Final Fantasy 16: Margrace Identity Revealed

In this guide learn who is the mysterious hooded character called Margrace and what impact He has on the story in Final Fantasy 16.

Margrace Final Fantasy 16
Margrace and His secret Identity | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Margrace is a character in Final Fantasy 16 shrouded in mystery at the game’s earlier stages. This hidden appearance of the character makes the identity unknown, which is later revealed in the game when the plot progresses. His identity is linked to the game’s main storyline, so this guide will be full of spoilers.

So without wasting any time, let us get into the secrets of this mysterious character and the plot twist surprises he comes with.

Key Takeaways

  • Margrace is an important yet unknown character in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Later his identity is revealed to be Joshua as he survived.
  • Joshua and Clive are reunited when facing off against Typhon.
  • Margrace later travels the world to find information about the Blight.

Spoiler Warning!

Who Is Margrace?

Young joshua
Young Joshua | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Margrace real Identity is Joshua Rosfield, the dominant of the fire eikon phoenix. Yes, Margrace is indeed the same Joshua that is Clives’ younger brother. He is known to be dead at the events of the attack on phoenix gate by the Sanbrequois attack. The plot takes a twist when it is later learned that Joshua did survive that attack and later travelled to the lands of Valisthea with his hidden identity of Margrace, the hooded figure.

Margrace, better known as Joshua, survives the attack as he is the eikon of phoenix. He uses the Restorative powers of the phoenix to stay that night and progresses further under the hidden identity of Margrace. However, Clive remains suspicious of Margrace and links his brother’s death to Him.

Furthermore, the rumours of Margrace being able to use the eikonic powers of fire intrigues Clive to find out the involvement of this hooded figure in the disaster that ruined his family.

Afterwards, Joshua starts his journey to unravel the mystery behind Blight’s existence, which sucks the life force out of everything it touches and leaves the corrupted soil behind. Due to the love Joshua has for his older brother Clive, he also works to discover why his brother can absorb Eikonic powers from others.

Clive Chases Margrace

After miraculously surviving the Night of the Flames at the Phoenix Gate, Joshua chooses to stay unnoticed as he starts on a quest with two critical objectives. First, he is determined to learn the truth about his brother Clive’s capacity to absorb Eikonic energies.

Second, Joshua is trying to determine what is causing the Blight, a deadly phenomenon ravaging once-thriving countries. To keep a low profile during his voyage, he wears Lord Margrave’s trademark hoodie, blending into the Final Fantasy 16 world.

In the meantime, Clive takes a brave stand against his Sanbrequois commander, motivated by the need to save his cherished childhood friend, Jill Warrick, who serves as Shiva’s Dominant. Cid, an influential leader directing a freedom movement, becomes their saviour.

Cid ff16
Cid | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Cid’s efforts aim to provide a safe haven for repressed Dominants and Bearers, people with remarkable magical skills that do not rely on crystals. Clive’s journey intersects with Cid’s, causing them to look into the legends regarding Margrace, a powerful Fire Dominant. Clive becomes desperate to find and face Margrace, whom he blames for Joshua’s claimed death.


A pivotal moment occurs when Clive is locked in a fierce battle against Typhon, a formidable adversary. To emerge victorious, Clive taps into the power of Ifrit once again, assuming its fiery form. Though successful in defeating Typhon. His triumph is short-lived as a mysterious entity known as Ultima materializes, launching an unexpected attack.

At this critical juncture, Margrace, revealed to be none other than Joshua himself, swoops in to rescue Clive. Employing the fiery forces of Phoenix, Margrace manages to trap Ultima within a cage of flames, temporarily neutralizing the threat. This revelation profoundly alters Clive’s perception of Margrace as he realizes they share a common purpose and goals.

As the narrative progresses, it becomes evident that Margrace’s research into the Blight aligns harmoniously with Clive’s mission. Their combined efforts take centre stage, with Clive and Joshua forging a formidable alliance. Together, they embark on a mission to dismantle the Mothercrystals, the sources of immense power, and to liberate Valisthea from the grasp of its mounting crisis.

Joshua final fantasy 16 margrace
Joshua AKA Margrace | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Nevertheless, Clive must grapple with the knowledge that he played a role. Albeit unintentionally, in Joshua’s temporary demise, which then adds a complex layer to their journey of redemption and salvation. However, the two brothers unite to fight against Ultima in the end.

The whole events of the game ends with an epilogue showing a book named “Final Fantasy: Joshua Rosfield.” This means Joshua survived the final events of the game while it looks like Clive has sacrificed himself in his battle with the mother crystal to free the world from the tragedies caused by magic.

Ending Remarks

The mystery behind Margrave unravels to be very important in the main lore of Final Fantasy 16. The reunion of Clive and Joshua is a good moment for the players to enjoy. At the same time, Clive undergoes character growth after discovering the story of Margrace. How his younger brother survived, and how he gets to know that he is the dominant of Ifrit the Eikon that nearly killed his brother.

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