Fire Emblem Engage: All Differences To Three Houses

This article has all the changes in First Emblem Engage from Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Fire Emblem Engage all characters
Fire Emblem Engage All Characters with Rankings

Fire Emblem Engage is a successor to Fire Emblem Three Houses. Considering the success Three Houses garnered, Engage is also expected to touch that mark. So, the comparisons between the two are being drawn, and here are all tangible and significant differences in Engage.

Key takeaways:

  • Fire Emblem Engage has come with some differences from its predecessor, Fire Emblem Three Houses
  • Fire Emblem does not bounds a player by time in any way. There are no calendars in Engage.
  • The game relies on map for navigation and undertaking mission.
  • Mundane tasks are removed which means there are no beginner classes.
  • Engage offers better graphical representation and performance.
  • Social activities have lost some charm but feel more relaxed and natural.
  • Magical rings are introduced in the game to empower players temporarily.
  • Battle system and leveling up in Engage is somewhat similar to Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Fire Emblem Engage has been the town’s talk after its release. Since Fire Emblem Engage is a successor of Fire Emblem Three Houses, the comparison of the two games is on. Moreover, Fire Emblem Three Houses’ reputation has made Fire Emblem Engage fill some big shoes.

Fire Emblem Engage gameplay visual
Fire Emblem Engage gameplay

Due to the high bar of Fire Emblem Three Houses, Fire Emblem Engage has to entertain more players to stamp its authority as an excellent game. For this reason, comparisons must be conducted between the two games to know where the differences lie. Here are all the differences in Engage from Three Houses.

No Time Limitations

An evident change inducted into Fire Emblem Engage from Fire Emblem Three Houses is that the player can decide what to do with his time between battles.

The flexibility given to a player in Engage is considered a welcome change from Three Houses. Three Houses instructs a player on tasks after he completes a battle. In contrast, Engage offers the liberty to play through the storyline, undertake a Skirmish from the map, or continue with the paralogue.

Another change is that a player is not forced to have his eyes on the time to let his team members learn a new skill. If you have played Fire Emblem Three Houses, you would know that it time bounds for a player to set a schedule and force his team members to learn a new set of skills in a given amount of time.

On the contrary, in Fire Emblem Engage, when a player visits his home base, Somniel, his party members will be roaming around the floating castle and doing their chores. The player can freely talk to anyone of the members.

However, to teach a team member a new skill, the member is given some Emblem Rings, which he can use to upskill himself. This way, a connection is established between the squad member and the Legend Emblem.

No Monthly Calendar

This change is extension of the time flexibility feature inducted in Fire Emblem Engage. Fire Emblem Three Houses used to have a calendar that allowed us to see the days until the end of the month.

The calendar had scheduled a main mission at the end of the month. This mission was mandatory to complete to progress the game’s main storyline to the next main plot. This way, if completing main missions has been discontinued in Fire Emblem Engage.

Engage provides the map which is to be used to know the location from where the mission can be undertaken and reach that place to start the mission. The main missions are a distance away from the player instead of the usual 28-30 game days away that they used to be.

This change helps in saving time for the player as he does not have to wait for some time to pass in the game, but rather go to the location – which takes much less time– and complete the mission. Game progression is made easier this way.

Map Usage

Fire Emblem Engage employs more map usage to undertake missions and progress the game.

Fire Emblem Engage allows the player to use the map to view the skirmishes that are happening around, the paralogues that the player can undertake, and the specific chapters that need completion. The skirmishes and the paralogues are optional side-missions that are up to a player’s discretion when to complete them.

Homebase map Fire Emblem Engage
Somniel Map in Fire Emblem Engage

Previously, Fire Emblem Three Houses presented the missions and other tasks in a list format to the player to choose which assignment to undertake. This limited the player’s horizon and was only limited to the task’s name to judge it.

More map usage inducted into the game is part of the positive differences that has been accepted with both hands by the gaming community. This is because of the freedom and expanded horizon a player gets from it. Although the map can be termed linear in shape, the idea still exuberates openness.

No Beginner Classes

Another change in Fire Emblem Engage from Fire Emblem Three Houses is that there are no beginner classes.

Fire Emblem Three Houses forced a player to select a house from the three houses available. The player would then proceed to instruct students of that house and had the opportunity to make the roster of the house larger if other students joined it.

The party members in Fire Emblem Three Houses are gradually provided to the player as the main storyline progresses or as the player completes the paralogue missions.

