Final Fantasy 16 Minotaur Hunt [Sekhret Location & Rewards]

Here's everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 Minotaur Hunt, Sekhret. Its location, drops, and battle strategy.

Final Fantasy 16 Minotaur Hunt

Sekhret is a B-rank Minotaur Hunt in Final Fantasy 16. I will explain in this guide where to find it, its battle strategy, and your rewards for completing the Hunt.

Key Takeaways

  • Sekhret, also called the Minotaur Hunt, is a B-rank Hunt.
  • After starting the main quest, After the Storm, players can unlock this Hunt.
  • You can find Sekhret at Greensheaves in The Imperial Province of Rosaria.
  • The Minotaur Hunt involves a level 31 monster who is best fought patiently and using open windows rather than rushing in.
  • Completing this Hunt leads to 8200 Gil, 800 EXP, 60 Ability Points, 20 Renown, and a Minotaur Mane Material, which can be used to craft the Weapon Gaia Blade.
Sekhret Minotaur Hunt (Credit: @PerfectParadox)

The Minotaur Hunt refers to Sekhret’s Hunt. Sekhret is a recurring Final Fantasy character who has appeared as an enemy in Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. Sekhret is a towering Minotaur, which is an anthropomorphic bull. If wearing a Lionscloth and carrying a gigantic club wasn’t enough to point out Sekhret’s warrior theme, one of its broken horns should make it clear.

Minotaur Hunt Location

I believe there is some beating around the bush when it comes to fighting Sekhret, such as finishing a mandatory main quest and getting access to the Hunt Board.

Therefore, here are 4 simple steps to starting the Minotaur Hunt.

  1. Start the Main Quest, called After the Storm.
  2. Travel to Cid’s Hideaway.
  3. Interact with Nektar at the Hunt Board and take up the Minotaur Hunt.
  4. Travel to Greensheaves in The Imperial Province of Rosaria and look around for Sekhret towards the left (East) of Greensheaves. The nearest Obelisk to this area is Martha’s Rest Obelisk.

Minotaur Hunt Strategy


Requirement Table.

Sekhret is a level 31 B-rank monster with some tricky mechanics when fighting him. Here’s a list of things you should look for when fighting him.

  1. Sekhret has a big window of vulnerability after it finishes its attacks. Use this time to stack some damage on it and slowly chip it down until it dies.
  2. Sekhret has 2 special attacks, Big Swing and Raging Bull. Keep a lookout for both these special attacks and kite Sekhret to avoid taking any damage from the special attacks.
  3. Raging Bull is Sekhret’s Trump Card, be sure to be mindful of whenever it starts to rush you as the attack does a lot of damage. Stay ready to dodge this attack twice because Sekhret will try to rerun you if the first hit doesn’t connect.

Minotaur Hunt Rewards

Aafter spending multiple hours in Final Fantasy 16, Defeating Sekhret gives you excellent rewards, as it’s a B-rank Hunt. You can finally enjoy your prizes after playing passively and taking advantage of the windows for dealing damage. Furthermore, Sekhret drops the Minotaur Mane, which can be used to craft the Weapon Gaia Blade, with a base attack and stagger of 140.

Ability Points60
Minotaur Mane (Material)1

Hunt Reward Table.

My Thoughts

Sekhret, being a B rank Minotaur hunt , it is important to defeat that mainly to enjoy rewards and achievement’s by using strategic tactics and following The steps mentioned above. Take full advantage of its vulnerability as thats one of its big weak points if you want to win this battle against Sekhret. 

That concludes this guide about Sekhret, the Minotaur Hunt in Final Fantasy 16. If you want to compare Sekhret to other B-rank Hunts like Belphegor or see a list of all the Notorious Marks, check out our other articles about Final Fantasy 16.

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