Final Fantasy 16 Mission List [Complete]

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final fantasy 16 mission list

There are a total of 49 main story missions and 76 side missions in Final Fantasy 16. Let’s dive right into them and learn everything about them.

Key Takeaways

  • There are two types of missions: campaign missions and side missions.
  • There are a total of 49 missions in the game, all of them with their unique twist and turns.
  • Some missions have parts in the form of sub-quests.
  • Most missions have one or more boss fights.

Missions List

The mission in the game is divided into sub-parts. The game’s initial missions aim to guide you and make you accustomed to the game controls.

Final Fantasy 16 Intro Cutscene
Intro Cutscene – Image Captured by Me.

These missions are programmed like tutorials but add value to the main storyline.

Below I will attach the complete mission list for Final Fantasy 16:

⚔ Quest Name 🛡📝 Summary 📃
A Flame SummonedWatch the cutscenes with ocassional Quick Time Events (QTEs).
To Kill A DominantFollow the men through the hills.
Watch the cutscenes.
PrideFinish training with Murdoch.
Sunrise, SunsetHead towards the Throne Room.
Go back to your quarters.
Make your way to Stillwind.
Phoenix Eikon Unlocked.
Lost In A FogExplore Stillwind.
Look around the abandoned village.
Go after the goblin leader.
Defeat the Morbol.
Make your way towards the Phoenix Gate.
Flight Of A FledglingGet out of the stronghold.
Look for the archduke.
Search for survivors.
Defeat the invading forces.
Defeat the Ifrit Eikon.
A Chance EncounterGo after the fleeing army.
Defeat the Shiva Dominant.
Defeat Tiamat.
Go to the hideaway with Cid.
Hide, HideawayTalk with Cid.
Talk with Blackthorne.
Talk to Curmudgeon.
Talk to Tarja.
Talk to Charon.
Gather supplies for yourself.
Make your way towards the Greatwood.
Fanning EmbersFollow Cid into the forest.
Defeat the Dragon Aevis.
Defeat Fafnir.
Defeat Midnight Raven.
Make your way into Orabelle Downs.
Louder Than WordsMake your way to Lostwig.
Explore Lostwig.
Go after the fleeing soldiers.
Defeat Chirada.
The Dead Of NightTalk with Quinten.
Talk with villagers to get information.
Talk with Cid.
Talk with Quinten.
Make your way to Caer Norvent.
HeadwindFind the captives.
Defeat the Royal Rognvalder.
Defeat Suparna and Chirada.
Defeat Benedikta.
Wings Of ChangeDefeat the Imperial Soldiers.
Make your way to the Eye of the Tempest.
Defeat Wing Elementals.
Enter the Vortex.
Garuda Eikon Unlocked.
AwakeningFollow the Hooded Man.
Defeat Garuda.
The Wages Of GuiltTalk with Cid.
Make your way to Kingsfall.
The Hunter And The HuntedMeetup with Gav.
Defeat the Minotaur(s).
Defeat Knight of the Dying Sun (Dark Souls Reference?).
Go back to the hideaway.
Talk with Charon.
Talk with Gav.
Make your way to Rosaria.
HomecomingMake your way to Martha's Rest.
Talk with Martha and fulfill her request.
Make your way to Eastpool.
Holding OnGrab Elwin's (Clive's Father) gear.
Make your way to the Phoenix Gate.
Buried MemoriesExplore the Ruins.
Defeat the Falled Guardian(s).
Defeat the Iron Giant.
Defeat the Lich.
Defeat the Ifrit Eikon.
The Meaning Of LifeMake your way to Eastpool.
Defeat the Imperial Soilders.
Defeat the Imperial Champion.
Make your way to the hideaway.
Ifrit Eikon Unlocked.
Righting WrongsTalk to Cid in his solar.
Talk with Charon.
Talk with Otto.
Talk with Gav.
Make your way to Northreach.
Talk with Isabelle.
Sneak into the castle.
Talk with Oriflamme.
Make your way to Drake's Head.
The Crystal's CurseDefeat the Imperial Cannoier.
Pillage the mines.
Defeat the Akashic Champion.
Defeat Akashic Dragon.
Defeat Typhoon.
Cid The OutlawDefeat Kupka's Private Guard.
Defeat Republican War Panther.
Make your way back to the hideaway.
Ramuh Eikon Unlocked.
Home, Sweet HomeTalk with Otto.
Talk with Vivian.
Talk with Harpocrates.
Read Gav's Letter.
The Gathering StormTalk with Otto.
