Fire Emblem Engage Bond Rings [Unlock Guide]

This guide entails everything you need to know about how to craft and meld Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage to receive sweet stats bonuses and passive for your character.

Fire Emblem Engage Bond Rings
Fire Emblem Engage Bond Rings

Among the myriad of in-game details and engaging storyline, bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage are gaining much attention from players. As you might have guessed, bond rings are one of the craftable items in the game that offers players unique skills through various stats boost and Skill Points(SP).

Progressing through the campaign by fighting all the foes is not going to be an easy feat. For that instance, players always need backup support in the form of equipment upgrade, and unit stats boost to keep the pressure during combat and steer clear of defeats.

This is where bond rings come in handy by significantly aiding players during combat and paving the way for a balanced and engaging gameplay experience. With that said, let’s discuss everything you need to know about Fire Emblem Bond Rings and how to unlock them and upgrade them as you progress through the campaign.  

Key Takeaways

  • Bond Rings are one of the most crucial items in Fire Emblem Engage that offer players unique stats bonuses and Skill Points.
  • While being a similar yet lesser variant of Emblem Rings, these items are essential to the character’s arsenal in the game. 
  • Moreover, since Bond Rings are easily accessible, players can utilize these rings to enhance the stats values for their character and also earn sweet Skill Points throughout the gameplay. 
  • To craft the Bond Rings, players must reach Chapter 5 of the Fire Emblem Engage’s campaign and gain access to the Ring Chamber in Somniel
  • At the Ring Chamber, players must interact with the Central Pedestal to craft their own Bond Ring. Although it might cost you some Bond Fragments that you have collected until now, but it is definitely worth the investment. 
  • Bond Rings feature a tier system where each progressing tier increases the stats bonuses. Meanwhile, if you have multiple Bond Rings of the same tier, you can meld them to upgrade the tier and receive even more stat bonuses. This is possible by again interacting with the Central Pedestal in the Ring Chamber and melding the rings instead of crafting

What Are Bond Rings

You might already know that units in Fire Emblem Engage can level up with experience and upgrade their stats using certain items. However, most players are perplexed with rings as the game allows players to utilize two items: Bond Rings and Emblem Rings. 

Bond Rings are a less powerful variant of Emblem Rings, but that does not means that they are useless for utilization in your gameplay. In fact, Bond Rings play a crucial role in your gameplay since they can be acquired and upgraded easily to receive passive stats and a plethora of bonuses

As for the in-game lore, Bond Rings offer these perks to players through the power of various characters of the Fire Emblem games. Unlike Emblem Rings, which powers the rings that use Emblem Spirits of the character, Bond Rings uniquely contribute to your gameplay. It means players equipping the Bond Rings will receive the stats bonuses directly while earning Skill Points or SP throughout the combat

Additionally, Bond Rings also come with different tier/rank systems to allow players to easily upgrade their Bond Rings to pursue their ideal stats bonuses. With that out of the way, now let’s look at how you can unlock these Bond Rings in your playthrough of Fire Emblem Engage. 

How To Unlock Bond Rings

While many players pursue upgradable items soon after diving into the game, you might not be able to get your hands on Bond Rings early in the game. Bond Rings are well-balanced in the Fire Emblem Engage and can be crafted using the Bond Fragments your characters accumulate throughout the gameplay. 

However, you cannot just immediately spend your hard-earned Bond Fragments to craft a Bond Ring. Firstly, players might need to unlock Central Pedestal as a crafting platform for Bond Rings to unlock and upgrade these items in the game. For that instance, players must progress the storyline until Chapter 5 of Fire Emblem Engage, where they can interact with the Central Pedestal in the Ring Chamber

Examine the Central Pedestal in Ring Chamber
Examine the Central Pedestal in Ring Chamber

Once you have reached Chapter 5 Somniel and have discovered the Central Pedestal in Ring Chamber, interacting with it will allow you to get the option of “Create Bond Rings.” At the same time, you will also be able to see the available Bond Fragments you have collected. 

Crafting Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage
Select Create Bond Rings

Selecting this option will proceed with creating the Bond Rings. Next, you will also have to select your Emblem. Once these are selected, you receive two options, Create One or 100 Bond Rings. To make things easier for you, one Bond Ring will cost you 100 Bond Fragments, while 100 Bond Rings will cost you a whopping 1000 Bond Fragments

Crafting a Ring for 100 Bond Fragments
Crafting a Ring for 100 Bond Fragments

For that instance, you might need to make an efficient decision to craft Bond Rings for your Emblem instead of wasting all of the Bond Fragments. Another important aspect of crafting Bond Rings is that players may receive a random tier Bond Ring with each crafting. For instance, if you are lucky enough, you may receive an S-tier Bond Ring immediately to receive the quirky perks and a passive stat bonus

Stat Bonuses from Bond Rings
Stat Bonuses from Bond Rings

As for the stats bonuses, each character will receive unique stats for the respective tier of Bond Rings. For example, if you are acquiring Bond Ring for Caeda and it is a C-tier ring, you will be able to receive +1 Speed. Meanwhile, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on S-tier, your character will qualify for +1 Dexterity, +2 Speed, +1 Luck, and Sympathetic as a passive bonus

How To Upgrade Bond Rings

Now that you know how to craft Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage, most players are perplexed about how to upgrade their tier rank to maximize the stats bonuses and receive passive for their character. Unfortunately, upgrading the Bond Rings requires significant patience and farming since the tiers are entirely random. 

Melding Bond Rings To Upgrade their Tier
Melding Bond Rings To Upgrade their Tier

Upgrading the tier of Bond Ring demands players to merge the same types of rings. For instance, if you have two C-tier Bond Rings, melding them both will reward you with a B-tier ring. However, you must meld four A-tier Rings to get the S-tier Bond Ring

Additionally, melding will cost you some Bond Fragments you need to accumulate through farming different high-payout missions like skirmishes and fishing in Somniel. All you need to do is to use the same platform Central Pedestal and instead of selecting “Create Bond Rings,” you must select “Meld Bond Rings.” After selecting the respective Bond Rings, you will receive an upgraded tier Ring available to equip for your character. 

Final Words

While the gacha mechanic of crafting the Bond Rings and then melding the same tier ones might sound a bit overwhelming for some players. But believe us, utilizing the perks offered by Bond Rings is vital to steer clear of all the threats in the Fire Emblem Engage. Bond Rings can not outperform Emblem Rings, but in the end, these are worth it for players that are scarce on resources and need plenty of stats bumps

That is about it for our guide on Fire Emblem Engage Bond Rings. Did you find this guide helpful for crafting and upgrading your Bond Rings? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. 

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