Final Fantasy 16 Jote [Everything To Know]

Here you can learn everything about Jote and her role in Final Fantasy 16.

Jote FF16
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Final Fantasy 16 revealed the secret character in the middle of the storyline, always there to protect Joshua. This character is Jote. This guide will lead you to learn more about Jote and her roles.

Key Takeaways

  • Jote is the supporting character for Joshua as she always protects him in every situation beyond her health.
  • Moreover, Jote is a member of the Undying Group, which aims to protect the heir at any cost.
  • Jote has a bold personality, with a short brown hair appearance in Final Fantasy 16, and a foremost aim to protect Joshua.
  • For the first time, you can find Jote in the Residency of Tabor in the Quest: Cloak and Dagger.
  • Notably, Jote and Joshua have been together since the event of Phoenix Gate happened in the storyline of Final Fantasy 16.
  • She is also a medical expert and always cares for Joshua, even if her health is unacceptable.

Jote’s First Appearance & Introduction

Notably, Jote appeared first in the Cloak and Dagger missions in the lands of Tabor. You must beat several enemies and bandits to reach Tabor and find Jote. Upon visiting Tabor after many hardships, you can see Jote’s first appearance after a short play scene in Tabor Residency.

Here, Jote introduces herself as:

I am Jote. Knight of the Undying, charged with protecting His Grace, Joshua Rosfield, Keeper of the Flame of the Phoenix.

Jote Final Fantasy 16 as Joshua Attendant
Jote Final Fantasy 16 as Joshua Attendant Image Captured by VeryAli Gaming

Jote took on the responsibility of being Joshua’s defender under the direction of The Undying Order following the intense events at Phoenix Gate. She was entirely committed to her task regardless of the circumstances, serving and protecting the heir from that moment. However, this obligation recalled the link Joshua had once had with Clive, who had as his protector when they were younger.

Sentiments of Jote in Final Fantasy 16
Jote and Joshua, Sentimental Moments Image, Captured by VeryAli Gaming

Despite their evident chemistry, fate conspired to prevent them from exploring their relationship further. Their potential romance hung in the balance because of the upcoming challenges and difficulties that stopped their relationship from naturally developing.

The Undying

As I am talking about The Undying and protection, you must be curious about the Undying. The Rosfield family’s lords in Rosaria are the object of safety and service provided by the secret society known as The Undying.

As The Guardians of the Flame, they uphold the traditions of Ancestral Communion. They have the task of protecting the Dominant of the Phoenix, a member of the Rosfield bloodline with fire-controlling abilities.

The Undying
The Undying in Final Fantasy 16 Image captured by VeryAli Gaming

The Undying saved Joshua and gave care after his fight with Ifrit at Phoenix Gate. Joshua is of the utmost importance to society as the legitimate Keeper of the Flame, and Jote has been designated as his guardian.

The Undying is committed to Joshua’s task of learning Ultima’s strategy since it is consistent with their goals.

Jote's Kindness
Joshua says thanks to Jote for her kindness Image Captured by VeryAli Gaming.

Interaction With Jote

On the way back to the hideout, one can find Jote in the hospital section where the sick and injured are housed, giving them a chance to engage with someone while they are struggling. Jote’s presence radiates fortitude and compassion as he tells tales of insight and motivation.

Here, you can interact with Jote in the following three manners:

  • Phoenix, Heal Thyself.
  • Ask About the Hideaway.
  • Ask about Jote.

Phoenix, Heal Thyself

Notably, this is one of the side quests which allow you to interact more with Jote. You can also earn many rewards by completing this side quest in FF16. Jote confides in Clive about Joshua’s failing health and the intensity of his chest pains that are getting worse.

As Jote expresses her worries about Joshua’s condition, Clive kindly offers help. Also, she shares that she’s found a potential treatment that might ease his chest symptoms, but she’s worried because it will be challenging to get the crafting materials.  

Phoenix Heal Thyself
Phoenix Heal Thyself Mission | Image Captured by VeryAli Gaming

Note: Whether you accept this quest or not is entirely your choice. Here, we can guide you a little bit if you opt to accept the mission. After Clive returned with the herb, Stonawort, Jote appreciated his generosity and compassion. She praised him for his genuine care for others and expressed her gratitude.

stonawort herb
Stonawort Herb in FF16 Image Captured by VeryAli Gaming

Objective Role

Jote has the clear objective of protecting Joshua in every situation. Also, it hints that Joshua’s health has already suffered due to the Phoenix’s power’s strain on his body.

Jote, on the other hand, has consistently stood by his side, using her skills as a doctor to heal him with her tonics. Moreover, she also demonstrates that she is a skilled fighter, protecting Joshua from prospective enemies.

Medicine Girl
Jote: Medicine Girl image captured by VeryAli Gaming

After Jote discloses that she is a devout Knight of The Undying in Tabor, Joshua confides in her his intention to travel with Clive and Jill to the Free Cities of Kanver. They are there to save Gav, Byron, and Mid, but they’re also there to help the city’s defenses.

She initially disagrees with this strategy because of worries about Joshua’s precarious health. She nevertheless grudgingly accepts his choice despite appreciating how crucial and urgent their task is.

Quest Back to Their Origin

Notably, this is the second time you can interact with Jote in Final Fantasy 16 in the quest: Back to their Origin. Moreover, when you start the mission, another scene will be played that shows the precious emotional scenes of Jote and Joshua together. However, this will be the last time you see Jote in Final Fantasy 16.

Joshua and Jote have their last meet-up in this scene, and Jote is very emotional. This is when Joshua must leave for some other missions. The scene shows that Joshua thanks her and is sorry for her leaving. This is the most emotional scene when Joshua has to go with Jote, the most caring companion.

Thanks and Sorry To Jote Final Fantasy 16
Joshua says Thanks and Sorry to Jote Image Captured by VeryAli Gaming

My Findings For Jote

Joshua and Jote had a deep attachment for one another that was hidden beneath their obligations and responsibilities. Their connection went beyond the confines of their given roles, but the constraints placed on them by outside forces prevented them from developing into something more. 


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