Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened Svarog [Full Guide]

Svarog is one of the hardest S-tier Notorious Marks in Final Fantasy 16. In this guide, we go over its move pool, the best build for defeating it, and the correct strategy.

Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened guide.
All you need to know about how to defeat Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened.

Ruin Reawakened, or Svarog, is a legendary Dragon in FFXVI and is one of the hardest bosses to take down. This is a Level 50 S-tier Notorious Mark in the Empire of Sanbreque, just at the edge of Mornebrume. This guide covers the moves pool, the recommended build, and the rewards for defeating Svarog.

Key Takeaways

Svarog, also known as Ruin Reawakened, is a Level 50 S-tier Notorious Mark that you fight in the Empire of Sanbreque in Mornebrume.

  • Boss Attacks:

    • Named Attacks: Blazing Legion, Red Dawn, Embroil, Dragon Dance, Last Dance
    • Unnamed Attacks: Fire laser, fire spin, fire breath
  • Recommended Abilities and Feats:

    • Will-o’-the-Wykes for offense and defense
    • Phoenix Shift to close the gap
    • Blind Justice and Wings of Light for damage
    • Magicked Shots for ranged attacks
  • Recommended Rings:

    • Ring of Timely Focus for evasiveness
    • Ring of the Marksman for increased will damage
  • Rewards for defeating Svarog:

    Ruin Reawakened Overview

    Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened overview.
    Svarog, or Ruin Reawakened. (Image captured by us)

    Ruin Reawakened, formally known as Svarog, is a legendary dragon that can be fought during the hunts in Final Fantasy 16. This S-tier Notorious Mark is at Level 50 when you find it. Hence, it’s one of the later-game hunts.

    According to lore, Svarog is an ancient dragon that set half the region on fire. As punishment, it was sealed away by Greagor behind a magical mist. Clive will finally defeat this dragon, as its roars have recently been heard throughout the land.

    Ruin Reawakened Location

    Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened location.
    Ruin Reawakened can be found in Mornebrume, close to the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate. (Image captured by us)

    Ruin Reawakened is located in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. However, you must accept the “Things Fall Apart” Main Quest to unlock it. This is the 38th Main Quest; now, you’ll have unlocked several Eikons.

    After that, travel to the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate Obelisk. From here, travel East and take the path South into Mornebrume. In a large clearing, you’ll find Svarog at the very end of the track.

    The Setup

    When you enter Mornebrume, a cutscene will play out where Ruin Reawakened will fly into the arena and perch on the ground. After that, the fight will begin.

    The arena is quite broad, with almost no obstacles. Hence, you have plenty of space to move around. However, the arena has rocky walls that surround it. Thus, we recommend staying in the center to avoid getting pinned in a corner.

    Move Set

    Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened is a mighty dragon with several ranged attacks. However, that’s not to say that its powerful melee attacks are to be underestimated. This boss has some named moves and some unnamed ones that we have given unofficial names here. Here is its complete move set:

