Fire Emblem Engage Etie Guide [Full Complete]

Fire Emblem Engage features a valorant knight from Firene, Etie. To know all about how to use her, the best emblems, and best weapons, keep reading.

All you need to know about Etie in Fire Emblem Engage.
Here's our full guide to Etie from Fire Emblem Engage.

Etie is one of the many characters you can play in Fire Emblem Engage. She is an Archer with great Range and deals heavy damage to enemies that she hits. However, using her takes work once you get past the initial training phase.

For starters, you must recruit her into the right Class. In most cases, the Bow Knight and Sniper Classes are best for Etie. Additionally, you should sync her with Lyn or Leif to maximize her capabilities.

So how do you play as Etie against enemies on the battlefield? What else is there to know about her? Read on to find out more about Etie and her resourcefulness in battle.

Key Takeaways

  • Etie is a C-tier Archer from Firene with a Covert Battle Style.
  • As an Archer, she wield her iconic bow and arrow and can use either Iron or Steel Bows.
  • Etie is best when Bonded with Lyn or Leif since she gets several boosts.
  • She likes Tea Leaves, Dried Meat, and Lily and dislikes Kerchief and Chisel.

Fire Emblem Engage Etie Profile

Etie is a powerful knight from the Firene Kingdom.
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Birthday: October 1
  • Nationality: Firene
  • Occupation: Retainer to Alfred
  • Voice Actor (Japanese): Tomomi Mineuchi
  • Voice Actor (English): Trina Nishimura

Etie is one of the many playable characters in Fire Emblem Engage. She hails as a knight from the Firene Kingdom, descended from a noble family. She is one of the closest childhood friends of Celine and currently works as the Retainer to Alfred.

Cute but fierce, she isn’t your typical happy-go-lucky support character. She prefers hardcore combat and exercising, mainly wielding her bow, though she can wield other weapons too.

She starts as an Archer with the Covert Battle Style. This Battle Style grants her twice the terrain effects.

Base Stats

Etie’s base HP is one of the lowest compared to other characters that are playable in the game. And considering that she doesn’t deal any magical damage, her Strength is relatively low.

However, her Dexterity (a measure of her critical hit rate) is average, along with her Speed. She also has relatively low Defense (physical defense) and Resistance (magical protection).

To counter that, she had relatively high Luck, which has numerous effects in battle, including reducing the enemy’s crit hit rate. This makes her a strong candidate against enemies that deal significant critical damage.

As for her Build, it could be a lot higher. In case you don’t know, Build measures how easily your character can wield heavy weapons without slowing down. Since Etie has an average Build, she does see a reduction in attack speed when wielding heavy weapons.

All base stats are calculated at Level 1.

  • HP: 21
  • Strength (Str): 10
  • Magic (Mag): 0
  • Defense (Def): 3
  • Resistance (Res): 2
  • Dexterity (Dex): 11
  • Luck (Lck): 8
  • Build (Bld): 4

Max Stats

When you max out Etie, her stats tend to grow exponentially well. She has the highest Strength growth in the game, along with Alfred and Louis. Besides, her Resistance also increases more than other characters. This makes her the best against Magic enemies.

Her Defense grows to 25, close to some other characters, including Celine, Jean, and Chloe. Her Luck rises to 25, which Chloe, Jean, and Louis share. Only Alfred and Celine have higher Luck than that. Her max Build is relatively low, growing only from 4 to 5. Hence, it would help if you still weren’t using her with heavy weapons.

Additionally, her HP growth is the worst out of all characters. It only grows to 45, whereas other characters can have their HPs grow to 85. Her Dexterity and Speed, when compared to other characters, also have low growth.

Lastly, her Magic damage has no growth. She deals no Magic damage whatsoever.

All max stats are calculated at Level 40.

