Final Fantasy 16: Scarletite [How To Get]

Scarletite is a rare crafting material obtained from side quests and hunts. It is used to make Excalibur sword and Drakeslayer's equipment.

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Final Fantasy 16: Scarletite

Scarletite is a rare crafting material used for powerful weapons such as Excalibur and Drakeslayer’s Belt in Final Fantasy 16. However, it is challenging to find where players might get stuck. Let’s look at all the uses of Scarletite and how to obtain it.

Key Takeaways

  • Scarletite is a rare crafting material used to create the Excalibur sword and Drakeslayer’s accessories.
  • Players can collect six of them to use for crafting and upgradation.
  • Collect scarletite by completing side quests and defeating Notorious Marks.
  • Start the Hot Water side quest by talking to Xavar in Dalimill Inn.
  • Defeat Bomb Monsters and report to the same person to receive your two pieces of Scarletite.
  • Eliminating Dozmare the Griffin, Fastitocalon, The Ten of Clubs, and Holy Trumpitour will provide you with the remaining four pieces of crafting material.
  • Note that the item is unrecoverable. Don’t sell it in exchange for Gil.
  • For crafting, you must visit the Blacksmith in The Hideaway to access the Forge.

Here is a summary table briefly mentioning all the ways you can get Scarletite.

Means of CollectingAmountLocation
Hot Water Side Questx1Dalimill Inn, Dhalmekian Republic
Dozmare the Griffinx1Caer Norvent, Holy Empire of Sanbreque
Fastitocalonx2Velkroy Desert, Dhalmekian Republic
The Ten of Clubsx1Fields of Corava, Dhalmekian Republic
Holy Trumpitourx1Cellar Passage, Holy Empire of Sanbreque

Scarletite Summary

How To Find Scarletite

I will provide a list of Notorious Marks and side quests you must participate in to obtain Scarletite. The hunts will challenge you, but with the correct use of Clive’s abilities and skills, you can eliminate them.

A few hunts in FF16 grant you a rare crafting item. Hunts are magical beasts that you find across the world map. The ones that drop Scarletite are Dozmare the Griffin, Fastitocalon, The Ten of Clubs, and Holy Trumpitour.

1. Hot Water Side Quest

end this quest to get Scarletite
Map Location | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

“Hot Water” is a side quest that players can activate while completing the “Riddle of the Sands” main story quest. During the main mission, players will be asked to complete a mini-activity, “Follow the Crystals.” After you are done with it, the side quest will activate. 

Completing the side quest will grant you the Scarletite you seek.

Here are a few steps you must follow to get through the side quest easily.

  1. Start the quest by talking to Xaver in Dalimill Inn of the Dhalmekian Republic
  2. Visit the Baths inside the Inn to find the NPC.
  3. You will be advised to defeat a few Bomb Monsters at Doeznov Terraces.
  4. The location is marked on the map. You may use it to get there.
  5. After killing them all, return to Xaver at the same location.
  6. Interacting with him will give you the mission rewards, in which you will find 1x Scarletite.
hot water quest completion
You will receive 1x Scarletite for completing the side quest | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

2. Dozmare the Griffin

defeat dozmare the griffin to get scarletite
Map Location | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  1. Find the Griffin inside Norvent Valley close to the Lostwing. 
  2. This hunt is also part of the side quest “Blacksmith Blues.”
  3. The griffin has three main attacks that will be used frequently against you. 
  4. A Lunging Attack executes when the hunt leaves the ground without immediate animations.
  5. The hunt will cast a Wind Spell if air flows beneath him. I strongly recommend getting out of the radius if you do not want to lose progress.
  6. Nobel Dive’s attack is in action, with Dozmare circling mid-air to release an energy ring.
  7. Dodge these attacks to defeat him and collect your single piece of Scarletite.
take a look at dozmare
Dozmare the Griffin | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

3. Fastitocalon

defeat fastitocalon to get Scarletite
Map Location | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  1. The B-rank monster is found inside the Velkroy Desert of the Dhalmekian Republic. 
  2. Players must travel to the Northeast of the Defesert to find the hunt.
  3. Understanding attacks is of utmost importance.
  4. A Spinning Shell Attack strikes you when the hunt spins around its shell. 
  5. It will spray water from his mouth frequently during battle, which you must avoid.
  6. The Testudo Trompe attack unleashes in the later half of the fight, where the hunt spins once more with all his parts inside the shell.
  7. Along with it, also expect explosive Geysers flying toward Clive’s face.
  8. If you leave this fight alive, you will receive two pieces of Scarletite for crafting.
take a look at fastitocalon
Fastitocalon | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

4. The Ten of Clubs

defeat the ten of clubs to grab Scarletite
Map location | Image By VeryAli Gaming
  1. Find this Level 35 enemy in Vamare, an abandoned village south of Fields of Corava inside the Dhalmekian Republic. 
  2. Using the Dravozd Obelisk for Fast Travel will get you there quickly.
  3. He will execute slow axe swings that can be crucial for your health.
  4. His Execution attack activates when the health hits the half marker.
  5. The Piene Forte attack has a long range. Therefore, try to move out of sight or stay close to the enemy.
  6. He will take some steps back and then jump on your face to land four sequential hits.
  7. Players will receive one Scarletite as Spoils of War when they win the fight.
take a look at the ten of clubs
The Ten of Clubs | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

5. Holy Trumpitour

  • Locate the hunt in the Cellar Passage of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.
  • Fast travel to the Lostwing Obelisk, then East, to find an underground passage.
  • Keep traveling in the straight direction until you see Holy Trumpitour or the Man in Black.
  • You must complete the “Cloak and Dagger” main story quest for the hunt to be visible on the board.
  • Holy Trumpitour will frequently throw Fireballs from the Mortar that can burn you.
  • You can also expect his Mortar to swing left and right, hitting you hard but slowly.
  • Ground Explosions hit the hardest. Stones erupt from the ground when Holy Trumpitour sticks his mortar.
  • After winning the battle, players will receive a single piece of Scarletite for crafting.
defeat the Mark to get Scarletite
Holy Trumpitour, also known as The Man in Black | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

My Recommendations For Scarletite

That is all you need to know about Scarletite. Note that you will receive six Scarletites if you involve yourself in all the mentioned activities. Use three of them for crafting and the remaining for upgrading. Ensure you follow all the instructions to secure every piece you obtain in the game.

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