Final Fantasy 16: Muddy Murderer [Full Guide]

Muddy Murderer, or Flan Prince, is a level 38 hunt. He is found in the Hawk's Cry Cliff and known to use powerful magic to defend himself.

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Final Fantasy 16: Muddy Murderer

One of the most crucial hunts in Final Fantasy 16 is the Muddy Murderer, also known as Flan Prince. He can be tough to defeat. Therefore, players should prepare before presenting themselves on the battlefield.

Key Takeaways

  • Muddy Murderer is a tough hunt that lies in Rank A.
  • This level 38 monster uses powerful spells like Aeroga during the intense battle with Clive.
  • He is also known as Flan Prince and is found inside a valley in the Hawk’s Cry Cliff, which is in the nation of Rosaria.
  • Explore the area to trigger his presence when you reach the desired location.
  • Try to bring upgraded gear to the battle and keep adequate healing items to increase your chances of survival.
  • When successfully defeated, players will get 5200 XP, 95 AP, 12000 Gils, 30 Renown, and a Gelatinous Mass.

Muddy Murderer is a level 38 hunt and falls under Rank A. He is one of the toughest Flan enemies and uses magic to defend himself. Considering his high level, Muddy Murdere’s spells will also be stronger than other hunts. Hence, you must prepare well.

Muddy Murderer Location

muddy murderer location
The Flan Prince will be found by exploring the following area | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

You will find the Flan Prince in Rosaria when you are mentally and physically ready. He rests in the southern meadows, precisely in the Hawk’s Cry Cliff. To get there through the shortest path, start your journey from Auldhyl Dock and walk east.

Follow the pathway in the North direction, which will take you to a valley after passing from the cliff region. Keep going inside the valley until you witness the target. Make use of Hunt Board if you get lost by talking to Nektar, who can guide you towards the Muddy Murderer. 

Note that if you are at the desired area and still don’t observe the Flan Prince, try to explore the nearby corners until a cutscene or animation starts that will highlight him, revealing his rank.

first interaction with the muddy murderer
First Look | Picture By: VeryAli Gaming

Attacking Moves

snapshot taken during battle
Magic Spells in use by the Muddy Murderer | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Muddy Murderer has some attacks that can prove very fatal. Therefore, you should be aware of them so you know beforehand what to do. Here is a list of what to expect.

  • Use of Powerful Spells: Muddy Murderer’s main attack is by using strong spells that cause damage which can turn the tide of the battle. Spells like Aeroga, Stonega, and Blizzaga will be frequently used against you that have a large Area of Effect (AoE).
  • Physical Attacks: The Flan Prince will also make use of attacks like becoming a tornado when he wraps his hands around him. Try to stay out of sight when you see this coming.
  • Melee Attacks: Muddy Murderer likes to make use of melee attacks casually during the fight to deal light damage so your health bar keeps draining. This is a common attack move, you will see. 

These are some abilities that you must learn before dropping in this fight. They are quick and effective, which is just what you need against the Muddy Murderer. Also, they will help you counter the attacks mentioned above.

  • Ignition: Using Ignition will wrap Clive in a fire shield to kill any nearby enemies when he is charging the Muddy Murderer with a powerful sword attack.
  • Rift Slip: This ability lets you cancel any enemy ability in use. Rift Slipt is meant to be combined with other abilities, so it cancels their effect and lets you hit a counterattack.
  • Blind Justice: A chain of Lightning balls is thrown at the Flan Prince, which sticks to his body. These balls further dismantle and cause blasts that deal further damage.

Strategies To Implement In Battle

To help you survive longer on the battlefield, we present some strategies. Ensure you use more than half of them so the Muddy Murderer suffers more than you.

  • Take time to Prepare: Keep an eye on your gear and equipment. Ensure they are fully upgraded and adequate for the level 38 hunt. Load yourself on healing items and some others that are able to defend against magic, as the Flan Prince will highly use it.
  • Try to Dodge: Always keep an eye on the magic spell being used. They have a larger AoE, so you must get out of it. The window between spell casting and spell hitting lets you get out of the targeted area. Therefore, make use of this delay to survive.
  • Hit and Run: Stagger damage is not important in this battle. Keep abilities with quick animations so you use them and quickly run away to avoid any counters. Dealing with significant damage should be the primary objective. 
  • Use Melee Attacks: When more than half the health bar has been drained, Muddy Murderer starts using his hands to encourage melee attack. They deal low damage but are often difficult to get out of their sight. Ensure to maintain a safe distance from the opponent if he is close to dying.
  • Prioritize Healing: As mentioned earlier, pack more healing items than you were initially thinking. If the Flan Prince lands his first hit, run away and heal instantly because you might not survive the second hit.

Rewards For Winning

Similar to other hunts, defeating the Muddy Murderer will give you a list of rewards that help you level up and upgrade weapons. They are:

  • 5200 XP Points for leveling up.
  • 95 Ability Points for ability upgrades.
  • 12,000 Gils 
  • 30 Renown
  • Gelatinous Mass 
rewards list for defeating the muddy murderer
All these rewards are given at the end of the battle | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

That is all about Muddy Murderer and how you can find and defeat him. Ensure that your equipment is up-to-date so you will have less trouble on the battlefield. We hope that you found success defeating the Flan Prince. 

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