Final Fantasy 16 Wall of Memories Guide

This guide is about Final Fantasy 16 wall of memories and how to complete the set of curiosities in it.

FFXVI Wall of Memories
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Final Fantasy 16 brings many activities, and the main and side quests you can complete for additional rewards. The Wall of Memories at Clive’s Hideaway is one of these activities which you could finish to earn two trophies.

Key Takeaways

  • The Wall of Memories activity in Final Fantasy 16 offers players an engaging experience where you must collect mementos, called ‘curiosities’, scattered throughout the game’s main and side quests.
  • You can earn up to 2 Trophies to complete this activity.
  • Each respective curiosity is earned upon completing some quest in the game, as elaborated further below.

In Final Fantasy 16, the wall of memories serves as a recollection point for your entire journey as Clive Rosfield throughout Valisthea. Final Fantasy 16 Wall of Memories is just one of the many activities you can complete in the game as part of the authentic RPG experience the latest edition to the Final Fantasy franchise has to offer its fanbase.

What Is a Wall Of Memories?

Clive Rosfield resides at the Hideaway, his home base in the game. At the Hideaway, you will find that you can visit the wall of memories inside Clive’s Chambers that serves the purpose of displaying sure mementoes, called curiosities, in the game. These ‘curiosities’ are collected throughout the game and serve as a nostalgic reminder of the story Clive embarks on.

FFXVI Trophies For The Wall of Memories

There is some incentive for trophy hunters to fill up the wall of memories in Final Fantasy 16. Upon finding the six signboards (signboards are curiosities which can be claimed by completing side quests in the game), you can unlock the “, And They Opened Up My Mind” Trophy. Since signboards are also curiosities, they can help you unlock another trophy available.

If you fill up the Wall with every single one of the 22 possible curiosities scattered throughout the game, you will be awarded another trophy available: “The Hoarder“. This means that trophy hunters will be curious to find every possible curiosity in the game. 

The first curiosity you earn is “The Oath”, which is earned automatically once you access Clive’s Chambers in “Home, Sweet Home” main quest. Afterwards, most of the following mementoes, including the six signboards, are earned upon entering or completing side quests.

How To Obtain Every Curiosity?

Curiosity In Final Fantasy 16
Curiosity In Final Fantasy 16
Curiosity/MementoHow to Obtain
Ambrosia's TackComplete "The White-Winged Wonder" side quest to unlock.
Charred Sparring SwordObtain upon completing the "More Than Words" side quest.
Briar's Kiss SignboardUnlocked by completing the "Lines in the Sand II" side quest.
Cid's GobletReward for completing the "Payback" side quest.
Continental CenserObtained from Charon as a reward after having completed the "An Eye for an Eye" side quest.
Hanged Man SignboardRewarded after completing "For Great Justice II" side quest.
Guardians ScarfRewarded by Wade upon completion of the main quest, "The Flames of War".
Crimson Caravan's SignboardEarned upon completing the "Trading Places II" side quest.
Clayhearth SignboardEarned after completion of the "Duty Unding II" side quest.
Martelle ApplesEarned after finishing "The Fruit of Her Labors" side quest.
Martha's Rest SignboardRewarded for completing the "Rekindling the Flame II" side quest.
Medicine ChestAfter you complete the "Tears of Mercy" side quest, you have to speak to Tarja to earn this memento.
Rusted BattehelmAwarded upon completion of the "Where There's a Will" side quest.
Model AirshipAwarded after completion of the "Aiming High" side quest.
Scholar's BonnetUnlocked after you complete the "An Inconvenient Truth" side quest.
Stolas QuillEarned after you complete the "A Tail to Tell" side quest.
Snow Daisy GarlandYou will earn this curiosity after finishing the "Priceless" side quest.
The Circule of MaliusYou can unlock this curiosity after finishing all the Chronoliths.
The OathRewarded at the start of the "Cid the Outlaw" main quest in the game.
Veil SignboardRewarded once you complete the "Under New Management II" side quest.
The Triunity AccordAcquired upon finishing the "Three's Company" side quest.
Winter MeadUnlocked upon finish the "Silver Linings" side quest in the game.

This guide was made for the Wall of Memories and how to find all related curiosities to complete this activity. We hope you found it helpful!


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