Locate the Cursebreakers.
Talk with Gav.
Make your way to Hawk's Cry Cliff.
BloodlinesMake your way to Amber.
Talk with the villagers.
Make your way to Port Isolde.
Defeat the Black Shields.
Make your way into the Auldhyl Docks.
Black Light BurnsLocate the Lazarus District entrance.
Defeat the bandits upon entering.
Make your way back to the hideaway.
Here Be MonstersTalk with Vivian.
Talk with Jill.
Make your way to Drake's Breath.
Fire And IceMake your way to Mount Drustanus.
Defeat Akashic Minotaur.
Defeat Akashic Morbol.
Defeat Flame Lizard.
Defeat Liquid Flame.
After The StormMake your way to the Infirmary.
Talk with Otto.
Talk with Vivian.
Make your way to Rosalith.
Capital PunishmentMake your way to the Rosalith Castle.
Defeat the Stone Headsman.
Defeat the Coeuri.
Defeat all enemies and stop Jill's execution.
Defeat Hugo Kupka.
Make your way back to the hideaway.
Bolts From The BlueTalk with Otto.
Talk with Mid.
Talk with Gav.
Talk with Vivian.
Talk with Byron.
Make your way to the Velkroy Desert.
Titan Eikon Unlocked.
Riddle Of The SandsMake your way to the Dalilmil Inn.
Make your way to Drake's Fang.
Talk with the town folk.
Talk with Freda.
Make your way to Drake's Fang.
Into The DarknessMake your way to Castle Dazbog.
Defeat Orcish Warlord.
Defeat the Undertaker.
Defeat Titan Eikon.
Out Of The ShadowTalk with Otto.
Talk with Vivian.
Talk with the other NPCs.
Talk with Mid.
Talk with Obolus.
Take a look at the old hideaway.
Make your way to Bokland.
OnwardLook around for Goetz.
Make your way to the Crimson Caravans.
Talk with Goetz.
Fire In The SkyMake your way to the Belltower.
Locate Goetz.
Defeat the White Dragon.
Defeat Necrophobe.
Defeat Bahamut Eikon.
Bahamut Eikon Unlocked.
Things Fall ApartTalk with Otto.
Talk with Vivian and Harpocrates.
Make your way to the Krozjit Echoes.
Cloak And DaggerMake your way to Tabor.
Make your way to the Free Cities of Kaver.
EvenfallDefeat the invading army.
Defeat Sleipnir.
A Song Of HopeTalk with Otto.
Make your way to Ironworks.
Stall time for Mid.
Full SteamDefeat the Akashic.
Defeat the Sleipnirs.
Make your way to the Naldia Narrow.
Through The MaelstromDefeat the Waloeders.
Fight with Barnabas.
Make your way back to the hideaway.
Shiva Eikon Unlocked.
Across The NarrowMake your way to the Infirmary.
Talk with Vivian.
Talk with Otto.
Footfalls Of AshMake your way to Stonhyrr.
Make your way to Eistla Village.
Defeat the Akashic.
Make your way to Reverie.
The Last KingMake your way to the Reverie.
Defeat the Soultaker.
Defeat the Control Node.
Defeat the Aurum Giant.
Defeat Odin Eikon.
Odin Eikon Unlocked.
BrotherhoodMake your way to Stonhyrr.
Defeat the Akashic Army.
Make your way to Drake's Spine.
Streets Of MadnessDefeat Behemoth.
Make your way to Drake's Spine.
Defeat Ultima.
Make your way back to the hideaway.
Back To Their OriginTalk with Otto.
Talk with Joshua.
Talk with Jill.
Make your way to Origin.

Mission List Summary Table.

About Side-Quests

Side-quests are additional tasks or missions that exist alongside the main storyline. They allow you to explore the game world, engage in activities, and uncover additional content beyond the central narrative.

Side-quests are typically optional and not essential for progressing through the main storyline. They offer a sense of freedom and exploration, allowing them to deviate from the main storyline and delve into additional content.

ff16 female bearer
Female Bearer Side Quest | Captured by me.

There are 76 side-quests, but I did not want to include them in this guide since they are in-depth topics and deserve guides on how to go at them.

Other than these missions, there are other side missions as well that you can participate in to get additional rewards. However, the missions mentioned are ones that you will have to do to progress further into the story. 

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