Final Fantasy 16 Soul Stingers [Location, Rewards & Tips]

Here we'll explain what Soul Stingers are, how to beat them, and what they drop.

Final Fantasy 16 Soul Stingers

Soul Stingers are annoying aerial enemies in Final Fantasy 16. This guide will explain what they do, how to beat them, and what rewards you get from beating them.

Key Takeaways

  • Soul Stingers are C-rank Notorious Marks.
  • These Hunts are unlocked during the 32nd main quest, Out of the Shadow.
  • They can be found in The Fields of Corava in the east region of The Dhalmekian Republic.
  • Soul Stingers are level 32 and appear in a swarm of 5.
  • Soul Stingers are hard to reach due to their aerial movement. Furthermore, they are conducive to performing group attacks like Apipuncture.
  • Evading them and performing Precision Dodges along with Precision Counters is an excellent way to deal damage to them.
  • Furthermore, AoE long-range Eikon abilities such as Aerial Blasts will make this fight easier.
  • Soul Stringers drop 5,500 Gil, 10 Renown, 10 Magicked Ash, 50 Sharp Fang, 50 Bloody Hide, 460 EXP, and 40 Ability Points.

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What Are Soul Stingers

Soul Stingers Bounty Splash Screen (Image Credit: @thegamerpillar YouTube Channel)

Hunts are also called Notorious Marks. These are troublesome creatures causing mayhem across Valisthea, the setting of the newest Final Fantasy game. One of these marks is the Soul Stingers, annoying flying creatures reminiscent of wasps. These giant bugs travel in swarms and can cause headaches if you don’t prepare properly.

Soul Stingers Location

Getting to the Soul Stingers is relatively simple but requires some prerequisites, such as unlocking the Hunt Board. Here is how you can get to the Soul Stingers in 5 steps.

  1. Start the 32nd main quest, called Out of the Shadow.
  2. Head to The Hideaway.
  3. Talk to Nektar at the Hunt Board and accept the Soul Stingers Hunt.
  4. Head to The Fields of Corava located on the right side (East-region) of The Dhalmekian Republic. Otherwise, head down (Southwards) from the Dravozd Obelisk until you reach the area.
  5. Travel along the bottom (south) of the Shore until you find the Soul Stingers.

Soul Stingers Strategy

Level Rank
32 C

There are 5 Soul Stringers, and each of them is level 32. Defeating a single Soul Stinger isn’t that difficult. However, these 5 soul stingers function as a swarm and attack you simultaneously. Using a coordinated Apipuncture attack, they will come at you from every direction. Furthermore, they have inflated HP, which can make the fight last longer than wanted.

There are 2 issues at hand when dealing with Soul Stingers.

  1. Their movement as aerial enemies.
  2. Their desire to take you on as a swarm.

Here are the 4 best ways to deal with them, keeping the problems mentioned above in mind.

  1. Evade the Apipuncture attack at the last second to perform a Precision Dodge. Hereafter, perform a Precision Counter to deal a chunk of damage to one Soul Stinger.
  2. Use Eikonic Abilities with AoE damage. Reaching these aerial enemies is difficult with melee attacks. Therefore, consider using long-range Eikonic Abilities like Aerial Blasts and Flames of Rebirth to deal damage to multiple Soul Stingers.
  3. Although Risky, consider Parrying the Soul Stingers. If you find this difficult, try using Titan’s Eikonic Ability, Titanic Block. Couple this with Garuda’s Eikonic Ability called Rook’s Gambit to increase counterattack damage.
  4. If you find this too tricky, use the Ring of Timely Strikes and Ring of Timely Evasion Accessories to make the fight easier.

Soul Stingers Rewards

Soul Stringers aren’t the most challenging enemy to best in the game, but the rewards are pretty appropriate. Furthermore, the materials from these rewards can be used to craft better gear that would make later enemies easier to handle.

Reward Quantity
Gil 5,500
Renown 10
Experience 460
Ability Points 40
Bloody Hide (Material) 50
Sharp Fang (Material) 50
Magicked Ash (Material) 10

Final Words

That would be enough information to help you to deal with the annoying Soul Stingers in Final Fantasy 16. If you want better armor and weapons or to explore other Hunts, check out our Final Fantasy 16 guides.

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