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Final Fantasy XI Online reboot

Final Fantasy XI Reboot Cancelled 6 Years After Announcement

Six years after its announcement, the Final Fantasy XI Online reboot has been cancelled.

Final Fantasy XI
The project was set to hit mobile devices with touch-screen controls and revamped environments. (Image Source)

Just a Fantasy After All

The Final Fantasy XI Online reboot has officially been canceled. Square Enix and developer Nexon confirmed the project’s cancellation almost six years after it was first announced. The planned MMO reboot for mobile devices has seen very little news since its reveal in 2015. This has lead many to believe that a lack of progress is to blame for the game’s annulment. The project was never given a set release date, either.

However, a translated report coming from reveals that Square Enix and Nexon were unhappy with the status of the game as it failed to meet their creative expectations. Having so many other projects on their plate, it’s no wonder why Square Enix has paid very little attention to this mobile reboot. Square Enix has had their share of behind-the-scenes issues with game development (like the whole Final Fantasy XV fiasco). It is likely they did not want to release another game that did not meet their standards.

What a Legacy

Originally released in 2002 as the franchise’s first MMO, Final Fantasy XI Online proved a success on the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and PC from day one. The game was even receiving new updates until 2015, when Square Enix decided to focus more on the latest online entry in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XIV Online.

During its peak, the MMO ushered in thousands of players from around the world into its distant lands. It also introduced many to the MMO genre as a whole.

Although the mobile reboot would have been a nice way to introduce new players to MMO, the servers for the original game are still available on other platforms. This of course comes at the cost of no touch-screen controls or any of the planned redesigned environments.

Is this it for Final Fantasy XI?

Do you think the Final Fantasy XI Online mobile reboot had potential? Or was Square Enix far too ambitious to port its debut MMO on mobile? Let us know what you think!

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