Fire Emblem Engage: How Long Is It? [Game Length]

Playing the newest Fire Emblem game, Engage will keep you busy for quite some time.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Gamelength

The length of Fire Emblem Engage is a player-dependent factor. Under normal conditions, you are expected to complete the game in 45 to 55 hours. Veteran FE players may find this number in the normal range, but this can be a surprise to others.

Fire Emblem Engage consists of 26 Chapters combined, including Prologue. Other than that, you are also provided with 15 side missions that are also called Paralogues. Participating in paralogues will give you advantages as you can level up your characters or practice strategies for primary attacks.

Key Takeaways:

  • A casual player is expected to finish Fire Emblem Engage in 45 to 55 hours.
  • Significant factors like Difficulty setting and way of approaching the game can affect completion time.
  • A completionist will find themselves completing FE Engage in under 80 hours.

Fire Emblem Engage Expected Game Length

fire emblem engage during campaign
Fire Emblem Engage – Gameplay

Comparing FE Engage with the previous release, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Engage might be completed quicker due to a slight change. In the old versions of Fire Emblem games, changing a character gave you a new perspective of playing the game but Engage does not give you that relief.

If you are a completionist and want to touch all the corners of this game, you should normally spend about 70 to 80 hours.

The Length statistics can vary a lot, and we will shorten the list of factors into three simple branches. One factor is if you are willing to compete in The Paralogues. A one-liner about them is the side missions that are unlocked as you progress in the in-game story chapters and will help you level up characters.

Besides leveling up, you can also practice your attack strategies, so you have more training experience once you drop into the battlefield. The second factor, which is quite significant, is your difficulty settings.

Game Length Based On Each Difficulty Setting

Fire Emblem Engage offers three difficulty settings: Normal, Hard, and Maddening. Now, it should be evident that the higher you climb the difficulty level, the game length will keep increasing.

The recommended in-game settings are set to Normal, so everyone, new and old players, can have a fun time playing the game. As the battles will be easier to fight, you will progress quickly throughout the campaign and eventually reach the end in around 45 to 55 hours.

Hard difficulty is for trained Fire Emblem players who have already played the previous versions of this game, including the FE: Three Houses. Wiser strategies will be required, and chapters will take more time so the completion time will extend to 65 hours.

The most challenging difficulty setting is Maddening. Playing this will not let you save your game progress somewhere in between, nor will it give you a tutorial, as this is only meant for players who have mastered Fire Emblem Engage gameplay.

As autosave is disabled, and the enemies have more significant attack damage and HP, this will take you much more time to end the game. We estimate that you will complete FE Engage in about 70 to 75 hours on Maddening Difficulty.

The Concept Of Permadeath

Finally, the concept of Permadeath also contributes to the game length of Fire Emblem Engage. Permadeath is when the characters who died in an ongoing battle do not spawn after it ends. This makes your attack strategies more complicated, as every decision counts.

Playing in the Casual mode will keep Permadeath off so the units will spawn again. However, when set on Classic mode, Permadeath is kept on, and characters will not rise after battle if they die.

This complicates things, which is why the completion time of Fire Emblem Engage in normal conditions is expected to be around 45 to 55 hours or even 60 if you are lazy and die a lot.

Summing It Up

Summarizing the entire conversation, Fire Emblem Engage casually will take 50 hours to reach the end of 26 chapters and 15 paralogues. If you intend to skip paralogues, you can finish the game in 35 to 40 hours.

Increasing the difficulty level from settings will add up to 10 hours in completion time. Therefore, the game will be completed in about 70 hours with Maddening difficulty.

We suggest you play on Normal Difficulty if you want a fun time and discover all aspects of the game. However, higher levels can be more favorable for you if you are in the mood for competitive and challenging gameplay.

This is for the game length of the latest addition in the Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem Engage. Make sure you try this game, as it is showing great reviews and is a great game. Keep visiting VeryAliGaming for more informative guides on newly released video games like this one.

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