    Blazing LegionSvarog lifts its head and waves it in front of it, creating an arena of several fire balls. The fire balls will move slowly toward you with wide gaps in between. They will deal contact damage. While the balls are moving, Svarog may perform other attacks such as Fire Laser and Red Dawn.Step in between the fireballs. It's recommended not to step to the side so you have more space to move after the attack ends.
    Red DawnSvarog roars loudly while creating two fire pillars on its either side.The fire pillars briefly deal damage before coming forward and converging into one. This single fire pillar then moves in a straight line for a distance. If you're far from the pillars, side-step them and avoid the convergent pillar. If you're caught in between, move toward Ruin Reawakened so that the pillars travel behind you. Be wary of his melee attacks at this range, though.
    EmbroilSvarog travels some distance away from you (if you were too close) and hovers in the air while a blow laser quickly falls where you're standing (it doesn't deal damage).Wherever the blue laser marks, a fire ball falls from the sky, exploding on impact. Then, some orange spots appear on the ground with gaps in between that explode shortly after. This attack usually comes in two waves and is followed by a Fire Spin.Keep moving when the beam falls so you're not in your previous position. For the orange burning spots, you'll need to be quick when seeing where they are forming and step in between them.
    Dragon DanceThe boss roars loudly and breathes fire into the air while swinging its head. This attack normally first appears after the first stagger.It performs the following attacks in order: Fire Breath, horizontal Fire Laser, vertical Fire Laser, and Fire Spin.Perform the individual counters for each attack. Always remember to keep moving. Avoid trying to get in hits as this will only distract you.
    Last DanceRuin Reawakened will roar loudly while breathing out fire into the air. This attack typically occurs near the ending stages of the fight, after a couple of staggers. Svarog performs these attacks in order: Blazing Legion, Embroil (two waves), Red Dawn (two waves), horizontal Fire Laser, and Fire Spin.Counter these attacks individually but be quicker than before as the attacks happen in quick succession. Be mindful of the fire balls from Blazing Legion.
    Fire Laser (Unnamed)Svarog swings his head back in the air, with orange particles appearing around its mouth. This attack is hardly ever standalone and normally occurs after Blazing Legion, Red Dawn, or during Dragon Dance and Last Dance.The boss will fire a laser that will set the ground on fire. After some time, the area burned by the laser will explode. The laser may travel in a straight vertically (normally after Blazing Legion) or horizontally (normally after Red Dawn).For the vertical laser, step out of the range. For the horizontal laser, avoid going near the dragon as it doesn't have a lot of range. Since this attack normally happens directly after another attack, it's easier to predict.
    Fire Spin (Unnamed)The boss jumps in the air and then spins around before finally diving for you. This attack may occur individually, after Embroil, or as part of Dragon Dance and Last Dance.Svarog gets engulfed in fire and spins toward your direction on the ground. Quickly step to the side as soon as you see the enemy spinning as it's quite a fast attack.
    Headbutt (Unnamed)Svarog will briefly raise its head.Svarog will strike down with his snout where you're standing.This attack has a quick telegraph and you should side-step as soon as you can.
    Swipe (Unnamed)This attack occurs when you're close to Svarog.The boss will swipe its head and neck at you when you get too close. Sometimes, it will do a 360-degree spin.Dodge or roll under the attack. Expect this attack when you're too close to the enemy.
    Fire Breath (Unnamed)Svarog raises its head with fire seeping out of its mouth.It shoots out 2-3 fire balls that quickly reach your current position and explode.Predict the attack and keep moving to the side as the fire balls follow you. Prepare for a third fire ball even if there is none just to be on the safe side.

    Best Ruin Reawakened Build

    Since Ruin Reawakened is a late-game boss, we highly suggest acquiring most of the other Eikons and configuring the following build:

    Eikon Abilities And Feats

    Eikonic Strike Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened.
    Wings of Light. (Image captured by us)
    AbilityEikonEffectsDamage Values
    Flare BreathBahamutYou breathe light-aspected flames, continuously damaging the opponent.Attack: 3
    Stagger: 2
    GigaflareBahamutA giant light beam hits the enemy and continuously deals damage.Attack: 5
    Stagger: 2
    Wings of LightBahamutYou start to charge Megaflare. Press the circle button to launch it. The longer you charge it, the more damage it deals.Attack: 4
    Stagger: 2
    ThunderstormRamuhYou create a powerful thunderstorm that strikes several lightning bolts on the enemy.Attack: 3
    Stagger: 2
    Judgment BoltRamuhA mighty lightning bolt falls on the enemy, dealing great damage to a single target.Attack: 4
    Stagger: 3
    Blind JusticeRamuhYou create a flurry of lightning balls that lock onto targets, which are determined before you cast the attack. The lightning balls will attach themselves to enemies, which you can detonate to deal more damage.Attack: 1
    Stagger: 2
    Will-o'-the-WykesPhoenixA fireball storm appears that spins around Clive, dealing damage to enemies that come close to Clive.Attack: 1
    Stagger: 2
    Flames of RebirthPhoenixYou create a giant fire pillar that deals fire damage and also regenerates some of Clive's HP.Attack: 3
    Stagger: 3
    Phoenix ShiftPhoenixYou dash toward the enemy while also being able to cast both magicked shots and melee attacks.Attack: 0
    Stagger: 0

    For this build, you’ll primarily be relying on single-target damage abilities. Mighty Eikonic Feats like Wings of Light and Blind Justice will be your primary source of damage during stagger states. However, when closing in on the enemy, Will-o’-the-Wykes will be beneficial.

