Final Fantasy 16: Knight of The Splendent Heart [Full Guide]

Here is how you can locate and defeat Knight of the Splendent Heart in Final Fantasy 16.

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Final Fantasy 16: Knight of the Splendent Heart

Knight of the Splendent Heart is an A-rank rare hunt found in Royal Meadows and challenging to defeat on the battlefield. However, beating him will get you many valuable rewards.

Key Takeaways

  • Knight of the Splendent Heart In FF16 is an A-rank Notorious Mark.
  • Players can find him at the Penitent’s Gate in the Royal Meadows.
  • Fortunately, there is a Fast Travel Obelisk at your point of interest. Therefore, use it to reach the Knight.
  • Your enemy is a very fierce warrior and performs aggressively in battle.
  • Players must stay cautious and prioritize their counter-attacks to cause significant damage.
  • Dodge the Mirage attacks, followed by a strong Lunge attack using Titan’s Eikon Abilities to help you escape with a counter.
  • Don’t initiate an attack; wait for the opponent to take action, then plan a counter accordingly.
  • Upon achieving victory, you will get 17,000Gil, 35 Renown, 9000 XP, 105 AP, and x2 Meteorites.

Knight Of The Splendent Heart Location

you can find knight of the splendent heart at this location
Map Location of the hunt | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Players can get access to the Knight of the Splendent Heart through a main story quest, “Back to their Origin.” The quest is unmissable, you only have to keep progressing in the campaign mode until it appears. After completing it, you will have the hunt available on the hunt board that will allow you to engage with this Notorious Mark.

Knight of the Splendent Heart rests in Royal Meadows. To get there, I recommend players must be in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque first. Luckily, there is a Royal Meadow Obelisk that will take you there. Moreover, travel northwards after Fast Travel to find the Knight outside the Penitent’s Gate.

knight standing outside the gates

Attacking Moves By The Opponent

Facing the Knight of the Splendent Heart can be a challenging battle, as he employs various formidable attacks on the battlefield. To emerge victorious, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and be aware of his offensive moves. Here are some of the attacks frequently used by the Knight:

  1. Successive Mirage Attacks:
    • When you spot blue marks on the battlefield, be prepared for the Knight’s Mirage Dive, Mirage High Dive, and Phantom Mirage attacks.
    • These attacks involve objects falling from above or the Knight himself lunging at you with a powerful punch.
    • To avoid these attacks, quickly move out of the targeted areas when you see the blue marks.
  2. Lunge Attack:
    • Following the Mirage moves, the Knight of the Splendent Heart will execute his Lunge attack, which can be lethal.
    • Counter the Lunge attack by using Precision Dodges.
    • If your timing is precise, you can also utilize Titan Eikon’s abilities to dodge effectively.
  3. Double Jump:
    • The Knight employs two types of jump techniques, with one of them becoming more dangerous after his health drops below the halfway mark.
    • He uses illusions to cover the ground before executing this attack.
    • To avoid this move, run in a random direction to dodge the illusion just before it strikes.
  4. Thrusts:
    • Sometimes, following Mirage attacks, the Knight may perform charge thrusts directed at Clive.
      knight of the splendent heart using his attacks on clive
      The knight’s attack in action | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Battle Winning Rewards

After succeeding, the hunt, combined with the combat advantage, will reward you with some items necessary for progressing in the campaign.

Here is a complete list.

  • 17,000 Gil 
  • 35 Renown
  • 9000 XP Points (for leveling up characters)
  • 105 Ability Points (to upgrade or unlock abilities)
  • x2 Meteorites (unique)
Rewards of winning
Complete Reward list after the battle | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Here, my guide on the Knight of the Splendent Heart in Final Fantasy 16 ends. I hope that it was helpful and you were able to defeat the Notorious Mark with no difficulties. If you fail a few times, you can always fight him again as it will give you a better experience. 

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