RNG-based.
  • Successfully parrying an ability will slow down time. Consequently, allowing you to perform high-damage combos on your enemy.
  • Parrying can increase the amount of Battle Reward Points you get. Consequently, leading you to get better loot from killing enemies.
  • Parrying is simple to understand but quite challenging to execute. Therefore, much practice will be needed to attempt a parry successfully.
  • You can parry an enemy by attacking them while they attack you.
  • Evading attacks using Precision Dodges and then Precision Counters is an excellent alternative to Parrying.
  • Eikon Abilities like Heatwave, Titanic Block, and Rook’s Gambit can be used to parry attacks and become more comfortable with the parrying mechanic.
Clive vs. Gigas (Captured by VeryAli Gaming)

How To Parry?

Here are five simple steps to successfully parry enemy attacks.

  1. Lock on to the enemy.
  2. Wait for the enemy to start an attack.
  3. Find the opportune moment when pressing the Attack key would meet your sword and the enemy’s attack simultaneously.
  4. Then, Attack (Press the Square Button) to execute a parry.
  5. Launch a counterattack while the enemy is in slow motion.

My Tips & Tricks For Parrying

Equip the Ring of Timely Evasion to Practice Parrying (Captured by VeryAli Gaming)

As you’ve read, it is pretty simple to parry. However, it isn’t easy to get right. Here are my six personally tested tips and guidelines for Parrying.

  1. Parry windows are different for different enemies. You may struggle a lot when learning How to Parry in Final Fantasy 16.
  2. You can only Parry Melee Attacks. You can’t parry ranged attacks.
  3. You can only parry reasonably sized enemies. For example, you can parry Royal Tognvaldr’s attacks. However, you can’t parry Garuda’s attacks.
  4. Look out for cues and telegraphs. Usually, enemies will signal when they are about to attack so you can prepare a parry.
  5. If you want to practice Parrying, equip the Ring of Timely Evasion Accessory. This will allow you to practice Parrying but automatically dodge before you get hit.
  6. Alternatively, evade attacks by performing a Precision Dodge and then a Precision Counter. This will do less damage than the parry technique, but it’s safer and more reliable.

There are some Eikon Abilities that can make the act of Parrying easier. Moreover, they also have some bonus features that ignore our traditional rules, like Parrying ranged attacks. Here’s a list of 3 abilities that can be used to Parry enemy attacks.

  1. The Phoenix Eikon Ability, Heatwave. This can parry and deflect ranged attacks. Moreover, if you successfully execute the parry, you’ll launch several shockwaves toward your enemy.
  2. The Titan Eikon Ability, Titanic Block. This ability can easily allow you to parry physical attacks and launch up to 3 Titantic Counters, which do a lot of damage.
  3. The Garuda Eikon Ability, Rook’s Gambit. This ability will increase your counterattack damage if you successfully dodge and attack using it first. Moreover, this can be launched mid-air and play into many complex combos.

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