Final Fantasy 16: Pandemonium [Location & Strategy]

Pandemonium is an S-ranked hunt which rests in a Castle in Skaithfarr. He makes use of laser and explosive attacks during combat against you.

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Final Fantasy 16: Pandemonium

Pandemonium is another S-rank hunt in Final Fantasy 16 that you must encounter. It introduces several new attacking moves to the combat, which players should be aware of. It is difficult to battle the S-rank hunts, but this guide will make it easy for you. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Pandemonium In FF16 is an S-ranked hunt inside a castle in the Kingdom of Waloed.
  • The quickest way to get there is by using the Fast Travel feature of FF16 to reach Shadow Cost Obelisk.
  • Travel Northwest from that spot to reach the castle’s opening.
  • Pandemonium uses aggressive attacks, such as laser attacks and explosive traps, that can hurt your health bar.
  • Players must stay focused on the battlefield and utilize Garuda’s Aerial Blast combined with health-hurting spells to counter them.
  • The hunt will get wilder after his health bar drops below the half marker, so your dodges must be perfect.

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I have played Final Fantasy 16 for more than 70+ hours, and my PSN Tag is SHiNiGaMii. I have played the game extensively, so you can easily trust the hands-on experience I bring to the table!

Pandemonium Location

Pandemonium can be hard to reach as it rests far from the common spots where Clive is. Therefore, you can use the Fast Travel option to reach him quickly. Pandemonium will be inside the castle in the area of Skaithfarr. Players can find this in the Kingdom of Waloed, which is visible on the map.

map location of the pandemonium notorious mark
Pandemonium will be at the golden marker as shown | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  1. Fast Travel will take you directly to the castle doors.
  2. Locate the Shadow Cost Obelisk and use Fast Travel to reach it.
  3. Start walking northwest to reach the castle.
  4. Animation for Pandemonium will start playing as soon as you get there.
Taking a first look at Pandemonium
First interaction with Pandemonium | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Attacking Moves

attacking moves by pandemonium
Beware of these red regions where the mine explosions will hit | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Pandemonium is one of the hardest Notorious Marks out of 32. Therefore, you must be aware of some frequently used attacks you can dodge on the battlefield. Let’s look at what they are:

  • Beam Attack: A dominating attack presented by Pandemonium involves a large beam leaving his body. This can be dangerous for your health bar if not dodged properly. However, its increased animation time gives you a sufficient window to prepare a sideways dodge.
  • Mine ExplosionPandemonium causes large orbs to appear on the field that will explode when they touch the ground. Moreover, red circular regions are marked on the ground, representing the affected areas. Players should stand outside these circles so they don’t get hurt.
  • Small Orbs: Players should also expect small orbs placed randomly on the battlefield that act as mines and explode when Clive walks on top of them. They are easier to dodge but can confuse you when a lot is happening.
  • The Hunt also initiates an explosive attack when Clive is very close to him; a forward movement by Pandemonium hints at this.
  • Teleportation: When you don’t expect it, Pandemonium will teleport behind you to land a powerful melee attack. You are expected to always stay focused to notice the teleport ability and dodge it with perfection.

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My Strategies 

Battling Pandemonium’s harsh abilities and attacks can be crucial. I present some common strategies you must prepare before diving into the battle. You must get used to them by practicing on lower-ranked hunts, which will get you some experience.

  • Avoid SpellsSpells cause the most Damage to your health bar. They are health seekers are can turn the tide of the battle when you think you were winning.
  • Focus more on the Beam and Explosion attacks with strong sideways movement.
  • Always expect a strong attack coming, as it helps you understand which abilities and spells to focus on.
  • Exploit Vulnerabilities: Look for the small span where Pandemonium is most vulnerable. These windows usually occur when he is done using his abilities. In the next instant, get closer to his body and use Garuda‘s Aerial Blast to deal maximum damage.
  • Summon AbilitiesIf you feel like you are under attack and there is no possible way out, utilize the Summon abilities such as Shiva that can help you escape out of the trouble with ease. These Summon abilities must be used when escaping by other means is impossible.

Here are some abilities you should keep upgraded as they provide a significant advantage on the battlefield.

  • Diamond DustThis gives maximum stagger damage to Pandemonium on close ranges. Try using the 1.5x Damage Multiplier, which further enhances the damage intake.
  • GigaflareIf you combine Diamond Dust and Gigaflare, Pandemonium will have little chance of standing up against you. This will hurt him on long and close ranges and give a severe blow to his health bar.

When you find success during the battle, it will provide you with rewards for covering the hunt. These rewards can be used anywhere during your gameplay for upgrades and other purposes.

  • 15,000 XP points
  • 120 Ability Points
  • 20,000 Gil
  • 50 Renown
  • 1x Stained Loincloth (A rare material used for crafting The Sons of Ouroboros, which is a very powerful gear)
rewards for winning the battle
You will receive these rewards after the Notorious Mark has been killed | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

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