As the main character of Fire Emblem Engage is not an instructor, no beginner introductory classes are required. Also there is no pool to equip a character out of.

While this change provides relative ease to the player since he does not have to complete the easy beginner classes, this improvement also saves time and the player’s energy. Hence, easing game progression. The time saved can be utilized elsewhere in the tougher stages of the game.

Casual Social Activities

One palpable change in Engage from Three Houses is that social aspects are more natural.

Previously, while playing Fire Emblem Three House, a player had to schedule a time with a character to interact with meticulously. This was done to romance with them or be able to include them in your roster to play them as a character.

Romance in Fire Emblem Engage
Fire Emblem Engage Romance between Jade and Meloo

How social interactions are conducted has changed in Fire Emblem Engage. Engage often pushes characters into combat, which helps create bonds between characters.

Since some bonding has already resulted from the combats, the support levels and conversations unlocked through the playthrough seem more natural, casual, and calming.

Magical Rings

The battles conducted in Fire Emblem Engage are like the ones in Fire Emblem Three Houses. The introduction of rings is a change observed in the battles that make some difference.

These magical rings are collected while undertaking the main storyline. The rings carry a potion for every character of Fire Emblem. The rings can be presented to any character to bond. Afterward, the player utilizes the ring and is deemed more powerful for some time.

The extra power of a character can be utilized to win battles easily.

Fire Emblem Engage fight
Fire Emblem Engage ongoing battle

This change is an empowering tool in the game and is adored by all players. The collection of these rings is a function of luck. However, if a player has one, he must utilize it effectively in battles and decide which battle to use it in and when to use it.

Better Graphics

For someone who has played Fire Emblem Three Houses, it is a matter of a few minutes to notice the differences. The graphics and performance have undergone colossal improvement. The game runs more smoothly and vibrantly.

Observing the year Fire Emblem Engage was released, better graphics and improved performance are the expected differences, needless to say. Fire Emblem Engage had to win this metric from its predecessor, Fire Emblem Three Houses.

However, from the industry standard, Fire Emblem Engage still leaves some areas for improvement. Engage cannot run at 60 fps and 30 fps, so it still needs to be up to the mark considering the existing resources. The number is still not up to the mark compared with other games.

Observing from an absolute standpoint, the differences in Fire Emblem Engage’s animations that occur in fights are very calming. The blows from tools such as swords, axe, and spears feel tempting. The blows combined with the animations, take the gameplay to a different level.


You now know all the tangible differences between Fire Emblem Engage and Fire Emblem Three Houses. As Fire Emblem Engage is to meet the high bar and threshold set by Fire Emblem Three Houses, it must be known where the two games converge. We already know the differences between the two.

Battle System

At the heart of Fire Emblem lies the battle system on which the game has its foundations. The battle system is run by tactical actions and turn-based combat moves that make these battles fun. Players that enjoyed battling in Three Houses also have excitement for the battle system of Engage.

It must be known that, however, the basics of the battle system are the same. Each game utilizes its flavors to top the experience. For instance, Fire Emblem Engage uses the conventional battle triangle. Still, at heart, the experience is the same.

Leveling Up

Apart from battling, leveling up in Fire Emblem Engage and Fire Emblem Three Houses also converges. To level up in both games, the player should primarily increase his skill level and undertake battles. However, undertaking battles would be done differently in both games.

Engage would show a player the skirmishes on the map to undertake, whereas, in Three Houses, a player can take up battles on his days off. The days off can be identified from the calendar. While some differences exists, the main goal of leveling up is done with the same intent.

Also, both games demand a player to use the right gear and accessories while going into battle, apart from collecting gear and equipment, to level up faster.

Ending Notes

If seen from an absolute standpoint, Fire Emblem Engage has been very impressive, and all Fire Emblem players enjoy the game. The newer features introduced in the game have been much appreciated and talked about.

The tedious tasks of the game are subtracted, and the resources are now utilized in more exciting and fun to-do missions. The game’s limitations are now removed, and the game is more fun to play.

Unfortunately for Fire Emblem Engage, it will be graded on a scale calibrated by its predecessor, Fire Emblem Three Houses. Engage has to satisfy people more than Three Houses to come out of its predecessor’s shadow and have some success of its own.

Regardless, all differences in Fire Emblem Engage are embraced by players, and the game is widely played.

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