Final Fantasy 16 Missables: Items, Achievements & Guide

Final Fantasy 16 has a ton of items players might look past discover the hidden treasures with our list of Final Fantasy 16 Missables.

Final Fantasy 16 Missables

Final Fantasy 16 Missables is content that will only be recovered if acquired after a certain point. That point is the point of no return.

Key Takeaways

  • Missables are items or quests players can miss in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Note that there is a point in the game known as the point of no return, where players are unable to go back and complete quests.
  • Several quests and items are missables. Some items, like the coral sword, are hidden in a certain area within quests in a chest.
  • There are also missables side quests that players should keep an eye on as they offer nice rewards and great EXP.
  • Players can also miss out on materials, such as the limited crafting materials required for the Gotterdammerung. You can no longer get the weapon if you sell the crafting materials.

Point of No Return

Note that players can reach a point in the game where they cannot return to certain side quests, so they should watch for them. Additionally, completing a quest will signal a crucial story moment, and if players continue, they may miss quests from Clive’s past, so they should finish any unfinished quests.


Journal in Final Fantasy 16 is used to track missions. (captured by us)
Final Fantasy 16 has a few missable quests and items that may be super crucial for a player to get. Here is a list of all the quests that players may miss in Final Fantasy 16:
Quest Completion Rewards
All Bark 20 Experience points
150 Ability Points
Magicked Ash
Playthings 18 Experience Points
20 Magicked Ash
Friend of the People 18 Experience points
1000 Gil
25 Magicked Ash
Bearer Comestibles
Dying on the Vine 16 Experience points
10 Sharp Fang
Black Blood
Pride Comes Before a Fall 20 Experience Points
1100 Gil
The Want Beyond the Wall 18 EXP
1000 Gil
20 Steelsilk
20 Bloody Hide
Welcoming Comittee 15 EXP
Gil Bug
Beast Against Beast 20 EXP
1000 Gil
10 Wyrrite
Crystalline Lifeline 18 EXP
1000 Gil
10 Magicked Ash
10 Wyrrite
While the Cat’s Away 20 EXP
10 Wyrrite
5 Steelsilk
What a Bird Wants 18 EXP
10 Sharp Fang
5 Bloody Hide
False Friends 20 EXP
100 Ability Points
10 Magicked Ash

Missable items

Gear Tab for to track the missed gear covered in Final Fantasy 16 missables
Gear Tab in Final Fantasy 16. (image captured by us)
Item Use How to Obtain
Chocobo Mount A mount that can infinitely run and can be used to traverse the world of Valisthea much quicker than being on foot. A sidequest called white winged wonder.
Adamantite Gauntlets is a legendary accessory that raises the player’s maximum HP by 500. Just North of the edge of the infinity obelisk on the map
One Man’s Treasure valuable treasure rewarding the player with 100,000 Gil. Pick up the treasure map near the southern Gate. Then head to the South East of Titan’s Wake where the camp will have a chest.
Coral Sword A great early weapon with 185 attack and stagger to get players started off on a strong note. Gotten from the 26th Main quest The Crystals’ Curse. The weapon can be found past a wooden barrier in a chest.
Ring of the demolitionist powerful accessory for magic users increasing magic burst damage by 15%. Found in Dhalmekia, on the north side of Titans Wake in a floating chest.
ouroboros Belt belt providing the player with 95 Defense and 32 HP. Acquired by completing the third quest in the questline Blacksmiths’ Blues
Ancient sword A Sword with great attack and stagger at a solid 252. Found in a chest on the western side of The Steps of the Forgotten just south of Mekith.
Demontamer’s Sash A rare belt offering the player 48 defense and 14 HP. Can be found in a shed near the water at Audhyl Docks.
Masamune A weapon considered one of the best in the game with an attack and stagger stat of 310. Located in a chest south west of the angry grip in the small path with a chronolith.

Missable Achievement

There exists one more missable in Final Fantasy 16, and that is the achievement Half Past Twilight Trophy. Players must acquire the Gotterdamerung sword to obtain this achievement. Furthermore, players should be aware that they could potentially miss getting the weapon itself.

Once sold, the materials for the sword will not be available again.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we covered all Final Fantasy 16 missables that players wouldn’t want to miss. We hope the guide was of some help and we would love to hear how you’ve been enjoying the game so far.

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