Final Fantasy 16 Best Tips [Beginners Guide]

Top 11 Tips you must know before entering into the extensive world of Final Fantasy 16.

Tips to follow in ff16
Tips For Beginners in Final Fantasy 16

To ensure your success in FFXVI, I have listed the best tips you can follow and benefit from throughout your journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Mastering the Combat System in the latest version of Final Fantasy is essential as it is the first game in the series to introduce an action-based combat system.
  • Uncover the hidden secrets of the exciting world of Final Fantasy and face every challenge with confidence and courage.
  • Final Fantasy is a long game; therefore, take your time to explore, and don’t rush through.
  • The game is quite interesting! By utilizing some helpful tips, you’ll be able to progress smoothly throughout the gameplay.

Here is the summary of all the FF16 Tips:

Tips for Final Fantasy 16Benefits
Use the Training GroundIt will help you understand basics such as the controls of the game.
Start with Story ModeThis mode will provide you several key features to start your game with.
Explore ThoroughlyChecking out each corner of the game will make you confident.
Increase your Damage MultiplierUse your attacks wisely to provide more damage to your enemies in a single hit.
Don't hesitate to GrindStagger your enemies anywhere you see to increase your level in the game.
Picking up the appropriate EikonsEikons are connected to some abilities therefore choose them wisely.
Master the Combat SystemThese 5 timely rings will provide you with 5 different abilities.
Use the Timed RingsEikons are connected to some abilities therefore choose them wisely.
Complete the Side QuestThey will provide you valuable items such as experience points.
Utilize Torgal to your benefitYour only wolf companion that will help you fight enemies.
Learn the Parry mechanicThis mechanic will help you negate damage and stagger enemies.

Use The Training Ground

It’s always a good idea to go through the training stage of a game before jumping right into it; hence, this is the first important tip I want you to go through with.

Like many other games, Final Fantasy 16 has a training ground called the Hall of Virtue. The training mode in Final Fantasy is a great way to learn the game’s combat system and to practice and enhance your skills. 

Train your character here
The training ground of Final Fantasy 16 (Captured by Us)

You can choose any enemy to fight with by using the training mode. You can also select the difficulty you want to face your enemy.

Within this mode, you can try various attacks and combos for each episode. You can also view the corresponding button inputs to master their proper execution.

Start With Story Mode

Getting into the world of Final Fantasy 16 with the story-focused mode is always a better option. If you are a new player, this mode is definitely for you. You may want to begin the game with the story mode, which will grant you access to several key features listed below.

Start with story mode of ff16
The story-Focused mode (Captured by Us)
  • A compelling story

The Story mode is among the most ambitious ones featured in the series. It should be your priority while entering into the world of FF16.

  • Exploration

Through this mode, you can explore the world of Valisthea’s huge, diverse land.

  • Character Customization

Players can customize their character’s abilities and appearances according to their will.

Explore Thoroughly

best tip in ff16
Exploring the Game World (Captured by Us)

To experience the vast world, you must have the courage to explore every nook and cranny without surrendering to the fear of enemies or bosses. This is the key to truly understanding and improving one’s gameplay.

  • Talk to everyone that you meet. 
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Explore every corner of the game.
  • Use the Map 
  • Take your time to explore 

Increase Your Damage Multiplier

I can not emphasize enough on how important this can be for your experience.

To fully grasp the combat mechanics, players must have a complete understanding of damage and attack multipliers, as this is the first game in the series to feature a real-time combat system. For this purpose, the damage multiplier is the foremost important one.

Increase multiplier values
Increase up your multiplier (Captured by Us)

Anyone can increase their damage multiplier and rank their gameplay by following the tips below.

  • Use your Stagger abilities wisely.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your basic attacks.
  • Keep your strongest attacks saved to be used at the end.
  • Use magic, as it deals with a lot of Stagger damage.

Don’t Hesitate To Grind.

Remember to keep your grinding abilities to their max if you want to achieve that title of a top player, which every die-hard player craves. There are a few tips through which you can quickly grind throughout a game without hesitation or issue.

If you are a beginner, these are specially formulated for you. 

Best Tips For Final Fantasy 16
Stagger Up your enemies (Captured by Us)
  • The first is to stagger anytime you see an enemy. If the enemy is more significant than Clive, you must take the staggered approach to stun them.
  • An enemy that is staggered will always take more damage.
  • Using different abilities, such as the Eikon Abilities, is a great way to support Clive in providing additional stagger damage. 

Picking Up The Appropriate Eikons 

To effectively navigate Eikons, it’s essential to understand them and identify the appropriate ones. These Eikons are potent creatures that help Clive attain magic and power.