    In this build, you won’t need to master any ability except Will-o’-the-Wykes. If you don’t have enough ability points, you can swap this ability for Rising Flames, which will deal damage but won’t launch Svarog into the air.

    Check out our Final Fantasy 16 best build guide for more tips on the best build.

    Accessories, Weapon, And Armor

    Here’s a reakdown of the recommended accessories, weapon, and armor for your character:


    1. Ring of the Marksman: Boosts your magic will damage by 10%.
    2. The Breath of Fire (Flames of Rebirth): Reduces the cooldown of Flames of Rebirth by 12 seconds and also regenerates your HP.
    3. The Breath of Fire (Judgment Bolt): Reduces the cooldown of Judgment Bolt by 9 seconds.
    4. Ring of Timely Focus: Slows down time when evadable attacks occur, aiding your movement.


    • Ragnarok: Acquired after completing “Blacksmith’s Blue IV”. It’s a recommended weapon that doesn’t require crafting.
    • Optionally, if you have enough Orichalcum, consider crafting Gotterdamerung for even more damage.


    • Regal Sash: Provides some defense and can be found in The Krozjit Echoes.
    • If you have the necessary materials, consider acquiring Ouroboros for your armor.

    These accessories, weapon, and armor choices will enhance your character’s abilities and prepare you for the boss fight effectively.

      How To Defeat Ruin Reawakened

      Defeating Ruin Reawakened isn’t easy, considering this is one of the most challenging hunts. Here’s how to beat Ruin Reawakened:

      Before The Fight

      • First, we highly recommend getting up to at least Level 50. Some seasoned players will find even Level 40 works.
      • Then, grind for EXP and Ability Points. We recommend taking down the other Notorious Marks in the region to get as many EXP and Ability Points as possible. Also, acquire Orichalcum so you can craft some powerful weapons.
      • Before you enter the fight, ensure you have saved your game, as the nearest Obelisk is quite far.
      • We highly recommend buying Last Elixir. This item can be purchased at Charon’s Toll. It automatically regenerates all of your HP if your HP falls to zero. Hence, it’s a great backup. Otherwise, you can use high potions to heal in between attacks.

      During The Fight

      • Start with an Eikonic Feat before Blazing Legion initiates.
      • Use Magicked Shots during attacks like Embroil and Fire Breath.
      • Focus on the enemy during attacks like Blazing Legion and Red Dawn.
      • Maximize stagger damage with Eikonic Feats and Abilities when Svarog is staggered.
      • Utilize Phoenix Shift to get close during stagger.
      • Will-o’-the-Wykes is effective for negating melee attacks and dealing damage.
      • For long-range attacks, use Wings of Light, Blind Justice, Judgement Bolt, and Flames of Rebirth.
      • Exploit Svarog’s longer recovery times to land hits and Eikonic Feats.
      • Be patient, as Svarog has a substantial HP bar that requires multiple staggers to deplete.

      Ruin Reawakened Rewards

      Ruin Reawakened spoils.
      You get tons of EXP, Ability Points, Gil, and Renown from defeating Ruin Reawakened. (Image captured by us)

      When you defeat Ruin Reawakened, you get the following drops:

      • 25,000 EXP.
      • 300 Ability Points.
      • Empty Shard.
      • Orichalcum.
      • Fallen Enigma.
      • Amber.

      Additionally, you receive the following for completing this hunt:

      • 30,000 Gil.
      • 60 Renown.

      Final Thoughts

      Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened, known as Svarog, is among the hardest Notorious Makrs to take down in the Empire of Sanbreque. We recommend grinding for Ability Points and EXP to reach Level 50 to defeat this boss.

      For the build, we highly suggest building Will-o’-the-Wykes for extra defense and melee damage. Flames of Rebirth is another great defensive skill. You’ll primarily rely on Blind Justice and Wings of Lights to deal massive damage.

      Watch out for its attacks, as most of them damage the front. So stay at the site and close the distance whenever you can land a flurry of melee attacks.

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