Final Fantasy 16 Wind Shard – Location, Uses, Tips

Here is a complete guide for how you can get your hand on Wind Shard in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Wind Shard

Key Takeaways

  • In Final Fantasy 16, players can use the Wind Shard as a crafting material.
  • It is dropped by the Eikon of Wind, Garuda, after killing her.
  • Garuda is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy series.
  • The Wind Shard crafts the Stormcry. Moreover, it has an Attack of 135 and a Stagger of 135.
  • You can use the Stormcry in crafting to create superior weapons like the Everdark. Moreover, it has an Attack of 310 and a Stagger of 310.
Final Fantasy 16 Wind Shard
Wind Shard (Captured by us)

The Wind Shard is one of the materials in Final Fantasy 16. Furthermore, materials can be used for crafting many things, including Weapons, Belts, and Vambraces. According to the item description, the Wind Shard is a suitable material for crafting weapons due to its lightness and unique characteristics.

“The power of the Eikon Garuda made manifest. This crystal shard is light as a feather and can be heard to emit a soft hum when held to the ear.”

About The Author

I have over 70+ hours into Final Fantasy 16(my PSN Tag is SHiNiGaMii) and I am still refining my strategy for Wind Shard. You can learn some of my best tricks and tips based on your experience in the game. 

Wind Shard Location

Clive in Garuda’s Clutches (Captured by VeryAli Gaming)

You can get the Wind Shard from one of the recurring characters in the Final Fantasy series, Garuda. Furthermore, I’d like to share that Garuda exhibits a female humanoid bird appearance and possesses a strong affinity for wind-based attacks.

Wind Shard Uses

Crafting using the Wind Shard at The Black Hammer (Captured by VeryAli Gaming)

The Wind Shard itself can only be used to craft 1 weapon. However, this weapon can then be used many more times. Consequently, this makes the Wind Shard a key item for specific weapons.


Final Fantasy 16 Wind Shard
Stormcry (Captured by us)
Attack Stagger
135 135

After beating Gardua and getting the Wind Shard, I recommend that you bring it to Blackthorne, the Blacksmith at Cid’s Hideout. Now, open The Black Hammer Craft Menu and trade in the Wind Shard to craft the weapon, Stormcry. The origin of its name can be discovered in its description.

“So spurred by her cries did wind become storm.” – Eikonomachy – Book of Gales 13:32

This weapon is decent at this point in the game, with 135 Attack and 135 Stagger.

Further Crafting

The Wind Shard has no more use, but we can create a weapon from it. We can use the Wind Shard to make the Stormcry. Additionally, we can use Stormcry to create the Flametounge. Moreover, the Flametounge can be used to craft the Levinbolt. Here is a list of all the weapons that can be made using the Wind Shard as the starting material.

No. Weapon Attack Stagger Materials
1 Stormcry 135 135 Wind Shard (x1)
2 Flametongue 180 180 Stormcry (x1)
Fire Shard (x1)
Meteorite (x1)
3 Levinbolt 195 195 Flametongue (x1)
Lightning Shard (x1)
Meteorite (x2)
4 Grindstone 225 225 Levinbolt (x1)
Earth Shard (x1)
Meteorite (x3)
5 Brightburn 270 270 Grindstone (x1)
Light Shard (x1)
Meteorite (x4)
6 lcebrand 300 300 Brightburn (x1)
Ice Shard (x1)
Meteorite (x6)
Magicked Ash (x200)
7 Everdark 315 315 Icebrand (x1)
Dark Shard (x1)
Meteorite (X8)
Sharp Fang (x400)

My Thoughts on Wind Shards

Wind Shards play a vital role in getting access to some of the best items in Final Fantasy 16 and I personally enjoyed collecting them them. The grind didn’t felt that much hectic and I also came across some fun side quests and rare items that wouldn’t be possible without collecting Wind Shards. That was it for me, but do let me know your thoughts and experiences in Final Fantasy 16 and I’ll see you in the next one!

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