You can acquire any Eikon of your choice just by defeating their respective dominants.

Best Tips For Final Fantasy 16
Using the Blind Justice Mechanic (Captured by Us)

Some specific abilities are present in the game, known as the Eikon Abilities. These abilities are obtained through the player’s connection to their corresponding Eikons and can significantly benefit your character in the game.

This is why you should always consider picking up Eikons to attain the abilities attached to them.

Master The Combat System

Having a proper understanding and mastering of the combat system is extremely important as this is the first time the developers of this series have introduced a real-time combat system.

If you’re new to the game or have been playing for a while, it’s natural to find it challenging. To help you improve as you play the game, I have compiled a list of helpful tips to guide you.

Best Tips For Final Fantasy 16
Complex Combat System (Captured by Us)

To become a skilled combatant, it is crucial to attentively implement all the valuable advice offered in this guide. These pearls of wisdom have been acquired from the personal experiences of dedicated players who have successfully overcome their challenges. Follow them in order, and you are good to go.

  1. Learn the basics
  2. Experience with different weapons and abilities
  3. Pay attention to enemies’ Artificial Intelligence
  4. Use the environment to your advantage
  5. Be patient and ready to learn

Use The Timely Rings

You’ll come across the need for Timely rings when choosing the Action-focused mode. These Timely Rings are accessories that can help players who are not as skilled at combat. Introducing these accessories is an old feature of Final Fantasy, due to which veteran players are aware of the concept.

The new players who don’t have much experience must know that Timely Rings is an important feature that provides valuable combat assistance and can be used in a group of 3 for Clive to attain some unique effects.

Best Tips For Final Fantasy 16
Timely Rings in Final Fantasy 16 (Captured by Us)

Following is a list of 5 different Timely Rings you’ll see in action-focused mode

  1. The Ring of Timely Evasion: This Ring will allow you to avoid and dodge any incoming attacks from your enemies smoothly.
  2. The Ring of Timely Focus: The Ring can slow down incoming enemy attacks, making it easier for the wearer to block them.
  3. The Ring of Timely Strikes: You can chain attacks and deal significant damage. It’s an excellent tool for enhancing your combat abilities.
  4. The Ring of Timely Assistance: With this Ring, you can direct your Chocobo to engage in combat, drawing the attention of enemies away from you and allowing you to attack more easily.
  5. The Ring of Timely Healing: Whenever your health deteriorates, this Ring will promptly heal you automatically.

Complete Side Quests

Side Quests can be a lot of fun to discover and complete. They offer a different story from the main one, so the players get a new experience. There are 76 side quests in Final Fantasy 16, which are organized into five different categories for easy navigation.

  1. Exploration
  2. Delivery 
  3. Story-related
  4. Hunts
  5. Favors
Side Quest in ff16
White Winged Wonder Quest (Captured by Us)

Completing the Side Quests can provide players valuable rewards such as equipment, different items, and experience points. Finish the side quests and become more powerful by leveling up your character.

Utilize Torgal To Your Benefit.

Most players are unaware of this wolf companion that appears in Final Fantasy 16. Torgal fights alongside Clive during battles with its Sharp claws and teeth and can easily take down enemies. He can also use his howl to stun the enemies and heal Clive through his saliva.

Best Tips For Final Fantasy 16
Torgal helps Clive during a fight (Captured by Us)

Following are the abilities of Torgal:

  • Sic

Torgal attacks the enemy with which Clive is fighting to make it easy for Clive to destroy the enemy.

  • Heal

When Torgal uses this ability, a small Area of Effect(AOE) is generated around him, which has the power to heal Clive.

  • Ravage

Torgal will deal a significant amount of damage to a single enemy.

Learn The Parry mechanic.

When it comes to succeeding in Final Fantasy 16, both attacking and defending are equally crucial. Discussing the game’s top strategies must include tips on mastering the parry mechanics and utilizing them to your advantage. The Parry is a defensive ability that allows the players to:

  • Negate damage 
  • Stagger enemies
Best Tips For Final Fantasy 16
Parry Mechanic in Final Fantasy 16 (Captured by Us)

Learning to dodge at the beginning of the game will significantly increase your convenience. It will assist you in defeating small enemies and make final boss fights more manageable.

To evade any attack, you must press the parry button at the exact moment when the enemy attack is about to hit you. If it succeeds, your player will take no damage, and the enemy will be staggered.

Incorporate these tips into your gameplay to improve your skills and become one of the top players. Knowing about the Best Armor in FF16 can give you an edge and help you climb the ranks among leading players.

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