  • HP: 45
  • Strength (Str): 40
  • Magic (Mag): 0
  • Defense (Def): 25
  • Resistance (Res): 30
  • Dexterity (Dex): 25
  • Luck (Lck): 25
  • Build (Bld): 5

Fire Emblem Engage Etie Tier

Etie is a C-tier Unit, the lowest tier in the game. This is because other stronger characters often sideline her. However, a lower level doesn’t mean she is useless. She has ample facility on the battlefield. Being an Archer by default, she has excellent Range and will take care of enemies from afar.

Etie Weapons

Fire Emblem Engage Etie loading her bow.
Etie, being an Archer, uses Bows such as the Iron and Steel Bows.

Etie can use several weapons in Fire Emblem Engage, but they’re all bows. She starts with a default bow that’s effective against Flying and deals minimal damage.

However, you can upgrade this bow to an Iron Bow, which is much stronger. It has a Might of 6 and a Hit of 90. However, its Range is less impressive than other bows (only 2).

If you upgrade to the Steel Bow, you get higher Might with lesser Hit. Specifically, the Steel Bow has a Might of 10 but a Hit of 80. The slight reduction in Hit is worth it, considering that the Steel Bow gains 5 Crit, 9 Avoid, and 9 Dodge. And it goes from being a D-tier Iron Bow to a C-tier Steel Bow.

  • Iron Bow
  • Steel Bow

Etie Personal Skill

  • Personal Skill: Energize
  • Effect: When the unit regains its HP via an item, they also gain a +2 Strength boost for a turn.

Etie’s Personal Skill is called Energize. Through this skill, if she recovers her HP by using any suitable item, she also gains Strength for the next turn. Strength is a measure of how much she resists Physical damage. To be specific, her Strength increases by 2.

On the surface, it may not seem like a massive boost. But considering that you get this boost after healing, it’s safe to say that Etie’s Personal Skill allows you to stand for longer on the battlefield.

Etie Classes

Etie is highly resourceful and can be recruited into several classes. However, there are a few classes that are best for her. Here are the best Classes for Etie:

Bow Knight

Bow Knight is an Advanced Class in the Cavalry Class-type. As the name suggests, the Class merges archers with knights, creating horse-back bow users.

To unlock this Class, you need to get the Master Seal. Additionally, you must have a proficiency of at least C in the Sword weapon category and A in the Bow weapon category.
Additionally, you must achieve the Archer Level 10 before recruiting Etie into the Bow Knight category.

The Bow Knight category has a Class-exclusive skill called “Careful Aim.” It grants you a +40 boost in Hit when Etie begins combat without first moving.


The Sniper Class comprises heavy bow users who have mastered archery and know where to hit their foes. Snipers are in the Advanced Class Tier, meaning you must unlock this Class before you can use it using a Master Seal. Moreover, Snipers are in the Covert Class category.

To become a Sniper, you need to fulfill two requirements. Firstly, you must get an S-tier Bow proficiency. This is easier said than done. Then, you’ll need to achieve Archer Level 10. Again, since this Class requires you to become an extremely proficient archer, it’s not the easiest to unlock on Etie.

The Sniper Class has the “No Distractions” particular skill. This skill gives you +10 Crit but only when you’re fighting against an enemy that cannot counter your skills.


Archer is the default Class of Etie. This Class fights with a Bow and can easily be unlocked using a Second Seal. However, for Etie, unlocking this Class won’t be necessary as she already has the Class by default.

This is Base Class with the Covert type, meaning anyone in this Class gains twice the terrain effects. Archers can attack far away from the enemy.

Unfortunately, this Class does not feature any special exclusive skills, much like other Base Classes.

What Is The Best Etie Emblem?

Fire Emblem Engage Etie best Emblems: Leif and Lyn.
Etie makes the best combo with Leif and Lyn.

The best Emblem to sync Etie with is either Leif or Lyn. This is because these two have extensively creative combat skills that, combined with Etie, make an unstoppable duo.


