Final Fantasy 16 Trophy Guide [Full List]

Here's the detailed list of all the Trophies in all new Final Fantasy 16 covering Platinum, Gold, Sliver and Bronze trophies and methods to unlock them.

Final Fantasy 16 All trophies
Trophy List

The wait is finally over, and today, I will provide you with the trophies list for Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways 

  • The Final Fantasy 16 has 50 trophies; their rarities are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • There are various ways to attain these trophies throughout your journey.
  • Many of them get covered in the main story playthrough; side quests can gain a few of them, and some will come after the game’s completion.
  • There is an exception for the Fantasy Finally trophy, as you can’t acquire it unless you unlock the Game+ mode, which becomes available after the game’s completion.

Players get to achieve and unlock 50 trophies. Some of them can be obtained through winning combats or as a collectible and other trophies can be attained by playing through the main story as, for them, you will not be required to do certain tasks apart from the main story.

The rarity of the trophy includes Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Now, let’s move to our trophy list.

Bronze Trophies

TrophiesDescription/How to Unlock
With Great PowerInherit a power unknown and unlocks at the end of quest 12.
AwokenRise from your reverie and unlocks at the beginning of quest 7.
AcceptanceIt demands you to accept your fate and can be collected at the end of quest 22.
LawlessThis requires resistance toward your fate. It can be collected as Quest 26 comes to an end.
LegacyTurn the corner, and at the end of Quest 36, you can attain it.
From Stone to SandExact revenge and becomes achievable at the end of quest 43.
Twilight RoseYou need to revisit the past, and it gets unlocked at the end of quest 38.
Twin FlamesUnite the flame, and you can get this trophy at the end of quest 51.
The PromiseBecome one. This trophy unlocks at the closing of quest 61.
A Vessel CompleteAssemble the final piece. It unlocks at the end of quest 64.
Ashes to AshesEscape the Darkness. The ending of quest 66 provides you with this trophy.
PunisherYou have to punish 10 opponents, and you will get it while combating (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
You’re Not the Boss of MeYou have to turn down the boss while taking damage from him.
Made to Be BrokenWhile semi-primed, you must take down 20 adversaries (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
SheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiftLand the shift shots or shift strikes combined (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Packing HeatIn a single battle, you have to carry out and land 2 Heatwave Counters (excluding those in the Hall of Virtue).
Fatal AttractionAfter using Deadly Embrace, you have to turn down 5 enemies while being in the air (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Never Coming to DownLand the following in midair before coming down: Gouge. Wicked Wheel and Rook’s Gambit (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
I Am the ThunderYou have to release 50 Blind Justice Lightening balls (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Road to RedemptionLure an opponent into striking a Lightning Rod thrice before it may disappear (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
UntouchableTo deflect the 10 opponent strikes, you have to Land Titanic Block (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Beat Rocking BlocksIn single combat, land the third punch of Titanic Counter two times (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
100 MfpsYou have to carry out 100 hits with Megaflare of level 2 or above (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Such Dodge, So MegaWhile charging a single Megaflare, you have to perform a Precision Dodge three times in total (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Oh, Snap!Inflict Permafrost on 10 opponents by dodging the strikes flawlessly with Cold Snap (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue)
Cold-bloodedTurn down three or more opponents frozen at the same time by using Frostbite, Permafrost, or Diamond Dust (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Every Damn SinewLand the Zantetsuken of level 2 or above five times (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Fistful of SteelIn single combat, carry out 3 Steel Counters (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Yes, EikonYou have to master all feats and abilities of a single Eikon Skill Tree.
With Two DsUpgrade the inventory slots and consumable potency to the maximum level.
Think, Mark!Beat down 10 notorious marks.
Trial RunYou have to complete the Chronolith trial.
Dressed to the FivesCraft or enhance the 5 pieces of gear.
The Pen is MightierIt demands you to open up a total of 10 letters at the reading table.
The More You KnowAssist Harpocrates in getting a knowledge level of 5.
You Can Pet the DogPet Torgal 5 times.
A Fine HoundExecute and land 5 Precision Sics (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
When You Ride, AloneThis unlocks by riding Ambrosia for the first time.
Here Be RosfieldsBy visiting all the places on the world and local maps, you can unlock this trophy.
EurekaAt the Tub and Crown, spend 36,000 gil.

Bronze Trophy Table.

Silver Trophies

TrophiesDescription/How to Unlock
It’s Over 50,000While the opponent is in a staggered position, inflict it with 50,000 damage (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue and while fully primed as Ifrit).
And They Opened Up My MindGather 6 signboards.
Hunter, HuntedYou are required to clear Hunt Board to unlock this trophy.
For the HoardThis unlocks by getting all curiosities.
Half Past TwilightCraft the legendary sword Gotterdammerung.
Careful WhisperAttain all the items available from your patrons.

Silver Trophy Table.

Gold Trophies

TrophiesDescription/How to Unlock
Falling StarLegacy fulfillment is required. At the end of quest 68, it gets unlocked.
MasterclassUpgrade all abilities and feats to the highest level.
Fantasy, FinallyDo the game completion in Final Fantasy mode with a difficulty setting.

Gold Trophy Table.

Platinum Trophies

Platinum Trophies are quite hard to get, but dedicated players always achieve them. I recommend you not to get overwhelmed by the length of the game as it will take some good while for you, even with the speed runs or skipping the scenes, to complete the game once and then go all over it in the GAME+ Mode to acquire the Platinum trophies.

If you play smartly and avoid quests that don’t add value, you can earn the trophies at a much better pace. Good Luck! 

TrophiesDescription/How to Unlock.
The ChroniclerYou can get it by unlocking all other trophies.

Platinum Trophy Table. 

My Thoughts On Trophy List

While the game does not force players to earn every trophy, I still think it is a great opportunity to obtain these neat achievements and showcase your love for the game.

As I said above, it is easy to feel daunted and lost in the trophy hunting scenario, but it does not have to be. Always start from small and then pay attention to small details in the campaign to achieve all trophies. 

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