Leif is a sword-wielding hero that features several practical Synchro Skills. You can use these skills if you have the Leif Emblem Ring. Here’s a complete list of all of the Synchro Skills that can be unlocked when you equip the Leif Emblem Ring:

  • Arms Shield: If the unit has the upper hand regarding weapon advantage, it will take 3 less damage. This is a Level 1 skill and has an SP Cost of 200.
  • Arms Shield+: The upgraded version of Arms Shield. It grants you a reduction in damage of 5 when you have a weapon advantage in battle. You can unlock this skill at Level 7, and it costs 400 SP.
  • Arms Shield++: The final form of Arms Shield. This skill lets you resist 7 damage if you have the weapon advantage. You can unlock this skill at Level 16, but it costs 600 SP.
  • Vantage: If you have less than a quarter of your HP and the enemy initiates, you can counter the attack before the enemy hits. The only condition is that you can only counter before the first attack. This skill is unlocked at Level 3 and features a 500 SP Cost.
  • Vantage+: Instead of the quarter (25%) HP limit, you can now counter even if your HP is 50% or below. Vantage+ costs 1,000 SP and is unlockable at Level 12.
  • Vantage++: Vantage++ lets you counter the enemy’s first attack if your HP is 75% or less and the enemy is the one to initiate. You can unlock this skill once you reach Level 18, the final unlockable Synchro Skill. It costs 2,000


Lyn is an Archer destined to avenge the bandits who took down her whole tribe. She wields her iconic bow and arrow and works best when you use her Emblem Ring with Etie. She has several Synchro Skills that can be used when you use the Lyn Emblem Ring on Etie.

  • Alacrity: When you have the upper hand in Speed (of at least 9) and strike first, your follow-up will occur before your enemy counterattacks. This attack costs 1,000 SP and is the first one you unlock (at Level 2).
  • Alacrity+: A more advanced form of Alacrity. Instead of requiring a Speed advantage of 9, you only need a speed advantage of 7. This skill costs 2,000 SP and can only be unlocked after Level 13.
  • Alacrity++: The last form of Alacrity. In this, you only require a Speed advantage of 5. It costs 3,000 SP, the most expensive Synchro Skill of Lyn.
  • Speedtaker: Another Synchro Skill of Lyn is Speedtaker. It gives you +2 Speed each time you are the first to strike and eliminate an enemy. This effect stacks up to +10 Speed. The extra Speed bonus lasts for the entire battle.

What Gifts To Give To Etie?

Etie, much like every other unit in Fire Emblem Engage, has her likes and dislikes. It’s important to know what gifts Etie likes and dislikes as this affects her performance in battle. To summarize, Etie loves the following gifts:

  • Dried Meat
  • Lily
  • Training Weights
  • Tea Leaves
  • Muscle Balm

As you can see, it’s a sweet and powerful combination of breakneck gifts that enhance Etie’s power and aromatic flowers that bring out her soft side.

Just like she loves some gifts, she absolutely hates some gifts, including:

  • Kerchief
  • Chisel

Avoid giving these gifts to Etie, as this will severely dampen her performance in battle. Etie also dislikes sewing, cleaning, and pretty much everything that doesn’t utilize her brute force strength.

How To Acquire Etie

Now on to the real question: how do you acquire Etie? Etie can be found in Chapter 3, titled “Hostilities.” You’ll need to win the fight near the chapter’s end. This will unlock the next chapter and let you recruit Etie into your party.

Etie Romance Option

Unfortunately, Etie cannot be Romanced. Instead, when you confess to her, you will end up receiving the good ol’ friend zone. You can only form a platonic relationship with Etie as she does not romantically connect with Alear. You can still bond with other units like Lyn and Leif. But Alear cannot bond with her romantically.

Final Thoughts

Etie, despite her innocent looks, is a fierce unit and the Retainer to Alfred. She’s a strong Archer who loves exercise and taking down foes in the blink of an eye. Etioe is a raw Physical damage dealer. She has low defense but great Luck, making her ideal for use on the battlefield.

When you use Etie, you should recruit her into the Bow Knight or Sniper Classes. These Classes will help bring out the best in her and make her deal the most damage from a significant range.

And that’s all you need to know about Etie in Fire Emblem Engage. If you want to know more about Sommie, then check out our Fire Emblem Engage Sommie guide.

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